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What does it mean when someone calls me 'sweetheart'?

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Question - (9 October 2007) 5 Answers - (Newest, 9 October 2007)
A female United Kingdom age 22-25, anonymous writes:

hi everyone, when somebody calls you sweetheart what does it mean,i was called it today by some boy at school for the first time, i dont even no what the word means, help

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A reader, anonymous, writes (9 October 2007):

@chriskindofnervas: how the heck did you get that she should stay away from him because he's a perv? I think if a boy his age isn't a perv, then there is something not quite right with puberty and growing up.

In other completely unrelated news: GO MAX! [wink]

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A male reader, kenny United Kingdom +, writes (9 October 2007):

kenny agony auntIts kind of a term of endearment, its a terminology alot of guys use with woman. Like when you say hello a guy might say " alright sweetheart " Or Cheers Sweetheart" its just a saying i suppose similar to things like love, babe, darling ect.

Take care x

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A female reader, catalitickstarfish United Kingdom +, writes (9 October 2007):


General i find that sweetheart is used as a term of affection. My best friend is male and he always refers to me as sweetheart.

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A male reader, chriskindofnervas United States +, writes (9 October 2007):

umm i would stay away from him if hes your age he likes you but if you dont know him he could very well be a perv no matter what his age

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A female reader, jodie United Kingdom +, writes (9 October 2007):

jodie agony auntits just like been called duck or hunney or darling ect ........... duz the boy like u tho???????

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