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How do I proceed? I'm in love with my ex who is in a relationship

Q.   Hello, my ex and I broke up about six months ago, she recently got in touch with me and we began talking and I confessed that I was still in love and wanted to get back together. She is in a relationship and I told her I wasn’t asking her for ...

A.   27 October 2020: Hello OP, Why are you sitting around driving yourself crazy, for someone who is not in your life anymore? It really hurt that both of you broke up...and I guess the pain of breaking up caused you to really enjoy that pain. So you can't wait t... (read in full...)

I'm unhappy and not sure how to rebuild my life

Q.   Dear Uncles and Aunts, I very much need your advice. You don’t have to read everything (I just realized how long it is) , this will do ;) Here’s how I feel at this moment: at 44 I’m married to a husband, whose behavior I don’t like, I ...

A.   27 October 2020: Hello OP, It seems you have gotten yourself into a place where I use to be, and still struggle with at times. Before marriage...I knew what I wanted to do, and how I was going to do it. I was very ambitious about my plans, until marriage a... (read in full...)

My husband said he would slap me if I did that again

Q.   Please advise My husband and I went for a hike yesterday with hope we would be able to socially distance. We wore our masks of course. As he was studying the trail map another man (masked) came and stood next to him also wanting to look at the m...

A.   7 August 2020: Sorry Op, You just treated your husband like a child in front of another man. I would not call for violence, but I would have left you there and went home. You basically told the other man, your husband is not capable of looking after hi... (read in full...)

What are your experiences in knowing when it's the right time to have kids?

Q.   I've been in a relationship with my partner for 10 years-engaged for 9. He's 37 I'm 31. We've lived at my moms house for many years trying to save enough money to buy our first home and subsequently get married. We're close to building our home ...

A.   7 August 2020:  I loved being a dad, and miss every second of it. I even miss the diaper changes. For me, every moment with my kids was a bonding moment. To love them, and have them love you back. Not because of material things, but just because they give you back... (read in full...)

My boyfriend of seven months has anger issues.

Q.   Hi all, hoping for some advice: I’m divorced, in my 40s, and have recently moved country. Shortly after moving, I met my now boyfriend (of 7 months) For some time now, I have not been able to make sense of my his anger issues. He is highly-edu...

A.   3 July 2020:  A boyfriend is like shopping. If you go to buy fruits, do you pick the worst fruits to bring home?? If you know to get the best things for yourself when shopping, why not have the same mind when choosing a man?? What kind of husband do you wa... (read in full...)

I've been offered a job that would take me out of my comfort zone.

Q.   I have worked in the same small (30 people) company for 10 years. I enjoy my work and I like my colleagues. It can be stressful from time to time but I don’t have formal targets and I know I can do my job well. I am one of the most senior people ...

A.   3 July 2020:  You can take the job to gain more experience, and leave after couple of years if things are not to your liking. To move up means coming out of your comfort zone. My advice...I would stay where I am for now, until the country is back to full oper... (read in full...)

Sex in my new relationship is awful, maybe I need therapy!

Q.   Hey Aunts and uncles I have been seeing this man for 3 months now. He is kind, considerate and good to me. We have had sex a couple of times now but only recently. I made him wait until I was ready, which he was fine with. My problem.... the s...

A.   3 July 2020: You said it best... It's all in your head. So now that you know where the problem is...Now what?? How do you get out of your head?? Have you tried letting your new guy just have his way with you? Rather than YOU controlling the situatio... (read in full...)

Why would my sister ignore my emails but put on quite the show when my brother is privy to the email?

Q.   Thank you in advance to all who take the time to answer here. I have one brother and one sister. I am in the middle in age. I find that if I send an email to my sister giving all my news and asking about her news lately she has been ignor...

A.   29 June 2020:  You did not say anything about your father. So I would assume your brother has picked up the role as the man of the house. Girls normally fight for the attention of their father, or whom ever plays that role. Could be brother, uncle, or ... (read in full...)

Boyfriend's family doesn't like me?

Q.   Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost nine years, we've known each other for eleven years and our relationship has had it's ups and downs but his family has always treated me and continue to treat me like a stranger. My boyfriend's ...

A.   29 June 2020:  Note*** You said your BOYFRIEND's Family doesn't like you. You did not say "My HUSBAND's Family". Boyfriends are not always meant to be your life partner. They are meant to be your life lessons. If you have a boyfriend now, and things are n... (read in full...)

Are women past their 50s still interested in sex

Q.   I have been divorced for many years. Now that the kids are grown up and have left the house, I feel like I need to have a partner and get married. I am almost a 60 year old man. I would presumably be looking for a woman close to my age. Sex is ...

A.   29 June 2020:  Although men and women lose their need for quantity in sex over the years, it never replaces quality in sex. In your teens, twenties, and early thirties, the amount of sex you have seems to justify love. Meaning...the more your partner have... (read in full...)

Separated for 2 years my husband has moved on but I can't

Q.   Hello I’m hoping someone can give me some words of hope here. My husband and I have been separated 2 years now and I feel no better than I did on day one. He has moved on, has a new partner and seems happy most of the time. Normally we get ...

A.   8 June 2020: Hi OP, Sorry to hear about your marriage. Yes...thing will get better. How long it takes to get better totally depends on you. You have invested 20 years plus of your life to someone, and that is no easy task to get over. You have put up wi... (read in full...)

I need tips for dealing with the mother of my ex!

Q.   My ex boyfriend of 3.5 years broke up with me almost two months ago, and his mom keeps contacting me. Why would she do it? I always had the feeling she didn't like me during the first years we were together as we have very different views ...

A.   29 May 2020: Even if you were married to your ex, there is no need to have a relationship with his mother. Sure it is nice and respectful to have a relationship with the parents of your partner, but it is not a requirement. The relationship is between you and ... (read in full...)

Lockdown causing problems in our relationship and I'm not sure how to fix things

Q.   Hi all, hope everyone is staying safe and coping well during the pandemic. So I'm in a relatively new relationship, about 6 months with my boyfriend who is 1 year older than me. We met on a dating app. I thought we had got on well when we would me...

A.   25 May 2020: " he says he can go without seeing his partner for extended periods of time." He had already given you all the answers you need. If he can go for long periods without seeing you, then he does not want to see you. The lockdown is actually a be... (read in full...)

Is there a difference in the way a wife and a mistress have sex?

Q.   I've been meaning to ask this question for a while now. There are a lot of posts on here about married men cheating and I'm sure we all know or have heard of men who have mistresses; usually the mistress is more sexually "available", if I could put ...

A.   25 May 2020:  The world of "Mistress" applies to both men and women. Yes men may cheat more often, but women also have their "Bed Buddies" as well. You my dear are miles ahead of most. Your hasband has rights to shout from the roof top. Why is "Mistress ... (read in full...)

I'm 17 and have no breasts!

Q.   I am 17 and have literally no breasts!!!! Most of the boys and girls who I'm friends with mock me about it and I'm the only one in my friend group who doesn't have a boyfriend. All my friend are like D cups or C cups and I'm barely an A cup. What ...

A.   15 May 2020: Let me be blunt... Let's say you had double D breast, and a boyfrind. When it comes time to have sex...Would he being having sex with your breast? When it comes time to have babies...Are they born from your breast? So it does matter what size you... (read in full...)

Wife no longer desires sex. Do I just go without?

Q.   How did I get into this? I am a retired/disabled mechanical engineer. My disability is neuropathy, but I do not have diabetes. I live with extreme pain everyday. I married my Wife in 1993, and I married my best friend. I love her with all my h...

A.   15 May 2020: Sir Wolf, Unlike men who rarely try to get emotionally involved with our own needs, women on the other hand are built on emotions. I am very sure her medical issues have attacked her emotional self worth. She maybe in pain, may have scars from ... (read in full...)

I'm dating my best friend but I'm not attracted to him

Q.   DEAR CUPID, I have never had the best of luck with picking men , I have dated the narcissist,the insecure and the controlling. My best friend of 12 yrs told me about six months that he had developed feelings for me, at first I felt like he ruined ...

A.   13 May 2020:  How would feel if things were revirsed?? Would like to be on the receiving end of this situation?... (read in full...)

Gentlemen, how many likes do you get on dating apps?

Q.   As the title of my post asks - how many Likes does the average male homo sapien get from women on dating apps? A few months ago my sister helped me create an online dating profile. She helped take my profile photos, reviewed my profile and then...

A.   13 May 2020: "LIKES"...Really?? You are basing your life on the number of you likes you get? If you had zero likes, then what? You lock yourself away from world? It does matter how many women like you. Better to have one woman who truly loves you, than a t... (read in full...)

How can I help him? He says his penis is dead

Q.   My name is friendly I have a question about my friend he is 40 going to be 41 in November we been friends for a year and we haven't had sex for awhile he said to about his cock is dead. What can I do to help him From your friend...

A.   12 May 2020:  My dear...You have a very lazy man. So lazy he does not want to help himself, or simply can't be bothered. Most men are proud to have their penis working to the best of its ability. Viagra was not created for men who likes to have "dead cocks"... (read in full...)

I don't understand why my sister needs to make me look bad to elevate herself

Q.   Hi there. Thank you to all who respond to this question. I have a sister who is seven years younger than me and a brother some years older. I was very close to my brother growing up...from a military family...starting new school all the time...t...

A.   12 May 2020: Hi Op, As you said, there is jealousy from your sister towards you. I have seen this happen many times due to, low self-esteem, insecurity, and the need for attention. The one common factor I have noticed regarding females, is a bad relation... (read in full...)

What are examples of someone being a co-pilot in a relationship?

Q.   I have been torturing myself wondering why I was not good enough for my ex-boyfriend. He made a comment to me that will forever haunt me. He said I was never his "co-pilot" and that "I will never be what he wants me to be". I don't understand what ...

A.   12 May 2020: How many airports are there?? How many planes fly around everyday? How many pilots are there to fly those planes? So...If you don't get along with one pilot, does that mean you stop flying, and no longer become someone's co-pilot? Point is...He... (read in full...)

It feels like a slap in the face to provide everything for this relationship and not even get the respect of an adult conversation.

Q.   Hello! I have been in a relationship for over two years. My SO hasn’t worked most of our relationship. I have an apartment that he pretty much stays at unless he goes home after a fight. I am constantly stressed about bills and responsibilities ...

A.   7 May 2020: I sense that you are too insecure to leave him. Maybe somewhere you feel you cannot do better. You feel or felt, that if you stuck around long enough, you could change him into the man you want...Right? Well here is the matter how ... (read in full...)

Is it ok to talk to two people at once on online dating?

Q.   Hi all, I have had a rough few years and have abstained from the dating scene during this period in part because of a breakup that took me a long time to get over. My life currently doesn't allow me to meet new people often so I decided to try...

A.   4 May 2020:  If you are looking for long term relationship...which leads to marriage...Then choose the personality that you can see yourself with 5 years from now. ... (read in full...)

I've met a girl online and the relationship is hard work.

Q.   Let me begin by saying I never had a girlfriend. I met this girl online, and we really hit it off. Im going light on the details but thing is, she wants something more, to bee more than friends and I feel something for her. We know each other ...

A.   4 May 2020: Good sir, There is a saying..."Easy come, easy go." Which applies to most things in life. The easier you get a relationship, the easier you will lose it. You said you have never had a girlfriend, so how do you know what is a hard relationshi... (read in full...)

Lockdown is keeping me away from my mistress. Wife is boring but don't want to lose her while going after mistress

Q.   My wife is wonderful. Good at saving money and gets me everything I need. But my mistress is kinky and she will do anything for me. She will wear kinky clothes and let's me do anything to her. She cries when I have to go home. Now it's lockdown an...

A.   29 April 2020: To the anonymous Mistress/Writer who wrote... ”I'm a mistress myself and I used to think my lover was the hottest guy on earth til after years together I discovered he was a weak" I give you a virtual high five, fist bump, biggest hug ever... (read in full...)

I don't think I should be his go to person every time he needs something

Q.   My story is as old as world. Here it goes: I am in my 40s, moderately comfortable financially , love to travel . One day decided to go to Africa and met a guy. My age, divorced , bringing up his small son. And taking care of couple relative...

A.   29 April 2020: I am old school male...47 yrs. I still believe it is the man's job to provide for his family. If his wife or partner is working, and contributing as well...Bonus!! I do not care if you live rich or poor...The man MUST do his part. It is not ... (read in full...)

Is there a such thing as an obsessed partner?

Q.   Me and my fiancé have been together for almost 4 years lately I feel myself being more and more unhappy because I feel that I can’t balance time between him and my kids and myself. My fiancé seems to be very needy for my attention and when I can ...

A.   29 April 2020: Hi Op, Honey Pie number one comment is the biggest concern for me...And she is dead right. Being jealous is bad enough. Being jealous of a man outside your home, who pays attention to you is expected. Being jealous of the affection you gi... (read in full...)

Fiance texting crush, but wanting to have a family with me. Do I let it slide?

Q.   I'm not sure how to feel about this and i wondered if anyone could give me some advice. My partner had a crush on the same work colleague two times in our relationship, a couple of years apart (that i know of and he admitted to). They've neve...

A.   24 April 2020: Hi Op, "Also, she was my friend too." I am sure you have friends that are in relationships yes? Do you go around causing problems for them? So what kind of friend do you have crushing on your man? What exactly is your idea of a friend? You w... (read in full...)

My husband had a video chat with another woman on the day I was having surgery!!!

Q.   I just had surgery today! It was tough on me! I am sensitive to anesthesia. And was puking and dizzy. I had a hard time. My husband dropped me off at the hospital because of Covid. He came to pick me up later after I recovered from anesthesia....

A.   24 April 2020: Hi Op, Hate to say it...This was happening before your surgery. Most people do not just out of the blue start a video chat with a complete stranger. There should have been warning signs before this event. A lost of interest in sex. Both of you... (read in full...)

Happily married yet lusting over a doctor! Help me please!

Q.   I have been married for 4 and a half years and have a 3 year old daughter. There are no problems in my marriage and I thought till a few days ago that I was very happy and content with life. My husband adores me and we have a healthy sex life. I...

A.   24 April 2020: Hi Op, Your crush is normal, and it opens the door for more self asking questions. Your husband is a great guy as you say...But...Is he just filling the void of some part of you that needs more? Have you looked at your own fantasies? Sex ... (read in full...)

I can’t understand why she doesn’t want sex with me anymore

Q.   Hi I’m not normally one to ask personal questions on these sort of things but I need advice I’ve been with my fiancée for 6 years we have a 3 year old together I started sleeping in the spare room when our child was ill and I haven’t moved back into ...

A.   21 April 2020: Good sir, You are single handedly destroying your marriage, and wonder why your wife does not want you?? 1) "I started sleeping in the spare room " You have decided to put up walls and a hugh distance between you and your wife. Your wife was... (read in full...)

What should I do about my wife's declining sex drive?

Q.   I am a 58 year old married man with a question...My wife and I have always had a very good sex life in the past, but over the last couple years that has slowly changed to the point that she shows no interest at all anymore, and I'm tired of begging, ...

A.   21 April 2020: Hello Op, Your frustration is well noted, as a lot of couples are in your shoes. As we get older, sex no longer becomes how often we have it, but more of...How much gasoline is added to the flames. You wife my no longer feel like a hot spunk... (read in full...)

Someone tell me I’m not crazy for wanting a real relationship!

Q.   I’m in my early thirties but I’ve never had a partner/boyfriend. I’ve been online dating for several years but all the men I meet just want no strings sex. They claim they are looking for a relationship but after a few weeks of dating we have sex ...

A.   16 April 2020: Hi OP, Sorry to hear about your mom...prayers go out to you. All of your issues can put a big strain on your heart, but do not lose courage now. Yes it would be nice to have a guy through all this. A shoulder to lean on so to speak. Howeve... (read in full...)

Where do I start to earn my own living?

Q.   My husband and his family are treating me very badly before. We are living separately for almost half year. Im now living with my family and my 18 months son. I have asked questions many times before and now im sure that i want to be dependent and ...

A.   16 April 2020: Hello OP, My advice to you to further better yourself... Get a job based on what you know. If you can get a job with your family after all this craziness, then do so. Next...Go back to school part time. Upgrade your skills. This will give a... (read in full...)

After 3 years together how do I improve our sex life?

Q.   How do I improve our sex life? My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years. We have been living together for one year. I have noticed that our sex life is slowing down. I feel like my partner's desire has dropped completely. When we ...

A.   25 March 2020: Hi Op, "I resisted sometimes because I didn't want to get attached to fast before getting to know him." Let me explain a little about a man's brain. The statement made above is harmless to you. Plus, you have every right to slow things down... (read in full...)

I'm going through a rough phase at the moment.

Q.   Hi guys! ai am going through a rough phase. I will turn 40 next November and I feel my life is over. Despite having a wonderful husband, a great job, a nice home... I feel old and useless and worry about dying alone since ai have no children and no ...

A.   25 March 2020: Hi Op, Not a child free woman, but male. You could try adoption, if children is a major concern. In your state of mind, would you rather be battling major health issues? In and out of hospitals, and maybe hubby looking for a divorce to... (read in full...)

All my friends are getting married.

Q.   Welp, it happened. all my friends are engaged. not exaggerating, all of them. meanwhile, I’ve never been in an actual relationship. I just turned 27 two months ago and basically ready to join a nunnery because art least that would give me an excuse ...

A.   25 March 2020:  Hi Op, Wow!!! You are very hard on yourself for absolutely no reason. My condolences on losing your mom. Yes it can be very hard filling her shoses all of a sudden. I learnt a very simple, but very important lesson at a young age...Never be... (read in full...)

How can I work out what I am doing wrong on dates?

Q.   I haven’t been in a relationship for eight years, my last date was December and it was the only time I’d gone on a second date and I haven’t heard from him since. I’ve only been on a handful of dates on the past couple years, and I don’t get a lot ...

A.   25 March 2020: Hi Op, As an old fashion male myself, I can tell you this much...Self Depreciation is a massive turn off. Truth is...Most men do not care about what you don't like about yourself. We normally go in looking at things for ourselves...But for some... (read in full...)

My girlfriend has never had an orgasm in 4 years!

Q.   I realised my girlfriend has never really had much of an orgasm. She never expects one, and doesn’t really let me do much apart from normal sex until I cum. She is very passionate in making out etc. It’s got to a point I need to make her feel co...

A.   21 October 2019: "She is not kinky or into trying new things." You will be very surprised to find out that she is, but maybe to afraid to express it to you. After all, you have exactly started her fire going right? If you are relying on your penis alone to g... (read in full...)

I'm a grown man and yet my mother controls my life. Help

Q.   My mother hit me, threatened me, and made me break up with my girlfriend after one day. Here's what happened: Throughout my entire life my mother has disapproved of any women that I choose to bring in it. I know now that she is a classic example ...

A.   21 October 2019:  Your mother is doing your job for you. Since you have not man up, or grown up, she feels she has to look after her little boy. You have to show her you are man enough to look after yourself and her. If you have a job, pay rent, do your own lau... (read in full...)

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