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What size penis does it take to satisfy a girl?

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Question - (23 April 2008) 4 Answers - (Newest, 8 June 2008)
A male India age 30-35, anonymous writes:

what size of penis can satisfy a Girl.? Mine is 4.5 Inches on full erection...

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A male reader, jay27 United States +, writes (8 June 2008):

I assume you are a young man, and it is important for you to learn to enjoy sex without worrying about size. It is really shameful that our culture promotes the myth of the huge penis being the ideal, a myth perpetuated by porn stars (they are anything but typical!). As a male, I cannot speak for women of course. However there are so many facets to making love to a woman that I think penis size is just not that important to them. I've never talked to my wife about this, but she has seemed satisfied by my very average size. And hey 4.5" may be on the lower end of the spectrum but it can sure as hell get the job done. Find a girl you love, and the sex will take care of itself.

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A female reader, smeedle United Kingdom +, writes (23 April 2008):

smeedle agony auntWell there is a saying "its not what you have its how you use it!!" to an extent this is true. I think that its not about how big or small you are its how you and your partner feel about each other.

Until recently i didnt realise just how important foreplay was, you can satisfy a girl without even entering her by paying attention to her and her needs, this is wonderful and a technique that not many men take the time to learn, but is sooo important.

Then you can take your time and just enjoy the love making, it really does not matter how big you are if you make sure you get the first bit right.

Get some dvd`s and books and read up on "what turns on a woman". good luck

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A female reader, Susan Strict United Kingdom +, writes (23 April 2008):

Susan Strict agony auntSize is rarely an issue. Think about it: women "get off" with one finger (or two), so the size of your bits and pieces isn't really an issue. Large is nice, but smaller is SO often better, because the owners of smaller ones tend to be so much more attentive, enthusiastic and energetic about it all.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (23 April 2008):

Depends on the girl...everyone is different and most everyone finds someone to suit them eventually.

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