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Second time around and there are issues

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Question - (25 November 2014) 1 Answers - (Newest, 26 November 2014)
A female United Kingdom age 51-59, anonymous writes:

I re married my first husband. The marriage broke down first time after over 20 years, he was a workaholic and picked up a prostitute one night which was the straw that broke the camels back. He thinks I have cheated in the past but I never, its along story but I was being bullied and sort of blackmailed. Anyway the marriage ended. We remarried 2 years ago after a 10 year gap. I think I loved him too much in the past. Now although I care I am no longer inlove with him. He is 60 now and is turning into a moaner. He always thinks he is right and if I question him on anything he blows up. We have only had sex 4 times since we remarried (first time marriage sex was very good). He is so changeable I cant cope. He says he would do anything for me but doesn't follow that through. I retired a few years ago and am not high maintenance. I recently came into some money which we are now living on. He retired early because of this inheritance. All the money I had from the sale of my property when we remarried went into the house we are living in now. I cant talk to him about anything because he has a single minded view on most things. I don't know what to do.

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A female reader, NORA B Ireland +, writes (26 November 2014):

I can understand where you are coming from and you are in avery difficuly situation as to what to do.Sometimes second time round does not workbecause the magic is gone and maybe the space of 10 years was to much to overcome.Because after all in those yeard people would change and it looks like in your husbands case-he has turned into a moaner.There is also the matter of trust from the first time and that was difficult to deal with.Its sad thst you are no longer in-love with him,because that is the key for making things work.However would you consider having a chat with your husband about you both going to a counsellor and talking things out.Would you consider its worth a try if you still want to stay in the marraige.That is your choice.Kind regards .NORA B.

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