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Does masturbation affect virginity?

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Question - (26 June 2010) 8 Answers - (Newest, 29 June 2010)
A female United Arab Emirates age 30-35, *antali writes:

when i do the secret happit, does that may affect my virginity

cause iam getting maried after few months and i must be virgin ? and how can i knew or be sure

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (29 June 2010):

thanks guys really iam a little bit releived

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A female reader, yag United Kingdom +, writes (27 June 2010):

a virgin is someone who has never had sexual intercourse with another person, so you are still a virgin.

however the hymen may be broken if you have used a tampon done gymnastics or even rode a bike you may have broke the hymen, but that doesn't make you not a virgin.

don't worry, you are a virgin, everything will be okay.

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A female reader, EbonyBlossom United Kingdom +, writes (26 June 2010):

EbonyBlossom agony auntLets define the word 'virgin.'

A virgin is a person who has never had sex.

Masterbating is not having sex.

There's your answer.

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A female reader, maxxie United States +, writes (26 June 2010):

maxxie agony auntwow.. really? how can that possibly affect your virginity? you stop being a virgin when you decide to have intercourse. everyone masturbates, no secret there

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A female reader, LilPixie United Kingdom +, writes (26 June 2010):

LilPixie agony auntI understand that for some religions it's important to still be a virgin when married... But just because someone doesn't feel pain or bleed during their first time, it doesn't mean that they're not a virgin.

The hymen can be broken by all sorts of stuff, such as riding a bike, gymnastics, horse riding even using a tampon.

I wouldn't worry too much about. I'm sure everything will be fine.

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A female reader, chigirl Norway + , writes (26 June 2010):

chigirl agony auntYou can not know if you are a virgin or not by looking yourself. But, in this case you must define what it means to be a virgin. You have never been with a man, so in that sense you are definitely a virgin. However, if you have inserted anything into yourself, you can have stretched yourself out, and broken your hymen, so that you will not be as tight or bleed your first time with a man. If you have only used one or two fingers, and not put anything else into you, then you should probably be "fine", as in still being very tight.

But yes you are still a virgin in the sense that you have never been with a man, which is how most people define it. In case you do not bleed your first time, try to explain to your husband that not all women bleed their first time. You may not have a hymen, not because of masturbation, but because of other reasons. However, if you are very tight, you might still bleed from your skin being torn up a little.

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A female reader, Becca64 United Kingdom +, writes (26 June 2010):

Becca64 agony auntyou only loose your virginity through sex. masterbating makes no difference dont worry

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A male reader, spinnaker United States +, writes (26 June 2010):

spinnaker agony auntmasturbation may rupture the hymen but playing a sport like gymnastics can do that too.

Virginity is a much more complext subject than what you are lead to believe here. IT involves physical contact and the sharing of sexual intimacy with another.

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