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*shugar* *and* *spice* agony aunt

*shugar* *and* *spice*

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hi, im 13 and i live in prestonsburg kentucky i am in a relationship with a boy that is 14. i think im good at helping people with problems because i take time to listen to people and i try to give them a good answer to ther questions. i am always nice to people and just hate it when they get hateful with me.

I'm in love with this girl but she says she doesn't want to go out with me because we're best friends

Q.   I'm completely in love with my best friend. She is everything I have ever wanted in a girl. She is smart, funny, is interested in the the same things I am (the list goes on). I've told her that I had feelings for her, but since we are best friends ...

A.   24 July 2007: i think if you have feelings for her then you should go for it. tell you the trouth she probably feels the same way about you but don't wanna addmit to it well at least i'm like that with guys. so go for it! **** CANDACE TRIPLETT @ LATISHA ... (read in full...)

My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend

Q.   Ok well my bf cheated on me with my bestfriend not even just once but like 4 times in like a few days and i found out obviously which he is also her ex boyfriend and she cheated on her boyfriend with mine but what do i do its hard for me to be mad ...

A.   30 June 2007: hey, well my boyfriend cheated on me to and he used to go out with my bestfriend but thats not who he cheated on me with. well i dident breake up with my boyfriend "he stoped cheating on me". but your boyfriend cheated on you 4 times so you can't ... (read in full...)

I am only 11, but I am two months pregant!

Q.   (ok my original profile thing iz batman but i did something and made a new profile) alright well i am 11 and now 2 monthes pregnant! im really scared cuz me and my boyfriend r both ganna need to take care of this child 2gether and im still liv...

A.   18 June 2007: well, since your boyfriend and you don't wan't the baby to die you could just have the baby but since you don't want a baby right now then you could concider adopting the baby to a family that is ready for a baby and will take care of it. you know ... (read in full...)

13 and feeling broody... how can I get over these feelings?

Q.   im 13 years old and i know it sound stupid but im really broody. i really want a baby and its getting me down. im not going to have one till im older though, because thats the right thing to do. please help me?? is there anything i can do to make me ...

A.   11 June 2007: Hi, im 13 to and i would like to have a baby to "i mean who wouldent ther so cute" well any ways i know i have to wait to because i dont want a baby right now i think its worth the wait "i mean i want to have fun while i still can" I think if you ... (read in full...)

How do I get a really smoooooooth shave in my genital area?

Q.   Im 16 When i shave my vagina it leaves red dots and when i run my hand over my vagina it feels like i havent shaved, its all prickly and hurts.. how can i make it feel and look like there's no hairs there. Also do guys get turned off by a little bit ...

A.   9 June 2007: swetty u should use soap then shave only in a up and down motion then you should use lotion it makes it smooth. It works for me so i'm shor it will work for you...... And some guys like hair thare and some like it shaved "my boyfriend prefers ... (read in full...)

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