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What can I do to make my life easier?

I welcome opinions on if he is interested or not? Also why men play the three day game?

Toxic relationship with my mother and my family have decided to completely ignore me since I don´t live with them anymore!

I feel stuck,I know I love him but don't know if I can trust him.

I feel too shamed to talk to my family

Signs he is a compulsive liar? what the heck is that attitude after breakup?

I always seek validation, but I shouldn't really need it!

My dad intentionally tried to shame and humiliate me at my wedding.

I hate the person who I used to love for his std and promiscuity

Her attitude is confusing. Should I cut her off?

The guy I'm seeing is always getting mad at me?

Being used by my boyfriend and I don't know how to get rid of him

Uncertain if he lied for the right reason

I dated one guy, then his cousin and am now going back to the first man because his cousin was a cheater and a liar

Wifes past haunts me.

I'm at risk of losing my job because of social media and a friend who wanted more than I did?

How can I make my husband feel better about our sex life?

Help me understand these people! I'm feeling hurt and confused!

He lied to my face, only admitted it after I told him I had seen proof

How can I control my moods and my tongue? At times I'm vicious with my tongue

Is this something to stick with?

An uncomfortable situation with boyfriend's sister and friend is causing us to almost break up

Why do I allow him to treat me like trash, throw me out and then let him back into my life?

Should I explain to my ex? Or just let him think what he wants?

I don't want my sick and twisted mother around when I have children.

I kissed Max on the cheek and Mark thinks I cheated!

I'm so in love with him but I don't even think I know who he is!

A brief thing with a colleague ended. Am I over reacting - should I be feeling so guilty?

Food for Thought

Am I falling for the same type of man all over again?

I didn't trust him and it has affected our relationship

My strict Chinese parents don't know about my boyfriend and it's difficult to keep hiding from them

I love him but I hate him. Where do I go from here? Its officially over but I still have feelings

How can I reach a state of acceptance that the one I love does not love me?

I don't want to send messages to her like a stalker but why won't she at least talk to me?

How do I respond to my wife now I know about the affair she had with my (then) best friend behind my back?

My bullying ex has made me feel so worthless. How do I cope as a single mum?

Should I say anything to my best friend about her new relationship?

I want to feel loved and wanted. what hope is there when he's so critical and gives me the "silent treatment"?

I did lie to her about my age. Do I get my ex girlfriend a birthday present, hoping she'll start talking to me again?

What would you do or say to a compulsive liar?

I'm having trust issues with my girlfriend, is she cheating?

He called me nasty names. No apology. We broke up. What should I do, in the circumstances?

I have a terrible Jealousy problem, with good reason. What can I do about all this ?

Crushed by an ex bf who was a jerk. Will I find a loving guy? Who's fault is it when I guy turns out to be a jerk or a loving and amazing guy?

How can I best support my friend who's sister in law is causing trouble by being controlling?

I feel crushed. How can a man turn nasty so quickly?

Dating problems. Where does one find the nice, genuine, yet good looking guys out there?

I cheated and now I'm 6 weeks pregnant. Troubled and at the crossroads. Abort or stay pregnant?

She wants us to start again. What would be the best thing to do?

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