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His constant sexual innuendos are making me think he is just after one thing, I just want a normal conversation with him!

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Question - (5 October 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 5 October 2009)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:


Just wanted a bit of advice on how to take this guy ... Ok have been talking for a few months when ever I saw him, he works near me. He would always come over and speak to me whenever I saw him, we would chat for a while and he would always stop what he was doing to come and speak to me so I thought maybe he was a little interested.

Then the other week we were both flirting with each other and he was saying he was single etc and took my email. We were then emailing but straight away he was mailing innuendos! At first i thought it was a bit of flirty banter to break the ice so was joking back. Now i think did this give him the wrong idea? As this is all he seems to do! He took my number then said he accidently deleted it, then when I saw him he asked me to text my number again to him .... i didn't because he had my email so thought if he was that bothered he'd mail me, and he did the next day just asking how i was and what i was up to that night. So i thought great he is having normal conversation!!! so told him what i was doing that night and asked him what he was up to ... then starts back with the innuendos that he's gonna be lonely so i didnt write back until the next day and just asked how the night went etc and again i get back ooh i was hoping you could help!!! it's getting very boring i just want a normal conversation!!

I dont wanna seem boring I can have a bit of funny banter but would be nice to just talk sometimes. Then i get messages saying he thinks i look hot. But he hasnt asked me out or doesnt pop in to say hi. Dont know what to do? shall i ignore him? or should i tell him how I feel and that i dont feel comfortable and he's obviously after something that i'm not gonna give him!! He sounds like he's after 1 thing! I would like to get to know him and not ignore him but i dont want him getting the wrong idea, but dont know if it's worth saying anything as nothings really happened between us so it might sound over the top.

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A male reader, CaringGuy United Kingdom +, writes (5 October 2009):

This guy is after sex and that's it. A guy who wants more than just sex will talk about more than just sex. If you want to have a decent relationship, look todate another guy. This one won't change.

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A female reader, sarcy24 United Kingdom +, writes (5 October 2009):

sarcy24 agony auntPersonally i hate this kind of thing. I have one friend who does it constantly - every word is a barely veiled sexual comment or sexual innuendo. I don't like it and I think it is weird and a bit creepy. Yup listen to your gut. I actually would say something to him along the lines of 'it would be nice to have a normal conversation for once with you not you constantly making thinly disguised sexual comments all the time' because he may stop if he realises you are not keen on this kind of chat and if he does like you. It could also be a form of nerves as he is not sure what to say so it all comes out wrong and he has got into the habit of behaving and talking in this manner so now doesn't know what to do.

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A female reader, bittersweetchicka United States +, writes (5 October 2009):

Personally, This would be a guy I would mark up as creepy.. You seem so nice and it sounds like he just wants sex, and he thinks he knows how to talk/treat a woman.. Ya right! LOL - If it were I, and we all have had simler situation, I would listen to your gut.. He sounds like a creep!

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