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I want to sleep with my aunt

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Question - (20 May 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 24 September 2009)
A male United Kingdom age 22-25, anonymous writes:

okay i think im weird.i'll explain.

I have an antie she's 17 im 16 ( long story)

anyway, i think she's fit

and i get turned on by her

I stayed at hers whilst she wa on holiday and in her room, i found loads of dirty bra's and knickers and well, ( what i did i am not proud of, and i dont know whhy i did it ) i started sniffing the knickers and i could smell her juices in them , i got so horny, i wanked over them. I always found aload of comdoms and lub, i think i might have stumbled across i sex toy, but i knew that would push me over the edge, i found some of her sexy lingera, and that turned me on, looking at her bra's turned me on, i dunno why, i am obvs some kind of freak that wants to sleep with his antie, i know its wrong, but what should i do

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A reader, anonymous, writes (24 September 2009):

don't worry about it, if something happens it happens. I'm 34 and my Aunt is 54. We started dating about 3 years ago. I already have my own kids and so does She. I got a divorce and have custody of my Kids and Hers are grown and moved out. We live together in a nice house and She is the Mother to my kids as far as I'm concerned. She is on the pill, We have talked about it and really would of liked to have a kid but our senses take over. If you love Her go for it

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A male reader, steaknife United States +, writes (28 May 2009):

I would mostly agree with the second poster. With how the hormones are going at 16 I can't really blame you, since you say you have an attractive aunt. I was 16 not that long ago actually and I had a cousin that I thought was attractive, still kind of do. but i have no interest in proceeding further with it.

Best advice I can give you is to find a hobby and stick with it for awhile. the hobby is intended to keep your mind off of her. your feelings will pass, or they'll go down to a manageable state where you can hold them at bay.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (21 May 2009):

you are not a freak.... you are 16 and horny... shes 17 and hot.. that does not take a genius to figure that one out... wank off all you want... you just cant touch!... Now if you said she was 86 and you were 17... (thats just gross) its ok and your just attracted to her body and sometimes its hard to seperate... the best way to chill it out is to stay away... and find a hot chick to be with... that way your not thinking of her.

good luck

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