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I enjoy all things nefarious and mischievous with the exception of drugs,murder and clowns. Been through a couple of nasty breakups but with each one i got better with dealing with people a little more empathetically. i never see myself as a perfect person so im always ready to equippet myself with latest GEARS and TOOLS to mollify my journey.In my school days i was superbad to begin with and was wacky but now with current gf ive become much more laid back and mellow. When i first met her it was really hard to belive that girls like her still there in the dating arena. NO MIND GAMES and stupid old HARD TO GET game even though shes the pure exception of beauty with brain. SHE has her own way of expressing her love to me.AND its completey adorable...


because i realize that not everyone is in same lane as me. IT took a little while to reach here.Im here for--

1) for the lazy people who run away from relationships just because it consumes time and energy, its goldmine to get the tips

and tricks of the inside trade.

2) For the genuine people needing genuine advice.

3) To learn and see how LOVE changes the life of people around the world.

I'm rude,offensive but brutally honest. IF you want someone to tell you what you want to hear even though its wrong then talk to someone else.Its not bad to get hurt and be upset over agony aunts(people you don't know or care) and correct yourself then to go through the same feelings of hurt and anger in your relationship. with the person you really care for and die for.

AT-LAST,We don't need sugar, flour or rice or anything else to run our life's but we just want to see our dear ones happy. SO live wise and make them happy.

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He lied about not having had past relationships. Should this affect our relationship??

Q.   Recently, i got hurt and was feeling cheated about an issue with my bf of 2.5 years. I used to think him as a nice character who respected girls a lot, unfortunately, now i feel i was having wrong impression of him. :( I am really really co...

A.   12 January 2012: Hey girl life is not all about a cindrella kinda love story. You picked up wrong things to learn from your previous relationship. You are now scared to death to get hurt again but dear there is Literally no GAIN without learning to deal with the ... (read in full...)

How do I keep my family close while I keep my boyfriend?

Q.   hi everyone. this isn't a major issue, but i don't know. Amd I know there are many kind ,caring agony aunts here who maybe could spare some thoughts and their experiences. i'm 19 yr old girl .i'm the only child to my parents ..they love me d...

A.   12 November 2011: "i'm like any other girl of my age.slightly rebellious,absorbed into my world of boyfriend and friends" yes, dear you have full right to be or want what every girl wants but dont get trapped in the world of fantasy. You are single child of your... (read in full...)

How can I confess my feelings towards my cousin?

Q.   How and When can I confess my feeling towards my cousin? She is my third cousin to be exact... but i think the word "cousin" have corrupted it all. Here's a detail background on how we've met. In 2004, around the beginning of the fourth an...

A.   30 August 2011: Brother there an Auther hiding inside you. They way you descibe things is outstanding. Whatever job do , I wish you give a try to writing. now coming to your deliema-- we can't control what we feel for someone but we can always control our acti... (read in full...)

How can I play hard to get with my steady boyfriend?

Q.   Every guy and girl says they 'don't want to play games' but I've been learning more and more that everything is a game, ESPECIALLY relationships, and the moment you stop playing - you lose. Anyway, how do I do it successfully? Play hard to get...

A.   29 August 2011: "Ohh girl your mine, baby I wanna have my first sip of coffee of day with you being beside me" This sort of cheesy stuff is ONLY said in beginning of relationship but after good amount of time spent with your parter you should be able tap in even ... (read in full...)

How do I get her back forever?

Q.   Hello everyone I'm a 23 year old guy and my girlfriend's also 23.Well,to start off with, I got to say I'm probably going through the toughest phase of my life till now. My two year long relationship is in turmoil and I'm really feeling low and ...

A.   24 August 2011: Don't jump directly to step 6... as i said before have patience.IN any case follow this modus operandi no matter have desperate you would be feeling now. Talk to her about it AND let her know that you maybe goin out with your mutual friends.... (read in full...)

How do I get her back forever?

Q.   Hello everyone I'm a 23 year old guy and my girlfriend's also 23.Well,to start off with, I got to say I'm probably going through the toughest phase of my life till now. My two year long relationship is in turmoil and I'm really feeling low and ...

A.   23 August 2011: Brother it happens with most of people and wid me it was twice. so you are also in the same boat as us. i just skipped many paragraph of your post cuz i can exactly understand that what you really wanna say . I'm more than happy that i avoided that ... (read in full...)

He won't go against his parent's wishes for me. I don't know what I will do without him.

Q.   Dear Agony Aunt, I'm a 18 yr old girl in love with an 24 yr old guy. We met on a social networking site but havent met each other personally as we both stay in different cities in the same country though. Our's is a very clichèd tale but unfortun...

A.   19 August 2011: Just to add to that--- Cindy had given some quite amazing replies as usual. It seems like she has done PHD in human phsycology and religions AND cultures AND world economics AND politics. Hehe Even wikipedia comes down to it's keens when she spe... (read in full...)

He won't go against his parent's wishes for me. I don't know what I will do without him.

Q.   Dear Agony Aunt, I'm a 18 yr old girl in love with an 24 yr old guy. We met on a social networking site but havent met each other personally as we both stay in different cities in the same country though. Our's is a very clichèd tale but unfortun...

A.   19 August 2011: Reading your post it's quite clear that you are in LOVE with idea of being in love. Good for the moment but it would take you nowhere. You did the right thing by moving on but getting head over heels for the anyone you meet or even haven't met is ... (read in full...)

Why are beautiful people the ones with the most insecurities, when there's nothing wrong with them?

Q.   How is it people who are beautiful end up being the ones with most insecurities, even thought there's nothing wrong with them? My best friend who is bloody gorgeous and gets told it by so many people, has more insecurities then anyone would ever ...

A.   10 August 2011: quite simple -- because they know that if their beauty for some reason wears off then they will be left with nothing to replace with .... But since they are used to getting all the attention and compliments they begin to crave for it even mor... (read in full...)

Why wouldn't my ex look me in the eyes when we talked?

Q.   My ex-girlfriend and I broke up 4 years ago after an on again, off again relationship that lasted nearly 5 years. Breakup was mutual and amicable. She met someone a few months later and they got married and now has child. I too met someone else ...

A.   8 August 2011: short and simple--- shes doesn't wants to feel that way for you that she did once. EYES are window to the soul and she doesn't wants to get you/her to get involved in any case. After a break up this happens as we get emotionally vulnerab... (read in full...)

When are men going to STOP being so selfish about porn and START realizing they are destroying the woman that loves them?

Q.   Some women like porn and don't mind if their bf's look at it. This does not apply to those women. This is for the rest of us, the majority. Those of us that HATE PORN and HATE HOW IT MAKES US FEEL ABOUT OURSELVES. Seriously, after all the ex...

A.   6 August 2011: go through this post. its hands down conversation on porn on this site. IT would answer it all for you. (read in full...)

I'm engaged, he's married but sometimes the way he looks at me I think he has feelings for me

Q.   I am here to get some opinion on where you think I stand in my male friend's eyes. He is married and I am currently engaged. The confusion stems from some actions of his and some words he says. Maybe I over think it, but I would love to have your ...

A.   6 August 2011: "I'm engaged, he's married" READ it thrice and rest all not even needed to be said. FULLSTOP Spending too much time with someone does sometimes make us to develop feelings for them. But not all feelings are there to be reacted upon. Self control ... (read in full...)

Does storing porn dvds at home lead to any kind of badluck to me ?

Q.   my dad stores lot of porn DVDs in his room but does not watch it frequently .I have a bad feeling that storing porn at home itself will give a bad effect to me and my family. i feel that am facing lot of bad-luck because of this.i many times wont ...

A.   6 August 2011: relax dude ..... your over reacting to the situation. well i would not say that its normal and completely perfect to keep loads of porn in you house but if its use is not affecting anyone around you like gf/wife if any then its normal for a teen... (read in full...)

My boyfriend's friends bring out the worse in him. I hate them!

Q.   my boyfriend loves me alot..but i hav a major problem when it comes to his friends...they drink n smoke lyk nythng...wid very hard efforts i hav chnaged my guy..he had almost quit drinking..n m sure abt it coz almost all the tym he used to spend his ...

A.   6 August 2011: Good girls go bad but bad guys don't go for becoming all good. All your effort would go waste if you try to do so. It's was his choice for being like this NOT yours or his FRIENDS whom you call bastards. He's responsible for his own decision not ... (read in full...)

Guys: Are you intimidated by pretty girls?

Q.   ok so im going to ask a question which im sure many of you will find sounds shallow and conceited. but i genuinely am asking because i have a problem and im not fishing for compliments or trying to make anyone angry. so if you find this question...

A.   2 August 2011: OHH come on !! Every girl thinks or wants to think she's pretty and if not then we make you realize that. Being intimated by them or not --depends on guy involved. BUT its hard to believe that you haven't come across any confident guy who doesn't ... (read in full...)

If its not sex that keeps him coming back what is it?

Q.   There is this guy that has been in my life for 7 yrs now, our confusing situation started back in 2004 I was 15 and he was 16. We dated briefly and the relationship ended before it got started because of my immaturity. Throughout the years we have ...

A.   2 August 2011: Men fear of hurting the lady the lady they really care for the most. So if he can't hold on a realtionship right now then he would run away from you because he knows that if he gets deep into this he would hurt you even more. He believes it's ... (read in full...)

My man says I look like something that came out of the garbage!

Q.   Hi i have been seeing this guy for 17 months to be precise and we used to have sex everyday recently is has reduced to only weekends , when i asked him about it he says i dont dress up for him when he comes home and also made a comment saying not ...

A.   22 July 2011: Best of luck with that. I hope he comes true to your expectations.... (read in full...)

My man says I look like something that came out of the garbage!

Q.   Hi i have been seeing this guy for 17 months to be precise and we used to have sex everyday recently is has reduced to only weekends , when i asked him about it he says i dont dress up for him when he comes home and also made a comment saying not ...

A.   21 July 2011: now this is more messy than his comments. im afraid if hes just using you for sex. IS he married before or not. As most average guys in India with even average pay would do get married at his age. There must be a reason behind that. And if that reas... (read in full...)

My man says I look like something that came out of the garbage!

Q.   Hi i have been seeing this guy for 17 months to be precise and we used to have sex everyday recently is has reduced to only weekends , when i asked him about it he says i dont dress up for him when he comes home and also made a comment saying not ...

A.   21 July 2011: IS he your husband that you have to dressup for him each day before he comes home???? IF NOT then forget about it, whatever he said was GARBAGE. Everyone has A bad hair day when we dont even want to fix it. IF you are seeing a person daily then he ... (read in full...)

I want him back but he won't reply to my texts

Q.   1.6 years ago my boyfriend dumped me for another girl.but after that he returned and asked for second chance.I forgave him.we were together for 7 months. But I couldnt accept the past that he left me for another girl. I shouted at him each and every ...

A.   21 July 2011: All good things come to an end. TRY to accept this fact. HE is tired of the mind games and want to get out of this mess. What he did was not a mistake as he would HAD know the consequences of breaking your heart for some other girl. He was unhappy ... (read in full...)

B/f just vanishes on me and then has reasons, but I hate it!

Q.   hey.. i don't know if its a really big problem but its all i think about all day, so here goes. i have been in a relationship for 4 years and 5 months now. and right now i'm only 19. i have been with the same guy since i started dating. i really ...

A.   14 July 2011: I'm in similar situation as yours but I'm criminal in my case. My gf blames me for not givin her enough time from the day I've left for college in other city. I'm not a big fan of ldr's so I tried to end it before leaving but was not to happ... (read in full...)

I'm battling cancer and boyfriend is on the internet looking at other women!

Q.   Hi everyone. Im in a big problem, and I need so advice. I got with my bf around 1 year and one month ago. We loved eachother very much, to such an extent we'd never talk to another guy or girl even as friends. We were VERY possessive of one another, ...

A.   10 July 2011: Hang in there !!!! human mind is very curious sometimes it jus follows what has to be done for it's subconsious. But we as adults living in monogamous society have learned to suppress them and act more intelligently. The primitive brain doesn't ... (read in full...)

Did I make the right decison to take a break from her and focus on my studies?

Q.   hi,i ve been in a relationship for the past one and a half years.. am in my prefinal year of my ug course right now,am my parents eldest son and my dad is getting retired next year so i am expected to be getting a job as soon as i finish my ug ...

A.   5 July 2011: Okaay I get your point...but you had enough time to decide to whether you want any relationship at first place or not?? No goin back but resposiblites should never be compromised at any cost at all. Well the race to just get into a good college ... (read in full...)

Boyfriends says he'll come over and then never calls and never shows up!

Q.   Hi everyone, My boyfriend told me that he'll be coming over my home at around 10.00 am yesterday because we were planning to hang out together the whole day but he didn't.When I called him up yesterday morning around 9.30 am to confirm our plan...

A.   4 July 2011: Take a step back and remain as calm as you can . Give him silent treatment. Same thing happened to me with my gf. It worked for me. She canceled the date at the very last moment when I had already planned everthing. It takes effort and time in arra... (read in full...)

Successful cheaters only, tell me your stories.

Q.   Hi, I was curious to hear of stories from women who have had affairs with married men and got their happy ending. Please no slander or judgements, all I would like to hear about is stories that have come out the other side were a married man has ...

A.   3 July 2011: To soveryconfused, Sorry to say that but it sucks that YOU have to live this way where your parter is even insecure about his standing in your life. Your lucky to Have him as he can handle this as most men could only be repulsed by that very tho... (read in full...)

Boyfriend cheated on me with my cousin!

Q.   Hi,my problm is relatd with my bf and my cousin.i am in a relationship with my bf frm last 6 yearz.He promisd my parents that he will marry me 4 sure.He married 2 me in a temple but I dn have d proof of our wedding.during dat time my cousin askd me ...

A.   3 July 2011: OMG!! That's so cruel on his part. I think more than your cousion it's your Bfs mistake. He was commited to you and even promised marriage to you so he should have taken the responsibility of denying her advances. After being 6 long yrs into a rela... (read in full...)

I don't know if I am really ready to be a one man woman...but don't want to lose him!

Q.   Me and my guy have been together for a year and 6 months,but we had sex before then we just were hook up pals that was never serious until now so our past was rocky from the jump start, and we both messed and fooled around on each other at the ...

A.   2 July 2011: You LIKE him not LOVE him. Stop fooling yourself and him and for godsake. There's no going back now so set him free to search for what he wants. You wanted attention and you got that too. Nothing bad with this and you being free and wanting more ... (read in full...)

Why do so many girls, such as myself, go for complete JERKS?

Q.   A general question, for everyone out there. Why do so many girls, such as myself, go for complete JERKS? I'm meet these lovely, kind, hard-working and attractive men, who have similar interests as me and whom I can really talk to, but I'm just...

A.   1 July 2011: Well I'm tired of this NICE GUY ,not so nice or a jerk guy thing . The funny part is that even if you asked these so called badboys about what is that they really have in them which gets them girls everytime then they would be also as clueless... (read in full...)

When I didn't want him he was around, and now that I want him, he's never around!

Q.   When I didn't care about this guy, he'd constantly call/email/im me, now when I'm starting to really care and think about him, he's not doing it as much. Do you think this has something to do with the universe. LIke now that I want it, I can't get ...

A.   25 June 2011: Well you reacted the way any other girl would have done. Too much attention kills attraction. The jerks don't give it to you that easily so you tend to think about them constanly. That guy liked you but failed because of not knowing this basic ... (read in full...)

Is he flirting?

Q.   I recently started a new job. One of my co-workers has been over the top nice to me, making jokes, and continuously touching my shoulder or back which makes me uncomfortable. Since I'm more shy, I find it difficult to look him in the eye, but he ...

A.   23 June 2011: Some people are naturally touch-feely so they don't take the note of things but one thing is of sure that if YOU are new to THEM then its conscious decision to touch you on their part to touch you and they are fully aware of it and your every ... (read in full...)

Does he still want to be involved with his ex?

Q.   What if your boyfriend keeps liking the facebook status of his ex-girlfriend knowing that the status is for him? Does it mean he isnt over his ex and still likes her??...

A.   23 June 2011: i HATE Facebook,the same thing happened to me and because of it my long term gf stopped talking to me for whole 2 weeks. But we talked about it and sort it out later(mainly because of my handwork) uhhhh !!!!all these relationships are so messy bu... (read in full...)

I'm feeling that this may be a dead end. What can I do?

Q.   Hmm..well There's this girl , she is doing the C.A course , same course im into now . also we are kinda related , you can say second cousins , but this girl .. haven't really seen her much , just spoke a few times over the phone , when we were a bit ...

A.   23 June 2011: DON'T FALL INTO THIS.... iv seen someone close to me suffering because of the same thing that your going through.This cousin thing will never work, in fact it would just drain you emotionally. NO matter how pretty or sweet she is,just leave he... (read in full...)

How often do guys think about sex?

Q.   Okaay, this is a bit of an odd question, but following this conversation I had with one of my guy friends about how often guys think about sex (7 seconds, or something??) I was wondering: Guys, how often do you think about having sex with girls yo...

A.   23 June 2011: Well if that SOMEONE I know is my friend then NEVER or someone Ive just met then could be only if she's too visually appealing because we don't know them so they can't stimulate us mentally. And if that person is someone which I both know and am a... (read in full...)

I don't know how I could possibly know for sure if this Indian guy that I'm dating is married/has a girlfriend because I'm sure that his friends will always hide it from me if it's true.

Q.   I work for an airline and 3 months ago I met a 32 year old Indian man (colleague of mine but we hardly ever see each other as we work shift work and assigned different flights). We liked each other and started dating. He became my boyfriend, told me ...

A.   21 June 2011: " In India, no matter how much they say society has progressed, even relationships are frowned upon, let alone love marriages. Inter-caste marriages are still a big NO and marrying a foreigner.. most families would be aghast at the very thought." ... (read in full...)

Should I try being a FWB? None of my relationships work out. Need help please.

Q.   well ive recentley gotten out of two relationships the first i was with him for 2yrs. and loved him deeply but one day he just up an left without a text or call or a reason to him leaving .An i didnt know why he left i still to this day dnt know why ...

A.   19 June 2011: You are exactly doin what would take even more further from finding the right one for you. The first guy ended things very badly to make you more emotionally vulnerable. You don't want to go from that phase of Hurt and anger again so you want to ... (read in full...)

I'm ashamed that I am into women, not men

Q.   Help! i'm feeling really ashamed about my bi sexuality and liking more women, than men. I would love to be out,but i know that will never be the case when i think about being the way that i am. I feel sick, horrible. Sick to my stomach kind, like ...

A.   17 June 2011: Check the following post and you would get all of ur doubts being erased - just try put yourself in shoes of the poster and read the answers. Hope that helps. ... (read in full...)

Is this real love I have with my other man?

Q.   hi... I'm married for 20 yrs, devoted to my family, having full care for my husband and others at home. A fellow whose acts helped me come out of my several severe problems (no family problems, but others), underwent his marital family life ruined (...

A.   15 June 2011: According to me, love is a delightfully confused state of mind in which we make some unrealistic decisions, decisions which we wont take deliberately in rational state. Everything seems to be so perfect that its hard to believe how blessed we have ... (read in full...)

Please define 'love' for me!

Q.   I was suffering from bipolar depression. My mind would always remain confused and depressed over many issues in my life. I had great family problems, issues related to what is right and what is wrong, issues related to my work. I was complete ...

A.   10 June 2011: Most guys do the same what you do and that is STAND AND OBSERVE. It takes you nowhere. Sometimes I feel like to push you guys from behind to approach them. The more you think about it the more anxious you'll become when you do approach the girl in r... (read in full...)

We spend a lot of time with another married couple and I'm falling for the other husband.....what should I do now?

Q.   I am married with 2 kids. The past year we met another married couple and have really hit it off with them and been partying most every weekend together. Well the other husband was very flirty with me in the beginning, sometimes hugging me a bit too ...

A.   7 June 2011: you are falling in love with his finger ...actually MIDDLE FINGER n we know that means........ (read in full...)

If the first time you meet a guy he talks about sex, is that all he wants from you?

Q.   I have a couple of questions. If you meet a guy in a bar, and he mentions sex the first time he meets you, does that mean he is only after sex, or could it also mean that he finds you sexually attractive but could possibly want a relationship with ...

A.   24 May 2011: According to the popular misconception , bars and clubs are a very good place to socialize and meet new people. But they don't know that many players have made these places there WORKSHOPS. They come here and practice their ROUTINES and leave ... (read in full...)

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