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In love with an ex from 20 years ago!

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Question - (14 April 2010) 3 Answers - (Newest, 15 April 2010)
A female United States age 41-50, anonymous writes:

I think I'm going crazy.... I am madly in love with my ex from 20 years ago. Did I mention we are both married with children? This has been going on for over a year now and it's not getting any easier. I can not stop thinking about him. Know one has every made me feel this way! We have such a connection, that I didn't even know I was missing until we got intimate. I daze off all day long and think about him in ways to inappropriate to wright! ;) I feel like a drug addict! I think if I see him it will make it better and get me through to the next time we meet, but it just gets worse! A year later and I still loose my breath when he kisses me! We talk on the phone everyday for about an hour. In the beginning, I thought this would be fun, but now every time I see him, it gets harder and harder to walk away. We both know it's wrong, but are not willing to give each other up.... I don't know what to do. The thought of loosing him drives my insane... how can it hurt some much when he isn't and never really was mine? Help!

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A female reader, YouWish United States + , writes (15 April 2010):

YouWish agony auntYour ex represents a carefree younger time in your life. It's not fair to your respective spouses to carry on an affair behind their backs.

Put the effort into your marriage.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (14 April 2010):

awe!!! thats so cute. just tell him how you honestly feel and maybe things will work out. even though your married theres always divorce. i feel the same way tho, im in love with someone and i feel like my hearts gonna pop out of my chest just thinking about him and i feel like its being ripped out. i am so in love but everyone gives terrible advice. ahh!!!!!!! anyways, i hope all goes well.

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A male reader, CaringGuy United Kingdom +, writes (14 April 2010):

This affair is based on nothing but excitement. When it ends up in the open (and it will), he will just go back to his wife and you'll end up busted with your husband and kids hating you. So it's crunch time. Make a decision. Either leave your husband for this man and hope he does the same for you. Or end the affair. And think carefully. Because at some point this will come out, and you'll really lose big time. AS far as I can see, this affair is based on nothing other than excitement. If you were in love, you would both leave your partners so they could find someone else.

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