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Older online woman who I'm falling for big time!

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Question - (31 March 2006) 5 Answers - (Newest, 14 April 2006)
A male , anonymous writes:

hi, im 16 and met a 27 year old girl on the net i want to meet her but she wants to wait.

we get on well and really like each other.

we clicked the first time we spoke.

we live far apart so that causes some problem like.

i think im falling in love with her what should i do.


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A female reader, Phoebe Halliwell United Kingdom +, writes (14 April 2006):

Phoebe Halliwell agony auntDear James,

11 years is quite a considerable Gap. Does she know how old you are? I think it's best if you tell her how old you are and tell her how much you like her but like all the other agony aunts here, it's better to find someone your own age.

find Your Happiness -

Phoebe xxx

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A female reader, smeedle United Kingdom +, writes (1 April 2006):

smeedle agony auntGet out more, that is what you should do, the internet is great for chatting etc but you need a real relationship with someone who lives by you and who is nearer your own age and into the same stuff that you are.

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A male reader, zhyid +, writes (31 March 2006):

HI, well i agree with both responses, i mean 11 year difference is a lot, i agree with her not to meet you because she'll think too differently than you.You'd rather be fiends than think of falling for someone 11 year older (i mean being 16 and her 27).

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A female reader, BluntBabe +, writes (31 March 2006):

This is a grown woman you're talking about. Don't you think that normal grown women would be more attracted to men who lived on their own, men who already know how to operate as adults? If she isn't, that means she's NOT NORMAL. If she feels like she can't find a man her own age and has to go for boys, she's NOT NORMAL.

Listen, I'm not trying to belittle you. I too was once sixteen, and I'm very intelligent and I was back then as well. I didn't think there was too much of a difference between a 16 year-old and an adult. However, now that I'm 23, I realize I'm a world away from the person I was then. Going through college, and living on your own gives you a sense of the world that you could never even have imagined. An eleven year age difference doesn't mean too much when the people in question are 41 and 30, but when they're 27 and 16, it means EVERYTHING (just like, you wouldn't really want to get romantically involved with a 5 year old, would you?) There's no excuse for a twenty-seven year old to find a sixteen year-old to be good company, unless she is mentally retarded or has some sort of mothering complex.

I think she is right to not want to meet. And you should take her up on that, and also tell her to get some help.

Good luck,


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A male reader, anonymous, writes (31 March 2006):

Honestly, you should drop this relationship. Especially if you think that you're falling in love with her, don't even consider meeting this woman. Instead, spend your time developing relationships with others closer to you in age.

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