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Why does vaginal flatulence happen? How can I make my vagina smell nicely?

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Question - (23 May 2009) 5 Answers - (Newest, 16 December 2009)
A female India age 30-35, anonymous writes:

Why does farting sounds come from vagina even not during sex. will these sounds disappoint boys?pls suggest. also tell me how can i make my vagina smell pleasant?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (16 December 2009):

With regards to smell, it happens because we use soap and toilet paper - which is essentially drying the wee on your body ewwww. If you use wet cloth wipes (just bits of fabric) or water and pat dry if you wish, with cloth wipes, and don't use soap in the shower (there really is no need), you won't ever smell. I used to have that 'oh, need a shower' aroma, but haven't since changing my hygiene habits (which is really much cleaner).

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A male reader, Dr. John United States +, writes (24 May 2009):

Dr. John agony auntI would bet you keep yourself in good physical shape don't you.

When you do excercises that will raise your pelvis above your torso you shift everything inside your torso toward your head. This will cause a pulling and stretching of your vagina causing it to draw in air. Then when the time is right the air will exit, sometimes causing embarassing noises. This is just air so their normally will be no foul odor associated with this. If there ever is then you need to see a doctor as this is probably due to some type of infection.

In most cases you can relieve the problem of air expulsion with kegel excercises. If you are un-familiar with these, it is the muscles that you use to control the flow of urine from your bladder and through the urethra.

All you should need to do is excercise these muscles by flexing or squeezing as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Do this about ten times to start and work up from there. One nice thing about these excercises is that you can do them anywhere and at any time and no one will know.

Additionally, believe it or not your vagina will usually do what it needs to do to be healthy. The only thing you need to do is take care of normal regular hygene. Don't run to the bathroom and start excessively washing under the misconception that this will cure an odor problem. In this case you will disrupt the normal bacteria and ph balance causing worse problems.

As far as smelling better, most women are self critics. In many cases where a woman may think she smells bad a guy may smell absolutely nothing offensive. The only time you may need to be concerned is, as I said before, in the case of an infection which will usually present itself with a fishy type of odor. I hope this helps. Doc

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A male reader, DoubleM United States +, writes (24 May 2009):

DoubleM agony auntThe vaginal flatulence sound during intercourse is fairly normal, perhaps especially in certain positions. In my experience, it occurs during doggy style more often. As a man, I have learned to avoid causing it by occasionally changing my angle of penetration. A kind of "grinding" motion may also help silently release the trapped air.

Another reason that I have possibly avoided causing the sounds for more than 40 years with many women is the "angle of penetration" that I've preferred. It is extremely difficult to describe in words, but essentially, I enjoy vaginal penetration at a fairly strong angle. It provides more friction and sensation for both partners, especially if the woman is fairly tight.

I'll try to describe: In missionary position, I lift my body upward and forward, leaning on my arms and pushing up toward the woman's upper body - then plunge into her vagina with pressure toward her clitoris. This is opposed to simple "straight-in penetration." The steeper angle causes her more clitoral stimulation because it pulls down on her labia during the strokes. It results in more sensation to the head (glans) of the penis as it digs against the bottom wall of her vagina. The angle also increases sensation on the shaft. A side benefit may be that the "angle" allows any trapped air to escape silently.

Yet another variation on "angle of penetration" is quite a bit more difficult, but may also benefit the release of any trapped air. The "G-spot" angle forces the glans up toward the woman's G-spot when it works. It is possible in a variation of missionary with the woman spread on the edge of a couch or chair - the man enters from below while on his knees, forcing strongly upward. This may also be accomplished on a bed by placing two or three pillows or cushions under her bottom. The "angles of penetration" are hard to describe, and require experimentation.

The release of trapped air is, or should be, considered somewhat humorous but can be a distraction during intense lovemaking. Do not be embarrassed about it - it just happens, so laugh it off. I know of no reason a vagina would "fart" at other times, however. Perhaps immediately following intercourse, or possibly if you have some strong bacterial imbalance going-on in there, which is also one reason vaginal aroma can become unpleasant.

Regarding vaginal aroma, I know a few hints based on experience with girlfriends and wives. Do not douche (or very rarely) - it causes imbalance, often resulting in yeast infection. Use a pH-neutral soap to keep your vulva tidy, and avoid use of fragrances, oils (especially oily lubricants) or excessive cleansing. Wear airy (light cotton) underwear to keep your private area as dry as possible, and none at all when you can. Avoid taking antibiotics unless medically necessary - these may kill beneficial vaginal bacteria. And following intercourse, try to expel as much sperm as possible by squatting and squeezing. Hope any of this helps. DoubleM

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A female reader, natasia United Kingdom +, writes (23 May 2009):

natasia agony auntSome sort of noise like that is just a noise - there isn't any smell with it. To be honest I don't think it should happen unless during sex (when it happens because air is pushed up into the vagina), but I'm not a medical expert. You could go to your doctor. You certainly don't want to walk around making noises like that if you can help it.

As for making yourself smell nice, you shouldn't need anything apart from always being clean - just washing properly morning and night should be enough. You will have your own scent, which should be irresistible to men, and I don't think you should mask that with artificial perfumes.

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A female reader, peachandberry  +, writes (23 May 2009):

I don't know why too so I'm also looking forward to the answers :) i also have farting sounds from vagina but mine were during intercourse.. its really embarrassing... & i want to know how to stop it. can someone answer our questions? :) & btw, recently i knw a way to make vagina smell pleasant (I read it somewhere, I forgot) it's by rubbing vagina with plain yogurt. I'm not sure about flavor yogurts though (I can only use plain yogurt because of my conditions). Not only it make vagina smell nice, it also make it tasty. Don't use fragrant soap as your vagina maybe allergy to it like mine..

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