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I want my parents to allow me to date

I don't accept his reasons for not wanting to date me.

How do I establish healthy boundaries with my sister without risking another estrangement

My parents are very controlling!

I want to know if I am crazy for wanting him back!

How do I detach myself emotionally from him before actually telling him it's over if I decide I don't want this anymore?

Strong mutual attraction with my married supervisor. Should I continue working with him?

How to get rid of a clingy yet toxic friend ?

I'm extremely hurt that he doesn't believe I'm contributing enough!

Am I a terrible person for wanting an abortion?

Will he wait for me to be ready?

I lost a good friend and now feel guilty

Should I try and talk to him again?

Head over heels in love with my teacher!

Am I reasonable to choose money over potential happiness?

If we could be friends should I try?

How can I explain to parents?

Is $3000 too cheap for an engagement ring for a high maintenance girlfriend given my income and background?

Should I stay with my boyfriend in the hope that he matures at some point, or do I let him go and move on?

I have a great life but no hobbies or interests that I'm truly passionate about. How do I find my purpose?

Finding my move to a small town difficult

Her attitude is confusing. Should I cut her off?

She takes more than she gives and I know part of the problem is her low self-esteem!

How do I lay my cards on the table? He wants to go into the Navy but I think he's missing a good thing in us!

What should I do about feeling inadequate?

My mother in law is an egoist and evil woman!

I overshared family information about my heritage with a professor and am now feeling very anxious

I think guys just want me for sex

Heart says carry on, head says we are now toxic! Advice needed!

Why did it hurt so much seeing him with another girl if we are just friends and I don't have feelings for him?

How do I fix this verbally abusive relationship?

How do I bring some excitement into my dull and boring life?

My girlfriend is waiting after a fight for me to says its all my fault. I'm not going to do that again.

Why is this former FWB guy contacting me?

My controlling father loves that I am dependent on him financially and I'm afraid he'll ruin my college time

How do I get over being rejected by guys?

I've told him how I feel but he says I am overthinking!

Should we try to rekindle our friendship?

My boyfriend is a good guy but I'm not in love with him anymore. There's also a new man on the scene but he's in a relationship. I'm clueless about what to do

How do I go back to being who I was while at Korea? I'm stuck in a weird slump

He keeps staring at me. Does that mean something?

Graduation dilemma - what should I do ?

Is my boyfriends best friend trying to break us up? Should the relationship be put after his best friend?

Should I contact my old tutor and tell him how much he meant to me?

Creepy old men are attracted to me.

I don't want my g/f to go to the same college as me. It will ruin me making new friends and having my independence

Why do people behave so weirdly online vs in real life?

I feel massive resentment towards my boyfriend because everything works out for him but never for me

Despite out 6 year age difference, do you think this relationship could work out well for us ?

What are the signs a shy guy liks you?

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