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Why wont my penis stay hard after penetration? Should I see a doctor?

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Question - (9 April 2008) 5 Answers - (Newest, 7 February 2009)
A male Canada age 26-29, *obbyZ writes:

Okay here is the deal. I am 17 going on 18 pretty soon. I've been in love with my girlfriend for a year or so now. I play basketball and workout. But my problem is when i masturbate and then stop, i can feel it going down more and more after about 3 seconds. It stays hard but nothing close to how it started off with. After about 15 seconds it will go soft. Am I normal or no?

Also when me and my girlfriend are about to have sex. We start off with foreplay and that gets me real hard. And then when we are about to have (unprotected)sex, i get on top and it goes in just fine, then for about 30 more seconds it stays strong, but after that it goes soft. It sucks! What do I do to fix it?

Should I visit the doctor or no?

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A male reader, 80111 United States +, writes (7 February 2009):

im trying to find out the same thing

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (13 May 2008):

Its happening because your masterbating too much, when you do it's a rough,dry hand and alot faster so when your with your girlfriend it's soft, wet and slower and basically not feeling enough friction to keep it hard, so the problem is easy, stop masterbating!.

It's that simple but there is alot of people just like you who dont even think about that but try it, it will work.

And dont look at porn either that hurts more than you know.

Hope that helps and unless your ready in mind, heart and in life to have a baby use a condom!!!

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A male reader, madflash United States +, writes (9 April 2008):

madflash agony auntOh yeah, one more thing. If it truly is a medical condition, which is a rare thing in an 18 year old. Then it could be a low blood pressure issue, or an indication of something rare and pecular. You should see a doctor.

In the short term, before any penil implants or sex change operations are considered, try using a cock-ring. It's a rubber band placed around the base of your erection which they sell in adult book shops and video stores, usually reserved for old geezers like me who can't keep it up or over-sexed porn stars who are really gay but need to make straight porn movies to pay the bills.

Good luck

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A male reader, madflash United States +, writes (9 April 2008):

madflash agony auntWell, you're obviously gay. It's a sure sign. I've read about it...

Nah, just kidding. You're fine, dude. What you're experiencing is most likely all in your head. Any penis gets a little softer after the initial burst of blood gushing in, but most guys don't even notice. I think your fixated on it, and obsessing over it. AND, if you think it's going to get soft it most certainly will, especially if you fear it. Fear kills erections.

So try this. I know it's a strange concept and quite out of the ordinary, but try thinking about your girl and all her goodies while your having sex instead of THINKING ABOUT YOUR OWN PENIS!!!

OH, and before you have sex, try THINKING ABOUT A CONDOM, you moron!!!

Best wishes, and good luck.

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A female reader, sweetheart03 United States +, writes (9 April 2008):

I'm not to sure but I would visit a doctor cause I do know its not suppose to happen but I'm not sure if its bad or if somethings wrong. But yeah it won't hurt to ask a doctor.

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