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Can pre-cum make her pregnant?

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Question - (14 June 2009) 9 Answers - (Newest, 24 July 2010)
A male United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

my girlfriend says she thinks she is pregnant and she is have all symtoms in after two days it that possible? i didnt cum in her but precumed in her can someone get preg from that?

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A male reader, olderthandirt  +, writes (24 July 2010):

olderthandirt agony auntyes, pre cum is full of the little swimmers too. 2 days is too short of a time to even feel prego tho.

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A female reader, TheAgonyAunt United Kingdom +, writes (25 June 2009):

TheAgonyAunt agony auntYes precum can definatly get you pregnant although I don't think the symptoms of pregnancy would be as early as 2 days after intercourse.

If the symptoms continue then I suggest that you should get a pregnancy test at the doctors.


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A female reader, anonymous, writes (23 June 2009):

wtf everyone acting like SEX is such an awful thing, okay you had sex its not a big deal if you're young. ppl act like this is such a conspiracy. go to the doctor or get a home pregnancy test. HURRY !

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A female reader, Olivia(Y). United Kingdom +, writes (17 June 2009):

Olivia(Y). agony auntYes Pre-cum can get you pregnant. You have about 600'000 sperm in pre-cum, it only takes one sperm to create a child.

Why weren't you using condoms at such a young age? If you don't want to get her pregnant don't have sex without condoms!



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A male reader, ArmyMedic United Kingdom +, writes (14 June 2009):

ArmyMedic agony auntTo anonymous, what kind of silly thing is it to say someone is too young to ask these questions? Seriously, when should sex education start?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (14 June 2009):

Before anything else, you are too young to be discussing these things at all. Or worst, doing it.

Anyway, regardless of age...educate yourself first about these things before engaging into it. Be responsible of your actions. Why, are you ready to be a daddy if in case your girl gets pregnant? I am sure, the answer is NO.

Last point, this is not the right website to ask for advises on issues like this. Read books, go to a doctor or whoever or whatever is a way to get a more detailed and accurate knowledge. Unless one of us is an Ob-Gyne.

And yes, pre-cum can absolutely make a girl pregnant..that's the reason why withdrawal is not an effective way of birth control.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (14 June 2009):

Yes, pre-cum can get girls pregers. You should think about it, if your not mature enough to use condoms, are you mature enough to have sex?

I dont mean to insult you at all, im just been honest. :-)

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A male reader, ArmyMedic United Kingdom +, writes (14 June 2009):

ArmyMedic agony auntWell this is one those questions where science and evidence contradict each other...

Science: there has been lots of research done in labs accross the world and the result is that pre-cum (the clear sticky fluid) cannot cause pregnancy unless, the male has previously ejaculated that day.

Evidence: Working in the medical field and giving advice here I have found that science is very wrong I have dealt with well over 200 people who have fallen pregnant through "pre-cum", I think this is because boys don't actually realise how far they are going, or science is wrong as sometimes pre-cum is milky white which suggests there IS sperm in there.

So in my evidence based opinion (not the general consensus of scientists) YES she can get pregnant by pre-cum. But the "symptoms" are more likely stress related, but you are not too late to take her to a chemist and get the morning after pill.

In future WEAR A CONDOM when ever your penis is not in your pants unless you're having a wee!

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A female reader, AuntyEm United Kingdom +, writes (14 June 2009):

AuntyEm agony auntYes a girl can get pregant from pre cum, even if full penetration has not taken place. The risk is reduced but still a risk no less.

You are just going to have to wait and see if she is pregnant or ask her to obtain the morning after pill (Levonelle- about £25 and a short interview with a pharmacist)

Forgive me for saying so but your very young to be having sex without realising all the risks and responsibilities that go with it. Stop having sex until you are older and educate yourself so that you know the facts.

Good Luck

Aunty Em x

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