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Am I being paranoid about HPV?

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Question - (12 April 2019) 2 Answers - (Newest, 13 April 2019)
A female Australia age 22-25, anonymous writes:


What are the chances of me getting hpv from one single encounter without condom or one single act of oral?

The guy had no signs or symptoms. I got my std panel but there is no testing for hpv. How do I make sure I’m clear? I don’t have any visible signs , been more than 3 months. Am i paranoid for no reason? What should I do to make sure I’m okay?

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A female reader, chigirl Norway + , writes (13 April 2019):

chigirl agony aunt99% chance you have HPV. Its like... the most common thing on the planet. Everyone who ever had sex is likely to have HPV. But what you are asking about is probably the one strand of hpv that causes warts. They take a good while to appear. But once you treat them, they are gone. The more dangerous HPV is the one who causes cancer. That one has no symptoms. Get tested every fifth year at your doctors. Btw, condoms dont protect you from HPV... just skin contact of genitalia is enough.

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (13 April 2019):

Honeypie agony auntUnfortunately, HPV is one of those viruses/STD's that most adults come across in their life time. Using a condom doesn't prevent the spread of the virus (as you can get SOME of the many types of HPV) from skin contact.

And unfortunately, YOU CAN NOT test for them (in men) unless there is an outbreak, like the warts or for women change in your pap smear, you CAN (I believe) have a pap smear done and it can show if you have a change in cells. However, WHEN that is possible to see (in a pap smear) I don't know.

And lastly, most types of HPV shows no signs of visible symptoms and people remain unaware.

There are over a 100 types of HPV.

If I were you I'd call your doctor and talk to her/him.

And I would DEFINITELY consider getting the HPV vaccine, just in case. That might prevent some of the more malign version of HPV.

Sorry, That is the best I can tell you.

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