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What qualifies me to help? I'm not sure that I have any special qualifications. I am 41 and have had a lot of life exeriences, including almost 20 years of marriage.

I live in Oklahoma City and am a petroleum engineer.

What makes me tick? Favorite leisure activities are sports and reading. I would also describe myself as being very much into sex, something I have never been ashamed of.

Do men in generally like women tiny skinny, or somewhere in between?

Q.   I was wondering, guys help me out and women too. What type of body to men like in women? Are there any men out there that are actually chub chasers and they like there women big? Or do men in generally like women tiny skinny, or somewhere in ...

A.   11 June 2008: I'm a 41-year-old married male who through the years has eyed lots of ladies and who has talked about women a lot with men friends (yes, men do that!). So here goes. First, there are obviously variations in taste. Almost to a man though the ... (read in full...)

Should my fiance's fantasy become reality?

Q.   I have a wonderful fiance and we've been together for 8 months. He is HOT in every way, personality, looks and lovemaking. Once I mentioned that I wonder what it would be like to be w/a woman, and now, several times he has mentioned that it would be ...

A.   10 June 2008: I have to confess that my favorfte porn is lesbian sex, and I know lots of guys who share that passion --- so your bf is I think "normal." I have fantasized many, many times about sex with two women, especially me watching them go at it. However ... (read in full...)

How do I initiate foreplay? Also how do I give a blowjob?

Q.   i dont kno how to start the fore play,, actually i do how do i start the giving a blow job since i never gave one before how do i mak ethe first move with that?...

A.   10 June 2008: You got some good advice from "oldfool"---incongruous as it seems "sucking a dick" should not involve sucking! I would add two other things. Before inserting the penis into your mouth use your tongue to flick and tease the most sensitive part of the ... (read in full...)

Why does she not like this as part of me giving her oral sex?

Q.   What is the role of the vagina in cunnilingus? My wife has taught me the techniques that give her pleasure in oral sex. However I have always been puzzled by the fact that she seems to get no particular pleasure from me insertng my tongue in her ...

A.   10 June 2008: Many thanks for the replies, folks. I will try the stiff tongue on the vaginal opening---makes sense since that's where the most sensitive part is. And don't worry about the "bit that gives you pleasure"---the clit gets plenty of attention. Anyway ... (read in full...)

Advice on anal sex please!!

Q.   Hi guys I'ma keep it short and sweet my gf and I have been thinking alot about anal sex but neither of us have done it before,she wanted to if its painfull or how does the penis go into her anus,should you use any lubricants and if what should you ...

A.   9 June 2008: Hey I would advise not doing it. Why would you want it when vaginal intercourse is so great? I have to confess that I did anal intercourse with my wife some years ago. I'm embarrassed to say it was my idea. And it was NOT pleasurable for either of ... (read in full...)

Why do men need porn?

Q.   If women get off without porn why can't men get off on the feeling alone also? Why is porn needed??...

A.   9 June 2008: Whether or not men need porn depends on the meaning of "need" (how's that for evasion?). But seriously I think they do. This points up another difference between the sexes. My experience with my wife and with other women before my marriage convinced ... (read in full...)

I'm only 10 and my friends are talking about sex. I don't understand!

Q.   I am only 10 but all my friends are talking about blow jobs. . . But i dont know what they are could someonw please help me so i know what my friends are talking about ?...

A.   8 June 2008: Is this some kind of joke? If this person is really only 10 what the hell is he/she doing on this site? The subject raised though is a serious one---the earlier and earlier age at which young people pick up sexual information. One of my sons is ... (read in full...)

Am I gay or Bisexual?

Q.   I was at a party and got real drunk. I was barely able to walk, and my friend helped me into the bathroom to pee. He undid my pants, pulled out my penis and held it for me to urinate. I started to get an erection, and after I was done peeing, he ...

A.   8 June 2008: By the very language you use in describing these "events," I suspect that you are homosexual and get some enjoyment out of describing gay encounters. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Are you turned on by women? Are you turned on by men? ... (read in full...)

What size penis does it take to satisfy a girl?

Q.   what size of penis can satisfy a Girl.? Mine is 4.5 Inches on full erection......

A.   8 June 2008: I assume you are a young man, and it is important for you to learn to enjoy sex without worrying about size. It is really shameful that our culture promotes the myth of the huge penis being the ideal, a myth perpetuated by porn stars (they are ... (read in full...)

Is masturbation a homosexual act?

Q.   is masturbation in fact a homosexual act ? no matter who or what you think about you are still having sex with your hand and you come on yourself you are giving and recieving so its male on male or female on female. any thoughts?...

A.   7 June 2008: No offense, but this sounds like a question from 50 years ago. All guys masturbate, whatever their orientation. And when I say all guys, I include married men. I have been married 20 years and still masturbate from time to time, and I know at least ... (read in full...)

Still worried about my banana-shaped penis. Will I be able to satisfy a woman?

Q.   I wrote a problem but didn't got a satisfactory answer, so I am hoping this time somebody will help me. I just wanna know. I've got banana type of erection. While erecting it bends towards downward, like a banana, so I wanna know will this kind of ...

A.   7 June 2008: I agree with many of the previous responders that you have nothing to worry about. My penis also has a downward (or banana) bend and it has never been a problem. It does it job fine in any position but one position my wife and I especially like is ... (read in full...)

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