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Is my semen safe enough for my wife to consume?

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Question - (16 August 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 16 August 2009)
A male India age 36-40, *hanu writes:

Am married man. My wife has fetish for oral sex.. she loves all time to sawllow my semen atleast 3-4 times in a week. as she like the taste and smell.. she often applies to her face and she believes its gives wonderful results on skind.

what i worried is, consuming semen is safe enough.. as she having since from past 2 years..

as am healthy and never had sex or will have sex than with my wife. so no change of STD and all those.

second question is. from her vagina, there comes kind of white cream a lot sometimes. usually when she aroused. is it safe enough. and can i take it to my mouth when i do oral sex. as i know even she is healthy and loyal to me.

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A female reader, haley92 United States +, writes (16 August 2009):

semen is perfectly healthy i looked it up and found that there are essential vitamins in it! its very nutricious so your wife is very safe! this is going to sound gross but i had a small scar on my chest and i put semen on it and i have no scar now!. semen is very good for the skin because of the wonderful things it contains. be sure to remind your wife to wash her skin off though!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (16 August 2009):

Everything seems safe enough. There is a common wart virus out there linked to cervical smears. It is as common as catching the flu. You sound like you don't have this, or your partner, but if one did, the virus can in a few cases go to the throat. There can then be complications, leading to the need of a specialist. With her, if the discharge is not coloured or smelly you will be fine.

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A female reader, EbonyBlossom United Kingdom +, writes (16 August 2009):

EbonyBlossom agony auntAs long as neither of you have any STDs or are on drugs then it should be harmless =]

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A male reader, RAINORFIRE United States +, writes (16 August 2009):

RAINORFIRE agony auntwow yeah its safe dude its just salts and proteins, probably has alot of nutritional value not that i would eat any but ive heard people eat horse semen and camel in some cultures. semen creates life it defiantly wont hurt her if your healthy.

I have heard rumors that its good for your skin like oil of olay but i cant confirm .I didnt kno semen had a smell but its never been all over my face and never will.

If theres white stuff coming out of her vagina i recomend the sniff test if it smells bad dont eat it. Theres all kinds of things that come out of that magical hole some are sweet some are neat some dont eat.

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