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Is 160 pounds a healthy weight for my height?

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Question - (10 July 2010) 5 Answers - (Newest, 23 July 2010)
A female United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

Im 16 and i weigh 205 im around 5"7 ish and i want to be around 160 lbs i dont want to be super skinny so is that a good weight? Im not asking for any dieting or exercising help cause i have that part handled..... I also have a big lower back hump which makes me so mad any suggestions on how to get rid of it is greatly appreciated

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (23 July 2010):

Im the writer of this question and i would like to thank you guys so very much for answering my question and i am not doing it to get male attention i just wanted to feel a lil more comfortable with my body i am currently 199 just checked so i have things moving in the right direction

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A male reader, baddogbj China +, writes (11 July 2010):

baddogbj agony auntCongratulations on making progress with your weight. It isn't easy so you should be proud of yourself for getting things moving in the right direction.

As a guy I'd say aim lower. Say 140. 160 is still a little heavy for 5'7. At 5'7 you don't start to get "too skinny" until around 110.

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A male reader, Odds United States +, writes (11 July 2010):

Odds agony auntDepends on what you are going for. 160 is still a little too much. Between 140 and 150 is healthy, so if you're losing the weight simply for health, more power to you. If you're trying to get more male attention, the bar will be higher (er... lower?) Most guys would probably prefer your weight between 120 and 130 at your height - a little skinny, really. It's up to you to decide your priorities.

In high school and college, I and many other male friends of mine had to lose a lot of weight for the wrestling team, so I sympathize with just how much effort even a five-pound difference really is.

To lose the weight, the first thing you have to do is change your diet. At 205 pounds, it will be difficult for you to start excercising right away without injuring yourself. So instead, make sure you front-load your meals per day - eat a larger breakfast, including as much of your daily vitamin requirement as possible, lots of protein, and very few carbs. A mid-sized lunch and a small dinner should follow.

You can have a small amount of sugar in the mid afternoon - half a candy bar or a few Hershey kisses work well. This will keep you blood sugar up and reduce your appetite. Try to stay active throughout the day, and if it's feasible to do so, walk anywhere you have to go.

Once you've lost some to start with, you should start jogging twice a day, and climbing stairs.

Of course, much more comprehensive and individualized advice can be obtained by professional trainers, but if you cannot afford one, this is a good start.

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (11 July 2010):

Honeypie agony auntIt kind of depends on your build as well, at 16 and 5 foot 7 - I would actually aim for 145-150 lbs.

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A female reader, LLindy87 United States +, writes (11 July 2010):

LLindy87 agony auntI went on google and typed it 'bmi calculator" and typed in 5'7 for your height and 160 for your weight.

the results was that was borderline healthy weight and overweight.

I'd aim for 155 or 150. I know five pounds is a silly difference,but that is what the bmi calculator said. lol

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