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Cervical orgasms, are they possible?

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Question - (26 October 2008) 11 Answers - (Newest, 21 September 2010)
A male United Kingdom age 41-50, *inkydude writes:

I'm in an explorative state of a love affair, and I'm learning and improving my love making skills. The question I have is about cervical stimulation, or deep pelvic orgasm. How is this achieved? I'm already interested and practicing Karezza and Tantra, and I'm looking to constantly explore and improve. any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 September 2010):

I can say for a fact that the cervical orgasm does exist. My wife and I started experimenting on stimulating her cervix fairly recently. The idea came when she told me that after her gyn exams, she was stimulated when they examined her cervix. We started out using deep penetrating positions during sex with my penis rubbing against it. Later, I slowly started to manipulate it manually with my fingers. The best technique I found was to slowly push deeper into her vagina along the roof. Start with massaging the G- spot. Slowly push deeper until you reach where the cervix begins dipping down and massage the root. If she reacts positively, move along until you get to the entrance. With very light pressure massage the entrance of the cervix. Running your fingers around the rim is good. Lightly apply more pressure to see where her threshold is. Try pressing lightly on the entrance (without pushing in,) running between the entrance and the root, going between the G- spot and the cervix, etc. This is the technique that works with us. Every woman is different and may not like the stimulation at all.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (20 September 2010):

Firstly, I must say that I have never achieved climax through intercourse, and my g-spot remains elusive. Until a year ago I had only achieved orgasm through clitoral stimulation (much to the despare of my boyfriend, he isn't partically well endowed and never manages to penetrate deeply). About a year ago we started to explore with toys and he bought me a glass dildo that is about 7in (twice the size of my boyfriend), I have found that straddling this and rocking on it, produces the most intense feeling (it starts out a little uncomfortable), the orgasms I have are so intense that I get a fuzzy head and the amount I cum is unlike anything I have experienced. I believe that these orgasms are being achieved through the stimulation of my cervix and I would highly recommend trying to climax through stimulation of the cervix. Although I agree that ramming or banging against the cervix is not a good idea, it is uncomfortable and painful. Soft gentle pressure and massage seem to be what works for me. Go on and give it a try.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (14 August 2010):

I have to admit, the cervical orgasm is allusive for me recently, but I have experienced them. They have been my strongest orgasms. And, as much as I would never have believed anyone who told me they passed out after sex, on each occasion I have fallen right to sleep, sometimes without even acknowledging my partner.

Both clitoral and g-spot orgasms are pleasurable, but I find a blended orgasm (and this is clitoral and g-spot for me, not cervical and g-spot, only because I've not experienced that combination perhaps) more satisfying than either of the other two individually.

In any instance, it's about pleasure and being open and honest and willing to experiment with your partner, so enjoy!

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A female reader, courage59 Canada +, writes (12 August 2010):

courage59 agony auntCervical orgasm (~_~)

I find it sad that we still raise women thinking our vagina is just a hole that can be stimulated (during coït) through G spot (penetration in the "doggy style" position will do that or manual stimulation along with clitoral one). I am convinced (for myself) that we brainwash women thinking it hurts to be pushed by the penis (and that menstruating is a hurt for many years) and that our genital “appareil” doesn't include our cervix and uterus. Let me explain...

In the early 90s, I was living in Nova-Scotia and had a cyst on an ovary. My family doctor sent me to a gynecologist (his actual brother-in-law) and he, without proceeding with a vaginal exam, proposed me to have hysterectomy and ovarectomy. I explained to both that my sexual response was being cervically orgasmic. They had never heard of such thing...

I started doing research and found the "HERS Foundation" (Nora Coffey an ex-nurse who went through these procedures and founder of HERS) She is the first one who validated my concern and she explained to me that since she did not know my whole condition, she suggested asking my gynecologist to try to save my cervix if my uterus had to be removed. I encourage you to check the HERS Foundation website.

Finally a gynecologist (in reproduction and fertility) from Quebec city (Dr Rodolphe Maheux, now passed away, God keeps his soul and art...) took me over the phone as his patient. He only removed my cyst and ovary and (laser surgery) and wondered why they wanted to remove everything when my uterus and cervix and ovaries were healthy.

I had so to drive 13 hours from Nova-Scotia to Quebec city in Quebec province to save my internal organs.

I discovered that hysterectomy and ovarectomy are performed at different rates depending if gynaecologists around any given town need to pay their bills. I am not saying some women do not need these procedures but there is an obvious ignorance from women alike to think their uterus and cervix do not serve any purpose but for a crib (uterus) and the cervix being only a passage for the baby. There have been overly processed surgeries for episiotomy and cesarian and even circumcisions for men that just served a monetary purpose in many cases. (no medical reasons for it)...and then women and men alike wonder why their wives, partners, libido declines...not to mention all kinds of complications from these procedures.

Can we really think that God created women with a vagina with no other purpose but to create a passage for babies? A vagina that man or woman needs to rub at the entrance a little or a lot (the G spot) to have women thinking that's all there is to it? I agree with you that the clitoris is very important as I consider it a kind of "button" to open up permission from women to access (with love and pleasure) the penis of a man.

The only one time I have heard a woman on TV talk about cervical orgasm was a few years back from a prostitute invited at the Joan Rivers show. That was the very first time I felt validated with the kind of orgasm I thought "normal" for me and thought "known" from and women...not so...Even most women I talked to over the years felt happy to have gotten rid of their uterus and cervix. To me it is a pure "castration” of women done on a large scale.

This brave woman prostitute also said that before menstruations the cervix raises up to a position ready to let the menstrual flow come out where the rest of the month it curves in. I checked that out for myself and it was the same for me. I can have all kinds of orgasms and the most high for me is the cervical one (that needs clitoral stimulation also) A man skilled at this can pump my cervix with its finger(s) slowly and with variations of clitoral stimulation and I will peak and purr for quite many minutes. I am still amazed to know there are even artists declaiming speeches about their vaginas (in Montreal Quebec) not knowing the full potential of it. Frustrated women not knowing why they have a vagina!

There is a natural demand from a woman excited from her cervix (that I really do compare to the gland of the penis) fragile, sensitive (that is probably why women are sensitive to the speculum while having a vaginal cytology) would probably react the same way if a speculum would be surrounding their gland....and that peak feeling when, once the cervix thrusted by either a finger or a penis, needs to be pushed even more and great intensity. I usually let my partner know when I need to be pushed with more "vigor". (vigueur)

Why do men then have to feel guilty to have a penis? (I do have 4 sons and 6 brothers and discussed this type of education with my two oldest sons since my husband was too shy to talk about sexual education...I realized that most women I have talked to (including my 6 sisters-in-law) knew only about their clitoris and did not care to have had hysterectomy and removal of their cervix...

Just to say that many women's friends I talked to, kind of usually do the "starfish" in bed and let the man penetrate them with a kind of saying: "go for it if you wish"..., not knowing (both of them) the possibility (tremendous) of cervical stimulation with a soft penis instead of a vibrator. Men must slow down or not clitoral stimulation once the cervix is aroused, G spot and cervix thrusting. In a gently manner because of cervix sensitivity and patience....many women still having their cervix can orgasm cervically and discover simultaneous man and woman orgasm during coït. It is the most incredible connection between a man and a woman.

The penis pleasuring the woman is only caused because, in fact, the clitoris rubs on the pubic or penile area of the man cannot and never will know that the existence of his phallus is just to pleasure himself and can also be utile only so woman rubs her clitoris on it while being penetrated.

I hope one day we could stop making men feel guilty to have a “weapon of hurt” between their legs. I wish you don't mind my way of expression...I am French and my English is not my mother tongue. You can share my opinion with anyone men or women as long as I keep my copyrights to this opinion. I do not wish to cause litigation and despair to women who already lost their uterus and/or cervix through abusive decisions from their doctors, caused by their own ignorance.

I hope it will help other women to avoid a future castration of their genital system (hysterectomy and ovarectomy to prevent cancer as a drastic way) as excision and infibulation are practiced in the so-called uncivilized societies.

It is the very first time I express my views on this most important topic and I am proud to share it with you. I want to add I do not believe the cervical sexual response must be mandatory although find it very sad that even the best sexologists, if they never experienced a cervical orgasm, may not know about the real purpose of our cervix, not to mention our uterus waving during climax.

I would be more than happy to exchange info with you and to spread the good news that yes, the vagina is a wonderful "bud" (as my ex-boyfriend used to compare it to) that blooms only when respected and taken gently at first with genuine care and love. (to my knowledge at least)

In conclusion I wonder why so many rapes happen (even among married people) and why so many women fake orgasm to let men know that they enjoyed penetration when in fact most women and men do not know this precious "hole" called the "vagina".

courage59 (-_-)

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A female reader, *Zina* Australia +, writes (6 January 2010):

Some of my favourite orgasms have been cervical, although I didn't know it when I was younger... took some experience :D telling the difference between cervical and g-spot or a blend of the two :)

Have to say from personal exp there's a *big* difference between hitting the cervix hard (ramming into it by mistake) and deliberately stimulating it to bring a girl to orgasm.

Pleasure-wise its about as different as being punched in the face vs. getting kissed on the lips - you want to stimulate her nerve endings, not re-arrange her internal organs :)

...which is probably why most girls say they don't like it - too rough and it feels like a blunt force pap smear for most! Not fun!

NB. DoubleM have to say it's pretty amusing that someone who doesn't even -have- a vagina is postulating about what it feels like for a woman when she's having sex and what sort of orgasms it is or isn't physically possible for us to have?

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A male reader, ttlens Japan +, writes (7 October 2009):

This is an old question but I came across it in Google and registered just to reply.

My current girlfriend has "cervical orgasms". She can orgasm from her clitoris and g-spot as well but the ones from her cervix are by far the largest and most intense. She is multiply orgasmic and after a few big cervical orgasms she's exhausted and her entire body feels drained. Even the next day she'll feel lethargic sometimes.

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A female reader, Just2Answer United States +, writes (21 June 2009):

I happen to be someone who enjoys cervical orgasms. When i'm on top of my husband and climaxing, it feels as though he's "topping out". It's hard to explain. hmm... think of a bent finger.. push ur knuckle hard up against the palm of your other hand, and push off. that's what it feels like inside for me. My husband says it feels like he's hitting a pinkie knuckle and it can be quite uncomfortable for him at times. I love the feeling. Once i reach climax, I sway and twist my hips while his penis rubs every which way on the cervix. If he let me and it didn't hurt him so much, I could pobably continue going on for hours doing that.

I only know my own personal experiences, but i have heard that it's very uncomfortable and painful for some. I think u should just try it. riding your lover will allow you to control how deep he goes.

The g-spot doesn't work for me. U-spot massage is great, but in order for me to really really enjoy and let completely loose, my hubby has to go deep penetration. it's the best and climaxing that way is soo draining, i slide off right into a deep sleep.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (23 November 2008):

I am not much of a physiological nerd, but I have had a lot of encounters that have been longer than one-night standers. Whatever is written, to see is to believe, but then again, a boy becomes a man when he knows that her orgasm is being faked.

Yes, cervical orgasm happens. In my personal statistics, one of about 50 enjoy contact with the cervix. The rest either revolt to it or keep silent and feel that they had been hammered after intercourse.

The lotus position is the best way to let the lady calibrate how she wants her cervix aroused. When rocking to and fro uniformly, a woman who enjoys cervical stimulation will surely change the rhythm by taking an added gentle welcoming stroke of her pelvis. Be patient and avoid monotony by letting her lean back with your arms on her back to keep her from falling. This is a good position to get passion going by kissing, necking and attending to breasts all in a long, gentle pace. You will definitely know if and when she climaxes.

Of course there are some male requirements for getting to the cervix. To those who cannot do it, hey, she's only one of about fifty others who readily can offer clitoral and g-spot climaxes to you.

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A male reader, DoubleM United States +, writes (27 October 2008):

DoubleM agony auntWell I do not know anything about "cervical orgasms" and I doubt that any such thing exists. First of all, the deeper you penetrate the vagina, the fewer the sensitive nerve endings. Women feel a fullness when deeply penetrated, but most of the "electricity" is generated along the surface of the vulva and at the wonderful clitoral bud (clitoris). Deft massage of the G-spot can also spark the evening for her if you know how. But most women report that if anything actually touches the cervix, such as the head of a very long penis, it either hurts or feels very uncomfortable. Secondly, the cervix naturally RETRACTS during intercourse so that typical insertion can occur WITHOUT any kind of touch there. My advice is to keep practicing at working the G-spot, and also especially using my tips on cunnilingus (search archives) at the same time, and your woman will have plenty of multiples. DoubleM

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A female reader, aunty_rach United Kingdom +, writes (27 October 2008):

leave the pelvis alone, but concentrate on finding the G spot. it;s great for her and also a little challenge for you.

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A female reader, SugarCookie United States +, writes (26 October 2008):

My advice for you is dont try to hit her cervics. It hurts really bad when a cervix is hit. When I had a pelvic exam dont to check to make sure my cervix didn't have blood i was sweating it hurt so bad. The best orgasm is g-spot so focus on those.

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