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Will my boobs ever stop growing? I go through bras like water!

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Question - (4 September 2008) 6 Answers - (Newest, 4 October 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

i know this sounds like a realy stupid question but will my boobs ever stop growing?! theyre really startin to bother me now, all my friends tell me how amazin they are and how they wish they had bigger boobs and stuff, but it really pisses me off when boys talk to them instead of my face! even my brothers started to do it!! in march i was measured for a new bra and i was a 38B, n i went to primark and bought a load of new bras, ive been going through bras like water and ma mum said to me on tuesday, come on lets go get you a new proper fitted bra, and ive gone up to a 36DD. ive noticed that they just decided to balloon and i dont want um to get any bigger! they already get in the way lol, will they keep goin until im like 18? i dont really wanna end up like a JJ or anything, i do like them as they are, they look really nice in a bra i will admit lol but i dont want them gettin any bigger, will they stop growin now? taaaaa..x

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A reader, anonymous, writes (4 October 2008):

count yourself lucky early last year i was a 30B that was when i was 11 almost 12 now i have just turned 13 and I am a 30D. Your boobs will probably stop growing around age of 19 so don't worry they won't get that much bigger

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (29 September 2008):

hey. X I tottally understand! And every1 is gonna have a stage when there boobs r gonna get bigger. And I know how it feels when ur the first one, and it isn't nice. But hey, the boys like it :D LOL. They will stop soon. X

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A female reader, Lilly Rose United Kingdom +, writes (4 September 2008):

Lilly Rose agony auntWell if your 16-17 they should stop growing soon....but it can also depend on ya weight as when you gain weight/ lose weight boobs change size....I wouldnt worry about it tho your very lucky to have big boobies many people will be jealous....make the most of them as alot of people have to pay thousands for a big pair!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (4 September 2008):

Talk to your mom and see if she will start buy organic milk, rather that what is usually found in most grocers. The growth hormones used on the dairy cattle affect some girls the same way.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (4 September 2008):

You will stop growing.But no one knows when.You have your own time and unfortunately,you can't stop it.Unfortunately,

it's just something you'll have to live with.Those guys are just jerks.Just ignore them.They only care about your body

and not you.Unfortunately,I'm the same size and have the same wish,but I can't stop it.You will stop eventually.I hope I helped in some way.

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A female reader, princessjasmine United States +, writes (4 September 2008):

u sound like me, ive got big ones too..not as big as a 34 big C, i discovered minimizers (jcpenny, macys has them) they dont make them necessarily smaller, but they really look hot in those. u shud b happy uve got boobs, i used to hate mine but now im embracing wat God gave me. Im 22, my boobs always get bigger before a period, but mine got a bit bigger in college, i was a normal C wen i was 18 and they grew...into a D, it cud b food too..i ate more, and u gain in the boob area too, if u lose weight, u lose some boob. Birth control pills really makes them grow too. And ofcourse after pregnancy they will grow. But mine hav gone down just from losing weight, doing chest exercises, toning and firming. It all depends, i think they will stop growing, and maybe even reduce if u work out i guess, it all depends on weight gain /weight loss and if ur taking those bc pills. Other than that, they shudnt grow anymore

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