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Why did he ignore my text?

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Question - (1 August 2008) 6 Answers - (Newest, 15 August 2008)
A female Czech Republic age 36-40, anonymous writes:

First of all,sorry for my errors,English is not my national language:) I have a big problem.There is a guy who seemed to like me,he smiled at me all the time and stared at me.So I asked him about his phone number.He gave it to me willingly.

After some time I text him,asking "Did you give me your number because you are willing to meet up or because you are just polite:)"?

He answered that it would be nice to meet up and get to know me better.After a few days I text him again,I wanted us to meet up on Saturday,and I also said :"I really can't wait to see you".He didn't respond!Nothing! It has been 3 days since I text him and got nothing back.

Why ? Where did I go wrong? Did he scared of me ? I don't even know if he has a girlfriend.What should I do now ?I feel like an idiot! I screwed up !

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (15 August 2008):

well did you check if something happened to him, maybe he got hurt or had some personal issues or professional issues to tend to. IF thats not the case possibly he isnt interested, but i really dont think the girlfriend thing would be something to stop him from playfully texting back...they talk about stuff like this on

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A female reader, sassymouse United Kingdom +, writes (1 August 2008):

sassymouse agony auntThere could be a rational maybe he was busy on the sat but didnt want to say no/ suggest another day...but dont text again!! Personally I would give it a week, if he still doesnt text you then move on.. you deserve a reply at least :) x

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A male reader, Danielepew Mexico +, writes (1 August 2008):

Danielepew agony auntThis sort of things happens all the time. It doesn't have to be that you blew it. Just don't think too much about that and keep going with your happy life.

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A female reader, LIERIN United States +, writes (1 August 2008):

LIERIN agony auntYou have a flag of Czech Republic .. are you Czech? Cause I AM! ...

It seems to me ..that he most probably did not want to meet up in the first place .. or maybe he did, but because you kept bugging him about it he backed up and he doesnt want to anymore. Guys like to do this on their own .. you should not push them to do it, because than they get scared that you are some psycho bitch and they back up ...

YOu shouldnt do anything. Enjoy your life .. go out ..and if he really wants to meet up, he has your number, and he will call you up. YOU DO NOT CALL HIM AGAIN!!!! ... Give it some time, and if 2 weeks pass by and nothing, than delete his number and moove on .. he is just not that into you :)


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A female reader, geordiegirl22 United Kingdom +, writes (1 August 2008):

geordiegirl22 agony auntHe sounds like an immature little boy!!! I'm suspecting its because you said I cant wait to see you. His loss, your better off without.

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A female reader, Haruka62442 United States +, writes (1 August 2008):

he might not have known what to say in responce, like he might not want to seem too intrested or something. or he could have thought that it was the end of the conversation and did not need to say anything in responce. I would try texting him with definate plans or even calling him so that nothing is confused because its really hard to express emotion well in texts and emails.

good luck, i hope it goes well.

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