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My life is a mess without my boyfriend...

Q.   I've been with a guy for a year and a half it started out wrong, I accepted they way he is. He used to cheat on me and say it's meaningless and he just does it to feel "relieved".. he never used to be there for me when I needed him and he bugged me ...

A.   2 March 2008: Dont go back to him - He sleeps with other girls and you say you love him? My god, i thought my ex was a complete loser but yours makes mine look like an angel. Move on find someone who can respect you and while your at it get some self r... (read in full...)

Is it too early to move on after only 2 weeks? Would I be seen as a player?

Q.   Hello, i JUST got out of a 4 year relationship 2 weeks ago, but i knew it was over about a month or two ago. My question is: Is it too early to move on after only 2 weeks? Its been 2 weeks and ive gotten to like this one girl, and i've bee...

A.   2 March 2008: I recently broke up with my bf of nearly 4 years, and moved on within about a month, i met with my ex and told him myself so he wouldnt find out off anyone else. I think you can owe her that at least. At the same time, if you dont think you w... (read in full...)

I'm really into him but he doesn't seem to have much time for me, should I tell him to get lost?

Q.   Hi, I met someone new about 8 weeks ago. At the start, he was very enthusiastic, texting, ringing me etc. First date went well as did the 2nd. He wasn't free then for a few weeks and I wasn't really sure whether he was into me as much anymore ...

A.   1 March 2008: This sounds awfully close to my situation at the moment with a guy ive been seeing for just about a month now. Do you know why he cant see you sometimes, ie work? The guy im seeing has 2 jobs to keep him busy, he has to work hard because of ... (read in full...)

Ladies, what would you enjoy reading in an email from a long lost ex-boyfriend?...

Q.   I want to reconnect with an ex I haven't spoken to in 2 years. There's no bad blood between us. We spoke after the break-up a few times on good terms until we both graduated. Ladies, what would you enjoy reading in an email from a long lost ...

A.   29 February 2008: Was your relationship a long term one? Why are you wishing to reconnect? Have you considered that she may of moved on in life, and may be quite suprised/shocked to hear from you? When you write this email, dont be overly passionate, she... (read in full...)

Where to look for a relationship? I'm 27 and never dated.

Q.   Where is a good place to look for a relationship? I'm 27, soon to be 28, and have never dated. I am interested in trying now, but I don't know where to look or even what to do if I do find someone. ...

A.   29 February 2008: Unfortunatly, if you go out looking for a relationship, its not likely you will instantly find one. Instead you should re-asses the situation and ask yourself, what can i do to MEET NEW PEOPLE? Relationships come around when you least expec... (read in full...)

How to drive away my nightmares?

Q.   I am having nightmares every night for most of the night and not getting the sleep I need. I can't seem to control them and I'm really tired all the time. I don't know why this happens, but I really need to know what I can do about it. ...

A.   29 February 2008: Is there any particular event that may of caused you to have these nightmares, for example a car accident or some other traumatic event? If not, i know from experience eating certain foods too late before bed gives me nightmares. M... (read in full...)

Does first time oral hurt?

Q.   Does it hurt getting a blow job for the 1st time ever? because i'm a virgin but i'm scared to have sex with this girl that i like a lot.. what should i do???...

A.   29 February 2008: Theres no rush to be sexually active. As LJ001 has said, the only time it can hurt is if teeth get in the way, but usually, a girl will know what she is doing, so try not to worry too much about it. An idea would be to actually wait until ... (read in full...)

I am enjoying the excitement but there are however too many moral reasons to stop this incoming affair. What would you do?

Q.   I have been secretly emailing with a friend's husband and it is getting heavy. There is crazy attraction and they will be moving close by soon. I'm not sure how to handle this. It was just sort of flirty before but now it's too close to home. I ...

A.   29 February 2008: The fact you have been 'secretly' emailing him, proves you knew it was a bad idea in the first place, and if discoverd, would be a bit of a scandal. I question your friendship with this husbands other half - have you considered her feelings in ... (read in full...)

How can I make him understand that this is a pointless argument?

Q.   I had a fight with my BF. He gets so upset each time the issue is brought up, but he's the one who brings it up so there's no way for me to stop it. Anyway... I had a friend with benefits when I was 15, and years later, he introduced me to...

A.   29 February 2008: Its pretty pointless arguing over whos done what and what loosing virginity means. He should respect your opinion if he expects you to respect his. You as a couple should concentrate on your OWN sexual relationship, not events that ha... (read in full...)

I am thinking about meeting up with this online guy, but worried it might ruin any chances of getting back with my ex

Q.   Me and my boyfriends recently split up. I've been talking to this guy online we get on quite well n he seems like a genuinely nice guy. He's 5 years older than me. Im meant to be meeting him tomorrow. But im starting to have second thoughts...

A.   27 February 2008: I've recently had to make this decision. You must sit yourself down, and think about what you want from this date of yours. Are you looking for love, sex or just a friend? If you an your ex are over, then you have no reason not to do as y... (read in full...)

Would it be alright if we used a condom?

Q.   i have just recently started going out with this 17 year old...hes in the army!! that doesnt bother me in anyway. in told my dad and his fiancee and they were fine considering my stepsister is going out with his little brother, so they know the ...

A.   10 January 2008: You're too young. You are still a child. This boy turns 18 soon, he will want to have girlfriends his own age, and having sex is an adult decision. If you have sex with this boy you are putting him into all sorts of trouble. Wait until you ... (read in full...)

I want to blindfold him and talk dirty. What do I say?

Q.   Well the situation is that me and my boyfriend spend time together, but not much time alone together because of school, and work and we don't really have our own place. Well this week well tomorrow we finally have some time to be alone together. So ...

A.   10 January 2008: First of all, saying the wrong thing can sometimes freak a guy out. You should know how his mind works in the bedroom. Don't try and be someone you're not or it'll just be embarressing for both of you. An idea is to think what you would like to ... (read in full...)

I could be in hot water. How do I get out of this mess?

Q.   ok so leme start off by saying that I know what I did here was stupid, immature, wrong, etc, and I am not proud of it. That said, I would appreciate it if you would keep your talking smut about me out of your answer. Anyway, my ex girlfriend an...

A.   10 January 2008: I understand how you were mad and wanted some revenge but it sounds like it spiralled out of your control. I would go with the above advice, don't call her anymore, it will just make things ALOT worse. Sit back and learn from this mistake. In you... (read in full...)

Why won't he be straight with me?

Q.   I was with my boyfriend for 3 and a half years. During this time, he has left me a total of 3 times, the last time being mere days ago. I'll try to keep this short, but the first time was because of this girl, she spread rumors they'd been ki...

A.   10 January 2008: I have since spoken to my ex, he is very upset and wishes he could make things better and he told me how he was fighting for it so much. We are friends and we have been texting. I arranged to meet a mutual male friend last night, to walk with the... (read in full...)

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