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Licking a penis!

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Question - (3 March 2009) 6 Answers - (Newest, 7 October 2010)
A female United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

Ok, So I'm 15 and a virgin. What can you get from licking a penis? It's a really stupid question I know.. but I want to know. Is it dangerous? Can you get an STD?

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A female reader, [email address blocked] United Kingdom +, writes (7 October 2010):

when i was 15 i was scared of licking a penis and getting STD but it not dangerous but go to the doctor with your boyfriend and get him check out before having oral sex be safe and use floroued condoms

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A female reader, birdynumnums Canada +, writes (3 March 2009):

birdynumnums agony auntYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you are older and know all about how to protect yourself in all sexual situations, then follow your heart and your conscience. At 15, you shouldn't feel any pressure to "please" a guy just because you have heard about it.

AND Always use condoms and dental dams for oral sex! If people lie about the number of partners that they have had, then they can also lie about when they have been tested. The highest increase in recent years in STI's is in young people, and sometimes trusting someone else with your own future health is the WRONG choice.

THE VERY HARD TRUTH IS THAT Sexual Diseases can affect your future ability to have kids!

My favorite movie line is from "Clueless". The lead actress is asked if she would date high school boys and she replies:

"AS IF!!! I'm fussy about the shoes that I wear - and they only go on My Feet!!!

ALWAYS remember, these are YOUR choices, and every choice that you make about your own body, once it's done - it's done - and it has consequences! You can't take back your virginity, "erase" a pregnancy (emotionally, you will know...) or get rid of herpes.

My rule of thumb was always "Can I picture this guy as my husband and the father of my children?" which can lead to a lot of sober self reflection.

One final thought... Always question and consider that; in fact, NOT "Everyone Else Is Doing It/This". The fact IS that your own personal choices should never be influenced by people who are trying to convince you to either follow them as sheep in order to back up their own poor choices. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow, little one...


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A male reader, kllgunner United States +, writes (3 March 2009):

kllgunner agony auntno its not dangerous my gf gives me it all the time but if there is any chance of getting and std have him go to the doctor before u do anything have fun be safe and use a condom.

-madly in love

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A female reader, jessica04 United States +, writes (3 March 2009):

jessica04 agony auntYes, you can get anything that can be passed from skin to skin contact, and in extreme cases, you could even get HIV/ AIDS from the seminal fluids being in your mouth.

Have him wear a condom. Have fun trying out some flavored ones. I know you're young, but when you become sexually active, it is a good idea to get tested. This may not seem possible for you, but you can go to any planned parenthood clinic in your area and they can help you find clinics, or do the testing on their premises.

And please, never trust that just because a guy is a virgin that he can't have an STD, he totally can. If he does or did intravenous drugs, if he got a bad blood transfusion... yes these are extreme cases, but just be careful.

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A female reader, andre93 United States +, writes (3 March 2009):

Yes you can, since the peni's fluids may have the virus and if you swallow it, it would get inside your sistem

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A female reader, bobbles32 Canada +, writes (3 March 2009):

bobbles32 agony auntIt's not dangerous though you can get STIs by performing oral sex. You can get herpes around your mouth.

If you suspect the guy has an STI then you should get flavored condoms and give him oral that way.

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