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My new boyfriend has become obsessed about my past

How should I not feel so worried about maybe not getting a text or phone call back?

What is my ex playing at?

He’s not reassuring me in the way I’d hoped! What should I do?

I walked a strange girl home. Would it be okay to ask her out?

Family problems, problems wth my friend, panic attacks, working two jobs and unhappy. Help me get out of my rut

I don't want to ruin my future with this guy by not making the right choice. What should I do?

She only wants to be friends but acts like we are more?

I found out my fiancé lied about his education. Now what?

I fear that he has grown controlling, though he says that I am too sensitive.

All the staring, sexual tension and then ignoring me... What's going on here?

Am I right to worry about losing him in the future or should I just focus on now and whatever happens later, happens?

Is this just a great friendship or does he have a crush?

At what age would young couples move in together?

Is 19 years old an age where it is appropriate to stand up to parents?

She wouldn’t make this small sacrifice for me, so I’ve cut contact! I know she’ll be back though!

Are my parents shallow for using his family’s medical history to keep me from dating him?

My religion is getting in the way of love

Does anyone have an experience with a successful meet up with online friends/lovers?

My old nemesis might sabotage my new life

His neediness bothers me. Should I feel guilty for blocking him?

My pregnant wife swears and breaks things when angry, sometimes I think I'd rather raise the baby as a single dad.

Did I dodge a bullet?

Help please! Need some career advice.

How to convince my parents to let me date this guy?

My partner sleeps too much and it's irritating

I feel I'm being left out because of the colour of my skin

Are all university boys so immature? Do I need an older, more mature man in my life?

I want my parents to allow me to date

I don't accept his reasons for not wanting to date me.

How do I establish healthy boundaries with my sister without risking another estrangement

My parents are very controlling!

I want to know if I am crazy for wanting him back!

How do I detach myself emotionally from him before actually telling him it's over if I decide I don't want this anymore?

Strong mutual attraction with my married supervisor. Should I continue working with him?

How to get rid of a clingy yet toxic friend ?

I'm extremely hurt that he doesn't believe I'm contributing enough!

Am I a terrible person for wanting an abortion?

Will he wait for me to be ready?

I lost a good friend and now feel guilty

Should I try and talk to him again?

Head over heels in love with my teacher!

Am I reasonable to choose money over potential happiness?

If we could be friends should I try?

How can I explain to parents?

Is $3000 too cheap for an engagement ring for a high maintenance girlfriend given my income and background?

Should I stay with my boyfriend in the hope that he matures at some point, or do I let him go and move on?

I have a great life but no hobbies or interests that I'm truly passionate about. How do I find my purpose?

Finding my move to a small town difficult

Her attitude is confusing. Should I cut her off?

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