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Why did it hurt so much seeing him with another girl if we are just friends and I don't have feelings for him?

How do I fix this verbally abusive relationship?

How do I bring some excitement into my dull and boring life?

My girlfriend is waiting after a fight for me to says its all my fault. I'm not going to do that again.

Why is this former FWB guy contacting me?

My controlling father loves that I am dependent on him financially and I'm afraid he'll ruin my college time

How do I get over being rejected by guys?

I've told him how I feel but he says I am overthinking!

Should we try to rekindle our friendship?

My boyfriend is a good guy but I'm not in love with him anymore. There's also a new man on the scene but he's in a relationship. I'm clueless about what to do

How do I go back to being who I was while at Korea? I'm stuck in a weird slump

He keeps staring at me. Does that mean something?

Graduation dilemma - what should I do ?

Is my boyfriends best friend trying to break us up? Should the relationship be put after his best friend?

Should I contact my old tutor and tell him how much he meant to me?

Creepy old men are attracted to me.

I don't want my g/f to go to the same college as me. It will ruin me making new friends and having my independence

Why do people behave so weirdly online vs in real life?

I feel massive resentment towards my boyfriend because everything works out for him but never for me

Despite out 6 year age difference, do you think this relationship could work out well for us ?

What are the signs a shy guy liks you?

How can I stop being intimidating and build lasting relationships?

I want to communicate more openly with my mother, but how? And once a girl is not a virgin, does one tell a parent or not?

How do I approach a guy that I don't know?

I've got nothing in common with my family anymore

Do you think that something else is going on here, what are your thoughts?

Men, do you stare off have intense eye sex with women if you are not interested in them?

Is there really such a thing as being at different stages in life?

My mother controls my life and I need to get away

LD friend. Should I wait for him?

Should I be waiting on this guy? He acts like we are a couple but we are not!

I don't appreciate so much mystery,I feel he is hiding things and something fishy is going on,what is your honest advice?

What should I do? He told me that he "fell out of love" with me like a month ago and now it's too late?

Is it too soon to sleep with him?

Should I really start planning a future with him?

Boyfriend seems to have an issue with spending money on me? Title

He's verbally abusive. Consequences of leaving him concern me. Why do I seem to have the worst luck with men ? ??

I found out that my boyfriend cheated and he doesn't know it yet. What should I do?

How do I start the conversation without looking desperate?

My housemate has "Issues"and is getting on my nerves..She is too clingy. What To Do?

How be a warmer person to my Dad and ask for his forgiveness?

I feel I am just not good enough for anything, its affecting my life and future!

How do I take the pressure off of my fiance about trying to get pregnant?

Should we talk things over or let him go ? His lies and his baby Mama have helped drive us apart.

Do these fake profiles suggest he's living a double life?

How do I ask my parents for a day off study?

Boyfriend has been secretive about his female friend in the past and now she's invited herself to stay with him for a week. How do I handle this?

I've got an ex husband, an ex fiance and a new guy who all want me

Don't want this to get out of hand. Should I let this messaging everyday friendship develop?

I don't like feeling so alone!

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