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I want to ask for his phone no. but I'm afraid of getting turned down. Any advice?

Q.   hi. i am 14 and i work down at a riding school on sundays. There is a really nice boy down there who i fancy. He is a year younger than me. I want to ask for his mobile number, but I'm scared that he is going to say no because i have had that done ...

A.   15 May 2007: hey! u shud just go 4 it n ask! he wud be stupid to say no. u dnt no he cud feel the same as u? if he did turn u down, just think ov it as a part ov lifes vicious obsticules. ive bin in that situation lots ov times n it is hard but 1 day mr.rite ... (read in full...)

My friends think I'm trying to steal their boyfriends. How do I deal with them?

Q.   All my female friends are annoyed at me becoz if I talk to their boyfriends ( who are close mates of mine) they automatically think I'm trying to take them off her. I've been cheated on loads of times and I would never dream of putting them into thi...

A.   15 May 2007: hi there, just want u 2 no that ur not the only gal in the world that get on better wit lads then girls! i do to n this has caused me problems in the past to. all my best friends r lads n i used to hang bout wit them all the time!!! i used to b 1 ov ... (read in full...)

Should I ask her out on facebook or face to face?

Q.   Heya! I've known a third year student (I'm second year) as an acquaintance for about a year but only recently have we been becoming friends. We're kind of in the stage between acquaintance and friend if that makes sense. I am very interested in he...

A.   15 May 2007: I personally think talking to a girl is better then a text or anything else! If you're really into this lass then ask her out! The worst she can say is no but if she does say no then explain that just because you feel this about her, that you dont ... (read in full...)

She is always on my mind. How do I make her notice me?

Q.   okay this is how it goes down. im a 15 year old guy. i really like this girl in school and im not sure how she feels bout me. i cnt stop thinkin bout her. im on my work ex atm but i still think bout her all day. i cant wait to see her again next ...

A.   15 May 2007: hi, well maybe you should talk to her! if you really like her so much then maybe pull her to one side and ask her out sometime and maybe take her out somewhere nice snd then tell her what you think of her. This will only carry on if you don't pluck ... (read in full...)

Will he finally come to his senses and we can work this out ?

Q.   My boyfriend and I have been broken up and after cutting me off completely we finally talked and stayed the night together and he told me how much he loved me and missed me, but at the same time he cant be with me again, will he eventually come ...

A.   14 May 2007: my situation is the same but only the other way around.i broke up wiv my b/f 3 months ago an thought i was totally over him. however we spent the nite 2gether not so long ago an i realised after months ov kidding myself that i do love him and miss... (read in full...)

How can I get him to have more sex with me?

Q.   Hi there I am 21 years old my boyfriend is 23. We have been together for 3 years. Our sex life was great but recently he doesn't want to have sex as much as he use to, I now have to make the first move but he always says he's tired and doesn't want ...

A.   14 May 2007: hey, i felt exactly the same as you do, we used to argue about this all the time. i think its normal 4 men to loose their sex drive, but do get it bk.i wouldn't worrie about it to much. try telling him how much this hurts u and is damaging ur conf... (read in full...)

My friend is 14 and has slept with guys aged 13 to 30... how can I get her to stop!?

Q.   im realli worried about my friend!!! she is 14 and she has slept with loads and loads of guys, all ages too. she is sleeping around ti make her self popular and i cant get it through to her that thats all they r after, she thinks havin sex with loa...

A.   13 May 2007: first ov all its gud 2 hear she has a gud friend such as u, u av got ur head screewd on! maybe tell her that if she dosnt stop this then u will talk to her parents, reasure her that she dnt need attention from men n tell her that shes special all ... (read in full...)

I slept with him and then he didn't want to have any more contact with me.

Q.   well theres this boy right...and i met him a few weeks ago and i think iv fallen in love with him? I'm 15 and hes 17 the past week we have became really close and hev kept coming down 2 see me etc..i slept with him the other day and since then he ...

A.   13 May 2007: to be honest i wud av to say 4get bout him. it sounds like this lad only wanted u 4 1 thing n i think its time 2 move on. this lad says his got a new girlfriend n is moving on so thats wat u shud do. get together wit sum mates n take ur mind off ... (read in full...)

It was more than just sex for me. He got back with his ex and now I feel so used. What can I do to feel good again?

Q.   I feel like completely shit!!! I started seeing a guy who i met through a friend immediately after he just finished with his girlfriend.. we spent the night we met chatting about it and i told him that I know how he feel but in time he'll get o...

A.   13 May 2007: sorry love but u shouldn't have got involved wiv this man in the first place, u knew he'd just split from his ex, came on ur not stupid, shorly u knew he would still have feelings for her. the fact is he was probebly on the rebound when he met u, h... (read in full...)

Is being chubby the only reason to why people don't like me?

Q.   we had out skool prom... everione was dancin with their partener... i was stood alone... why dont guys like me... wats to bad about me... jus cos im not skinny... people always look down on me and turn their noses up at me... i...

A.   13 May 2007: i went thro all this,it hurt me so much i used to cry everyday, i was so big, at the age ov 13 i was i size 16. my face was so fat u couldn't c wot i looked like, i never ad a boyfriend at school, i was well known, only coz people thought i could ... (read in full...)

I was raped, got pregnant and I CANNOT let my family know about this. Please help!

Q.   Hope someone can help me or offer some advice! I know its terrible that I'm having to ask this here... but I really dont know where else to turn now. I'm 19 and living in the UK. I was raped at university several months ago by someone I hardly...

A.   13 May 2007: wot a terreble thing to go thro on ur own, the truth is ur ganna have to tell ur family sooner or later, this man needs to be named and shamed, how many other victoms lives he gonna ruin! the fact is sweethart, an i know its hard to except, but that ... (read in full...)

He spends too much money and I think he's gay. What can I say to make him listen?

Q.   I'm 21, my b/f's 27. I was told that my boyfriend spent £4,000 on going to see a male stripper called "Rogue"... and on going to see male strippers in general! I confronted him about it - but he said I should "take a chill pill" - and said "...

A.   13 May 2007: I think u need to av serious talks wit ur fella coz am not being funny but i reckon if i was in ur shoes i wud feel the same as u r feeling!!! u need to ask the both ov u, 'is this relationship goin any were?' if u really think that he is gay u need ... (read in full...)

Is my super-low self esteem preventing guys from being interested in me?

Q.   I'm 15 and I've never had a boyfriend, and I don't know why. I'm intelligent and even went to and placed in state track this year(as a freshman). Unfortunately, my self-esteem is practically non-existant. Could this be preventing me from having a ...

A.   13 May 2007: u r only 15 n u av got all the time in the world for relationships, however dont feel like u need to rush n get a boyfriend straight away. i remember when i was at school n all the girls in my year all had boyfriends n it made me feel that i had to ... (read in full...)

Torn between 2 lover's, Feeling like a fool

Q.   well,were do i start. i met my ex-boyfriend nearly 3 years ago when my little girl was 1. it took him ages for me to agree on starting a relationship with him due to his past,a slag in other words.I'd know of him for years before we happened, but ...

A.   13 May 2007: thanks 4 those who replied to my question, im now in a bigger mess then ever! i desided 2 tell my ex i wanted to try again, i sent him a message tellin him that my boyfriend was at mine an that i'd let him know when he had left if he still wanted ... (read in full...)

Her ex wants her back! She's do I handle this?

Q.   I've been with my girlfriend for a few months now. Her ex has recently got back in touch and says he wants her back. Shes still with me at the moment, but is confused, and I'm scared shes gonna go back to him. How can we over-come this? ...

A.   10 May 2007: sorry mate but if they still have feelings 4 each other then i wouldn't get ur hopes up, a few months isn't long and if she got wiv u straight after they split up then she was probebly on the rebound, i garentee they will get bk 2gether an if they ... (read in full...)

In my heart it feels as if I have cheated. Even though I know I didn't.

Q.   I need someones advice really bad. I have no one to talk to about this situation because no one really cares. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years now. We have had our ups and downs. I broke it off about a week ago because it turned out ...

A.   10 May 2007: rite, dont tell a soul about this, he's not gonna tell his own brother he slept wiv his ex is he? no way! 4get about them both an move on, if it dose come out it wont be for ages an if u do 1 now, u'll be long 4gotten about an it wont bother u when ... (read in full...)

He broke the trust between us in the past and we have worked on but tonight, he sounded the same all over again.

Q.   I'm really conused about my situation. My boyfriend and I have agreed earlier today that he should call me and then I will call him back right after he rings since I am away from him for two weeks due to taking some courses. Of course, he did not ...

A.   10 May 2007: wow, chill girl! the poor guy probebly just got pissed wiv his mates like lads do, giv the man a brake it will only drive u apart x ... (read in full...)

Can anyone tell me what male sperm tastes like when he comes during oral and can it do harm of swallowed?

Q.   Can anyone tell me what male sperm tastes like when he comes during oral and can it do harm of swallowed?...

A.   10 May 2007: well wot a funny type question! butttttt, i can help. it tasts like salty flem, only sum1 elses, lol. its not nice at all, i wouldn't recomend it if u have no drink causes no harm however particles ov the sperm stay in ur mouth for about 6 ... (read in full...)

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