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How to prove that he is not cheating while its 99% he is

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Question - (31 May 2015) 1 Answers - (Newest, 31 May 2015)
A male Netherlands age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Hey there

I met a guy online through a gay dating app 3 months ago, I am 30 and he is 20 years

Things were fine , I liked him from the first beginning and I couldn't get enough from him ! he said and acted the same !

I had trust issues with him from the beginning, but he always deny, long story short

He proposed relationship and I said I am happy to be your partner, he started to make future plans for us, he wanted to move to my place ! I accepted that ! but he didn't move yet,

I am a professional guy and I have my own business , my income is 3 times of his income but his income is decent and can give him a good life.

I felt that he is uses me , he is always complaining that he does not have money, I don’t mind to spend on someone that I love, we go out on the weekend and I pay a lot , lot, of money , drinks, shoots, dinner, breakfast, hotels , gifts etc.

Last week he asked for 600 Euros as he wanted to travel on his annual leave, his flight is today, he said I don’t have enough cash and I wanted the money for the accommodation and food.

I didn't mind I gave him what I want ! in the same night that I gave him a money , I saw a notification on his phone from a dating app, I asked him, are you still using this app? Aren't we partners ! he said I am just after chatting and he immediately deleted the app , I requested to see the conversations that he made but he denied ! I did a silly thing, but was useful

I created a fake account using a pic of my handsome friend (he agreed) and I talked to him through, surprisingly , he was online, I asked what are you looking for , he said for a relationship ! he said i am single !

I took screenshots of the conversation , I was at work when I did this ! and he lives one mile from my office and the guy that I talked to (his profile ) was one mile away

When we chatted online he told me that he is going tonight to Berlin at 6:pm and I will see you when I come back after 10 days ! the same travel plan of what I call (my bf))

I faced my bf with the conversation , he said someone hacked my account and he is using my pics etc

I told him listen prove that its not you ! or bye bye and return my money

How could someone hacked his account to be in the same location, knows his flight details ,etc. I don’t get it , but it happens !

But my bf said I told everyone about you and I changed my FB relationship statue to (in relationship) I am not liar , etc etc.

He said I want you but you don’t trust me , For me how can I trust now ? bullshit ,

My question is How can he prove that its not him, although this is very obvious that its him ! but I need to give him the last chance ( I sound naive ) but I don’t want to be the mistaken !

I Asked him to give me the username and password of your account , I want to log in from it and it took him 2 hours to respond but then he said I canceled my account , whereas , he said the opposite in morning. He said I just deleted the app

Do you have any suggestions? What should I do ? or just move on.

Sorry for my English, I am really fucked up ! i feel so bad

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (31 May 2015):

Honeypie agony auntJust DROP the user!

You know he is ONLY after someone to TAKE CARE of him while he runs around doing this thing.

He is still VERY immature and NOT ready for a relationship. You do NOT have to show him PROOF that you know he is a lying sack of crap. My guess is... YOU are NOT the first guy he has conned money out of and you won't be the last.

Block him, delete him and MOVE on.

And a little piece of advice...

DO not GIVE money to a BF, it's NOT going to make him more faithful, nor is it YOUR job to pay for his vacations.

DO not let a guy move in after ONLY 3 months of chatting. YOU don't really know a person after 3 months.

DO go down and get STD/STI panel done if you had sex with him (regardless if you used condoms or not) GET tested, I think your "BF" is a kind of guy who will have sex with ANYONE who is willing to "give" him something in return, like money for a trip or whatever he claims to "need".

TAKE it a BIT slower next time. I get that you want a partner, but this is NOT the way to do it. Maybe that dating app you used is more for hooking up then actual dating?

I'm sorry, that may not be what you wanted to hear, but you really need to PAY attention to his actions, not his words because EVERY word out of his mouth is a lie.

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