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We watched sister & boyfriend having sex!

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Question - (24 April 2009) 7 Answers - (Newest, 27 April 2009)
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

last week my girlfriend and i returned home after a night of heavy drinking to walk in on my sister and her husband having sex in the living room ( i live with my sister).

because of the awkwardness my girlfriend made a little joke about joining in, they didnt seem phased by this and they seemed really up for it. to cut a long story short my girlfirend joined in and i ended up watching. and found myself embarrassed but turned on (as it was my sister).

there has been some avoidance from my sister since this happened. regret or embarrasment, i don't knowl?! last night i was talking to my sisters husband in the kitchen and he asked me if i thought my gf would be up to doing it again. the question made me feel a bit uncomfortable, and said i'd ask her.

the only problem is i don't think my girlfriend remembers as she was extremely drunk and seems her usual happy self.

if my gf is up to doing it again, should i join in?

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A female reader, flowerpotkid United Kingdom +, writes (27 April 2009):

i don't think u should ask your girlfriend if she's up for it but u could always have sex with her?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (25 April 2009):

No i think not because she is your sister and that is weird, and since she has been ignoring you since then , she probably is freaked out that you were watching!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (24 April 2009):

Well i wouldn't go as far as saying you should feel ashamed you shouldn't at all. Because it you think about it ... like twins for example having a threesome .. their sister's right? but... at the same time if that were me having sex with my boyfriend and i just so happen to tell my brother's gf in .... i don't think i would want you in there too lol .. i mean my boyfriend would be able to get freaky with both of us girls you if joined in would be able to only touch your girlfriend.. so it would even more werid.. it would have been different if it were your brother and you guys were having a taboo thing with some girl.. but in this case.. (and since it's already awarkward) don't ! find some other people to do that again with were you could enjoy if you really want to!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (24 April 2009):

Listen friend, this very obviously makes you uncomfortable.

I think you should talk to your girlfriend first, because that will help draw more clear boundaries about your feelings in this situation. Ask her if she remembers it and if not, explain it to her, and then explain how it makes you feel. See if she is up to again.

If she is, then it's your call...but everything about your words say that you aren't comfortable with this. Forget the taboo...just make sure that you will make the choice that will help you sleep at night, ok?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (24 April 2009):

A little confused here I thought the anon was asking agony aunts for advice but is now being told to do what the anon thinks is right and not ask other people, what?

Yes to the anon it would not be right to join in with your sister but it is ok for your girlfiend if it is ok with you as she is not a relative. Just be careful though as your sisters husband asked you permission this time lets hope he does not go behind your back and ask her and it happen without your knowledge.

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A female reader, kellyxxx United Kingdom +, writes (24 April 2009):

kellyxxx agony auntNo! Its your sister! Its freaky even thinking of it! And why are you letting your girlfriend join in? Do you not care for her! This whole thing is sick and you should be ashamed of yourself for even watching! ....ITS YOUR SISTER! X

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A female reader, Emilysanswers United Kingdom +, writes (24 April 2009):

Well it's up to you!

As long as you aren't planning on having sex with your sister then do what you want.

Good Luck!! xx

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