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I want to encourage my wife to have more sex!

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Question - (13 December 2009) 4 Answers - (Newest, 13 December 2009)
A male India age 36-40, *oolAndCoolest writes:

i am very interested in sex, talking about sex, trying different things .... my wife too enjoys it a lot. but not always. she gets into mood only once in a while.

actually there were occasions where she was over powering me, this happens only some times. i would like to have her like that always. i feel a moral support is required for her. what way i can guide her to be a regular sex woman. i dont mean to have sex 24/7 but i want her to be more active than once in a while.

i see that when we plan for trips and all she is super excited.

she is a free thinking woman. she and my younger brother had some relations with my consent. she narrated it with great happiness.

i would like to get advices from people about how to encourage my wife to extra....

we are in deep love... i think she loves me more than i love her.

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A male reader, CoolAndCoolest India +, writes (13 December 2009):

CoolAndCoolest is verified as being by the original poster of the question

absolute thanks for all. relatively the best suggestion i feel is from "Angzw". this give some ways to think.

between, she did not have complete sex with my younger brother. they used to play around. kind of much more than flirting. they used to sleep together when i am gone for work. he does not know i am aware of it. she was asking for some change. and kind of when i asked more details she revealed that she was interested in my brother. she told that she does not want to have penetration and i told her to proceed. it was helpful to us as a foreplay. my bro was curious about sex. he was pretending to be innocent and hugging her and playing with her. then she asked him what he is doing and then he became in trouble. later she allowed him to touch and feel her body. this used to happen for a long time. during those days it was all very good.

she used to tell that my brother used to squeeze her breast better than me. she used to be that open.

but after some times her enthusiasm has gone and now a days she does not want any thing like that and she is even not interested in active sex with me.

value your advice and suggestions. appreciate "Angzw", especially, for not be judgemental and to be suppportive

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A female reader, beentheretoo United States +, writes (13 December 2009):

Sounds like issues to me. I would have just said talk to her and maybe try having her take an L-arginine amino acid supplement (great for sex drive, male or female) but then when you said you consented to her sleeping with your younger brother and she loved it. Sounds like she likes sex just fine just isn't attracted to you.

And why was it important to you to say you are sure she loves you more than you love her. Kind of creepy to be happy about that.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (13 December 2009):

Why don't you ask your brother? After all, you say he had sex with your wife, so maybe he can give you some tips.

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A female reader, Angzw Zimbabwe +, writes (13 December 2009):

Have you tried telling her that you want more?! If you are open enough to let her sleep with your brother then surely you should be able to just say what you want. The key is to say it with love and sexiness, not in an ugly demanding way. If you always start by hugging and kissing and massaging her, a woman can probably have sex every night. If you also give her good oral sex she will definitely be more keen. Maybe she is tired as well from all the housekeeping/kids? So even if it goes against your nature/culture, help her in the evenings which is a major foreplay for women to see their man trying to help clear the dishes and get the family ready for bed. If you are one of those guys who just do it without first making sure she is ready then she won't increase her sexual appetite. Another way is to agree which days you are going to do it. It sounds unsexy but it works. This method has kept Japan overpopulated for years. Agree for example that our "love days" are Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sun. Then when that day comes everyone knows what the deal is.

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