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Its all over and I wish I could erase the memories we shared!!

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Question - (30 April 2006) 4 Answers - (Newest, 1 May 2006)
A male , anonymous writes:

I've been in a long distance realtionship for two years with my girlfriend who has a five year old son. I found out from someone that my girlfriend was pregnant for someone else where she works and she was at least 4 months. She never told me. I don't know if she was scared or what or just felt guilty. Its obviously over. This will be her second child with two different fathers. How do I get over this? I genuinely loved her. I wish I could erase the memories we shared.

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A female reader, lani +, writes (1 May 2006):

hi we can never erase the memories of the past only move on from them you say ur in lv with this girl yet u want 2 split what she done is bad but 2 become pregnant 4 her is worse if she trully lvd u she will have 2 live with the concequences .living so far apart only seeing each other 4 a short time she might have been lonley im not saying what she done is ok far from that i think shes been in denial with the baby if she does not think about it it'll go away we are all human and do things we regret if its been a stupid drunken mistake then she is paying 4 her mistake but ask ur self deep down could you 4 give her do u lv her enough 2 stand by her never mind what any 1 else thinks or says its ur life think long and hard as we all make mistakes as we go through life shes choose 2 pay 4 hers she could have made it easier with an abortion she did'nt +there are lots of men+woman out there with kids 2 different partners so dont worry .

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A female reader, Angel ron +, writes (1 May 2006):

Angel ron agony auntin theory sounds easy but very hard to do. Do not worry you will eventually forget about the memeories when you meet someone else. but really only you can do it is in your mind.

start dating again and find yourts elf another woman

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (1 May 2006):

when you love someone genuinely, i guess you just have to be forgiving and accept her for what she is. but being guinely inlove doesnt mean you have to be unwise. change your mind about her. you'll soon find your heart will be changed likewise. God bless you!

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A female reader, Phoebe Halliwell United Kingdom +, writes (30 April 2006):

Phoebe Halliwell agony auntDear Reader and Friend in Need, there is no easy answer to this one I'm afraid. It's a hard and rough road forgetting about someone and erasing them from your life and heart. Have you told your girlfriend it was over? Or did she tell you? Have you ever stopped to consider that she may have been forced into doing it and felt so guilty and ashamed she didn't want to risk loosing you. Maybe she thought that you would be hurt by her doing it and break up with her. If you genuinly love her you'll stand by her. Has she explained to you what happened? Have you talked to her about it? Told her that you're worried and ask her why she didn't tell you before? You can't just tell someone it's over and not give them a clear and honest reason why. My boyfriend split up with me without telling me why and I thought I had done something wrong. You've got to tell her why and tell her not to blame herself, it could be bad for the baby that she's carrying. If she was four months gone would you not have noticed by now? Talk to her, she must have a good reason, if she didn't care for you, she would have ended it herself by now.

Good Luck, All The Best and Blessed Be,



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