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He thinks I'm too young for him. What should I do?

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Question - (1 March 2009) 1 Answers - (Newest, 1 March 2009)
A female United States age 26-29, *ilasoap writes:

I'm 19, and a guy I really have liked since summer ,is age 24. We really clicked, we went on a trip together, and knew each other since summer. We see each other at dinners form common friends from time to time, but who knows. He's pretty much the first guy that genuinely gamve me much attention, and was there for me, we get along great. We even danced together, and then he found out my age, and couldn't believe it. We still talked a lot though, and he always talks to me when we see each other. He broke up with my ex-roomate, about two months ago.

He always mentions I look great, and we seem to talk about each other's dating life, and common friends. I decided last time, I have nothing to lose, and flirted just a bit(or not..), and hugged him in a way that his hands had to go around my waist(I absolutely felt tingles and energy when his hands went around my waist.) He enjoys also giving my advice, I'll be transferring to University soon, and tells me to party, go crazy, convinced I'll find someone when I move away, etc. He interestingly caught on, and asked last time mentioned Im picky with guys, which caught me off guard, because it's true in a way.

It feels like perhaps he feels a bit Im a little sister, but also get mixed signals he could possibly like me under the surface, and the age thing is freaking him out. I decided I'm not going to tell him I like him till I'm 21, (if by then we'll still be in touch and things wont change, which is of course, very possible it will). and there's nothing I can do, right?

The age difference won't make it possible for anything to happen right now anyway(relationship wise), right?

One more interesting note: He always talks to me, and we enjoy each other's company, tells me to keep in touch ,but he doesn't bother to. It became this way that he has my number, but I don't have his, which is a story of its own. I decided not to bug him to go hiking with me, because I feel like if he wants to keep in touch, he can easily, even as friends, right?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (1 March 2009):

Well it sounds like you two get on really well together, by the sound of it the one thing that troubling the guy is the whole age thing as before you told him your age he seemed to react differently than he did when he told him. i recomend you tell him a little how you feel before you go to uni, if you leave it till your 21 you may regrete the whole thing and you dont want to be left with the presure when you get to uni, this could hold you back.

One thing i can suggest, is that you invite him out for dinner and maybe the movies and look at his body language. this is suppose to be a good way to find out how he feels about you. See if he gets closer to you or maybe points his body towards you. There is also the eyes, see if he is able to focus on you when he is speaking to you. This is a good test for when your at the movies if say he looks at you more than the screen when your speaking to him, it shows he's paying more attention to you.

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