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Why won't my boyfriend put on facebook that he is in a relationship

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Question - (15 September 2010) 5 Answers - (Newest, 16 September 2010)
A female Tunisia age 22-25, *abriela1993! writes:

My bf friend, put on facebook that he has a relationship with a girl, sooo then why the hell doesnt my bf dooo that. He wont put where in a relationship. And we have been dating for awhile, and we have had sex. Whats wrong with him??

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A male reader, GrimmReality United States +, writes (16 September 2010):

GrimmReality agony auntGabriella...

One reason and one reason only.....

Listing yourself as "In a relationship" limits someones possibilities. because lets face it...everyone is looking to some extent. If he lists himself as committed he mat miss out on some ego stroking or that one girl coming onto him whose page he has been creeping on.

So don't buy that crap....either he is in a relationship with you or he isn't.

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A female reader, tennisstar88 United States +, writes (15 September 2010):

tennisstar88 agony auntNot all guys are avidly addicted to Facebook, sometimes like us women are. Some guys don't like to draw the attention to themselves, people will be commenting asking "who are you with?", "how long?" etc and he could have forgotten to change it. Or maybe he wants to openly talk to other girls on there..even an "in a relationship" status won't stop some girls. I know it matters to some of us, it's just takes a 2 minutes and a few clicks of the mouse. Just outright ask him why he hasn't changed it. Don't accuse him of keeping his options open, just find out his reasoning, and then ask him nicely if he would change his relationship status, because it matters to you.

I once asked a guy I was dating why didn't he change his relationship status and he told me every time he previously changed it, the girl always ended it in a few months. Suppose it was a hassle and rather depressing to keep on changing his status from "in a relationship" to "single".

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A female reader, chigirl Norway + , writes (15 September 2010):

chigirl agony auntNot everyone wants their entire life posted online. Perhaps he enjoys some privacy. On facebook everyone, even people you DONT KNOW can see your information.

I know it is hard when "everyone else" is doing it, and you think something must be wrong with your boyfriend. But nothing is wrong with him or your relationship. Having something on facebook proves nothing!

Then on the other side, if he says he is single it is a little different. But it is possible to not have your relationship information up on facebook at all. If he has it as single, but doesn't want to broadcast your relationship online, he can make that information private and no visible to anyone.

What you and him have together is what matters. He will show you his care in other ways. Don't be bothered by facebook.

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A female reader, person12345 United States +, writes (15 September 2010):

person12345 agony auntIf you've asked him outright to do it and he refuses, that is not a good sign. It may mean he wants people online to think he is single. If he leaves it blank it's not as bad, but if he continues to leave his status as single, you should definitely reconsider the relationship.

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A male reader, dirtball United States +, writes (15 September 2010):

dirtball agony auntHe's a dumb ass. That's all I got. Maybe he doesn't know how. Or maybe he's playing you. What did he say when you talked to him about it? You have talked to him about it right?

If you haven't, then that's what you have to do. I'd make a joke of it at first saying something like, "So, I see you're single huh? So what does that make me?" Then in a more serious tone, "I wish you'd put that we're in a relationship on Facebook. My friends keep telling me you're going to break up with me because you say you're single on there." Even if that's not true, it could be. If he has any good intentions with you, he'll do it. If he doesn't, then he doesn't want your relationship.

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