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Do vitamins help with erection problems???

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Question - (7 February 2007) 7 Answers - (Newest, 22 April 2009)
A male United States age 36-40, *oBluePillPlz writes:

Lately I have been having erection problems and I am only 25. I just started taking vitamins 3 days ago and they seem to be helping. Does anyone know what vitamin might be helping me? Or if a vitamin deficiency could cause something like this?

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A male reader, innercitylines United States +, writes (22 April 2009):

try zinc

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (18 October 2007):

Hey. I have been using a pill called HealthyED. It has a herb in it from Thailand or somewhere over that way and is known for helping performance. I take it twice a day and am now enjoying a sexual relationship with my girlfriend. Not guaranteed, but helped me.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (17 August 2007):

I'm 34 but when I need to perform well, any or all of the following really help:

a) Multivitamins (Premium, two capsules to be better)

b) Coffee (Brewed is better)

c) Coke (But let the burps settle away)

I've tried the Chinese viagras that are cheap. Yan Shi is the best.

Research also on a workout called "Kegel's exercises".

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A female reader, Granny +, writes (7 February 2007):

Granny agony auntTake an honest look at your lifestyle. At 25, you may still be in studies or just starting your career - don't know, only guessing. Too much stress or too much party-life will dim your libido. Be kind to yourself. As the other posters say, get a good diet with fruit and vegetables instead of artificial vitamins. Get some exercise, you don't have to go to the gym or join a sport club, just 30 minutes walking a day does wonders, like getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way.

Also take an honest look at your relationship/s. We don't know if you are in a stable relationship or trying to shag any old bint every other night - please don't take offense, but you did not give us enough details to really work with. Think about what you want from sex. If you just go for what you really want rather than what you think you should be having, it might be easier to get it up.

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A male reader, agony_uncle_r United Kingdom +, writes (7 February 2007):

it could of been a case where your body was lacking in its diet, in which case dont just buy expensive pills, eat healthier. reduce alcohol,red meat and fats. eat more fruits,veg and cook things healthy like steam and grill.

on the other hand these tablet could of acted as a placebo (uncertain spelling). this just means youve tricked ur brain into thinking these pills are a cure, therefor reducing what is most likely the real problem, stress.

in which case as well as your now healthier diet, try to exercise more

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A female reader, cd206 United Kingdom +, writes (7 February 2007):

cd206 agony auntGo and have a chat to someone in your local health foodshop. They have a list of vitamins and their intended effects.


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A reader, anonymous, writes (7 February 2007):

You need to have a word with your doctor. I cannot imagine what help vitamins will do, if any.

Take care and get things checked out.


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