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My ex told them we had sex, but I haven't

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Question - (27 December 2006) 3 Answers - (Newest, 30 December 2006)
A female age 26-29, anonymous writes:

all my freinds think i've had sex, even my guy freinds, cause thats what my ex told them. Now the guy i really like has asked me out but he thinks i've doen it and keeps saying things towards us having sex. I know that i'd wait a long time to do it but how do i tell him that i Haven't?

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A female reader, lena +, writes (30 December 2006):

lena agony auntdon't do anything your not ready to do! as for the stupid ex that told everyone you had sex well he's very immature. tell everyone you haven't had sex yet and you wouldn't with that other guy because he wasn't good enough for you then you have the last laugh because they all think he is the bad one. if you don't want to be a bit nasty though you can just stand up and say you didn't do anything with him because you are waiting for the right guy to come along and take your virginity. as for the guy who wants to have sex with you tell him you want to wait a bit longer to get to know him more an love him more and then you will be ready. if he finishes with you then you know all he wanted you for is sex, but he has to respect you and your desicions and if he agrees he is a good boyfriend.

* hugs * xxxx

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A female reader, XxXLoveAngelXxX +, writes (29 December 2006):

XxXLoveAngelXxX agony auntAbigails right, you need to stand up and tell everyone that you haven't. As for this guy, it looks to me like he's just using you, so i wouldn't take that any further either. You shouldn't be ashamed that your a virgin, because its so much better if you wait and do it with someone you can trust.

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A female reader, Abigail.s +, writes (28 December 2006):

Abigail.s agony auntJust be straight with him, clearly state that you have not. As for your friends, if you tell them you have not done it then they should belive you when you say it. If they dont then they are not your true friends. As long as you know you have not had sex then it dont matter what everone else thinks. Let them belive what they want to and if they dont want to belive the truth then let them think that and leave them to it!

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