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My boyfriend doesn't seem to want to be intimate anymore!

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Question - (9 September 2008) 3 Answers - (Newest, 9 September 2008)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, *onderinggirl writes:

Ok story goes like this..

I been with my boyfriend for about 15 months.

At first he put me on a pedestal, he called me "His earth angel" sex was fun, loving was fun, and the care and respect i got from him was beautiful.

However this last month or so, we bicker over stupid things.

but we get through...

But my problem is daily several times a day he tells me he loves me and i do think he does. But then it comes to bedtime or what we used to call our time, and he just rolls over and goes to sleep, i tried initiating love play, i try to be interesting in the sexual part of our lives, but even if i do things he just snores :l im beginning to wonder if he dont really love me anymore, if i talk about it or ask why we dont have our loving times together anymore the reply i get is "i love you" and he dont talk about it.

Am i doing something wrong?

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A female reader, sophie1956 United Kingdom +, writes (9 September 2008):

Hey. Your situation sounds a bit like mine my boyfriend is so sweet and affectionate, but sometimes he can act off with me and not want sex and just roll over and go to sleep. But we talk about it if it gets bad and usually one of us has something on our mind , sometimes he gets upset if he thinks i have something on my mind which i'm not telling him about.

Try making little gestures , like cooking him something or doing something you know he'll like. He'll apprechiate the effort and hopefully open up to you. But i reckon that if all fails , seriously sit him down and try and drag answers out of him. He can't ignore you if you're upset about it and demanding for him to talk to you.

Good luck :) x

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A male reader, yoyoyodudeshi United States +, writes (9 September 2008):

you not wrong, he is wrong. maybe hes gay. get rid of him, and choose someone that loves you. its not like your 90 years old!

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A female reader, wonderinggirl United Kingdom +, writes (9 September 2008):

wonderinggirl is verified as being by the original poster of the question

I have reassured him several times, i ask if anything bothering him, he replies " no sweety im fine" then like say few days later i ask again and he says "im fine stop keep asking"

Im just so confused, each day i begin and i think right today i try this, i be happy and fun and then still same roll over and sleep.

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