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Is it wrong to date my step cousin?

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Question - (7 September 2007) 6 Answers - (Newest, 2 March 2013)
A male United States age 30-35, *eboy3 writes:

is it wrong for me to date my step-cousin? i have this step cousin of mine that i have had strong deep feeling for and chasing after for more than a year and an a half. the good thing is that she knows about and confronted me about. what she say was it felt weird bec she sees me like a cousin when were not related. so when she said that i gave her a choice of if it was ok with her or if it was not then i would let it go but it was ok with her. after the chat we hugged and kissed.(but on the cheeks)now im asking myself what would my family(blood family) say and what/how would myreally cousins would? so please people give me advice and what you think i should do!!! thanks

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A male reader, s3mtek United Kingdom +, writes (2 March 2013):

not at all.

i'm engaged to my step cousin.

i always got on with her really well.

now we are together i have never felt so loved before.

do it mate. will be the best decision you will ever made.

it was for me and was for her.

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A female reader, ShannonKinsz United Kingdom +, writes (1 November 2009):

Hey, im in the sorta same situation as you are in!

My Uncle is engaged to this lovely woman, with a gorgeous son, and me and him have got very, very, VERY close, and we have both talked about our feelings, and we both want to take 'us' further, but we are scared of what are famialys are going to think about it!

Personally, i dont think there is nothing wrong with it, because we are not blood relation!

i recon you shud just sit down and have a long HONEST chat, and dont hide anything, then maybe go out for the day just the both of you, and see how it goes!

hope i sorta helped?

i helped myself!! lol :)

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A male reader, Uncle Trev United Kingdom +, writes (7 September 2007):

I don't know the rules in the states for marrying cousins, but I know here it is entirely legal for first cousins to marry.

With a step cousin there is most likely no bloodlink whatsoever so I cannot imagine in any country where this could be made illegal in any way.

Here it is possible for step brothers and step sisters to marry as well as it is just not considered to be wrong. It is only when there is a blood link in siblings when the law and moral ground so to say goes into that foggy grey area.

I would try going out with her as good platonic friends and if anything else develops then just let it. I wouldn't worry what members of the family would have to say - after all the couple that got together that created this step cousin for you in the first place did not form their relationship against your dissaproval and if you had of voiced your dissaproval then I doubt if the couple concerned would have shown you any concern whatsoever - so now this situation has arisen what right have they got to intervene in this situation.

If they disaprove of this relationship you potentially have with your step cousin it rather says a lot more about their bigoted ways than it says anything about you or your potential girlfriend in any negative way.

I hope this has helped -

I say go for it and enjoy yourself.


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A female reader, auntie donna United Kingdom +, writes (7 September 2007):

auntie donna agony auntAt the end of the day, you are only step cousins, so it's legal and if you love eachother then you shouldn't care what everyone else thinks. But you said, she said she thinks of you as a cousin!! Which could mean she wants you as a cousin and no more. Basically you need to sit down with her and decide what you are going to do, as this is a decision she needs to be involved in making. Good luck to both of you and let me know what you decide

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A female reader, mnhsgurl United States +, writes (7 September 2007):

If it is a step cousin I do not see an issue

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A female reader, sexi South Africa +, writes (7 September 2007):

sexi agony auntHi

How is this girl your step cousin?

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