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How often do teenage girls reject people?

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Question - (31 August 2014) 3 Answers - (Newest, 1 September 2014)
A male Australia age 18-21, *ndrewYourz writes:

Do teenage girls often reject people? I have been single my whole life because I fear rejection and if I make up my mind to approach my crush I drop out or stuff up or even worse say something stupid. Once though I managed to ask a crush to dance with me. This girl isn't everyone's beauty queen but is still their friend and looks quite hot but she immediately like I mean immediately said yes when I asked her to dance. We had known each other for several days if that make a difference. So my questions are was that a blog sign and will I get rejected straight off if I'm not displeasing and have big muscles (remember I'm asking about teenage girls here)? Any opinion is much appreciated. Thank you.

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A female reader, anonymous12345678910 United Kingdom +, writes (1 September 2014):

Hi-yes,teenage girls reject guys all the time,but if you approach them in a respectful way you have nothing to worry about.If you are the same age as them and a nice guy,especially if you are good looking then the only reason they will reject you is because they either already like someone else or have a boyfriend,though they might not tell you that in case it hurts your feelings.If a girl is rude to you when rejecting you then it is simply because she is a bitch as long as you didn't just walk up to her and grab her ass or something like that.So don't be shy to approach girls 99 percent of the time the girl you like but were too shy to ask out is just as shy as you and will be delighted you asked

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A female reader, Via F. United States +, writes (1 September 2014):

Via F. agony auntThere will be a girl that likes you for who you are, not your looks. There are some girls who can see past the muscles and see a jerk. You don't seem like a jerk. Like Will said just be yourself around her, and try and be polite too. There will be a girl that doesn't reject you. That girl you danced with obviously liked you and wanted you to make the move. It explains her urgency. She was waiting for forever.

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A male reader, will13 United States +, writes (1 September 2014):

man, just act like you do when around your mates, without the crude language, be yourself and talk to her like you would anyone else. yes teenage girls act pretty silly and do reject people alot, but that is ok, the ones who reject you, you don't need anyhow, am i right?

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