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How to make a player fall in love with you?

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Question - (18 February 2009) 8 Answers - (Newest, 18 February 2013)
A female United States age 22-25, anonymous writes:

How to make a player fall in love with you. I don't like to play games but I deserve a really cute guy I'm cute and the cute guys are always players. So how to I get myself one?

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A female reader, codyjanel United States +, writes (18 February 2013):

codyjanel agony auntDon't play the game. Be you and look out for yourself.. only yourself.

I bartend on weekends for fun $$ and I'm an expert with the "players" or what we call...D_____bags. Trust me, you don't want one. They are "players" because they are very insecure with themselves and a man who can do the dirty to multiple girls at the same time has issues... mentally and most likely physically.

Your best bet is to be confident and give him the cold shoulder. I'm not saying be a cold witch with a b but when he thinks he can't have you, that's when he will want you. It will drive him crazy and soon enough he will be investing all of his spare time on you.

Now whether you want to pursue him and take that chance to see if it was you he was crazy about or the game, that, dear, is up to you.

I personally am in the situation as we speak. Will I ever pursue him? No, definitely not. I don't have the time or tolerance for games, but it's fun having them chase after you. :)

If you do decide to pursue him... the game is NOT over. He won a date with you, which brings back the "player" ego. Please whatever you do... Just be yourself. If he doesn't like it then throw him to all of the desperate girls out there. There's plenty. If a guy, no matter who he is, doesn't like you for you, then you are way better off without him.

I don't know if this is the advice you seek but I just want you to know that it rarely turns out great. I know from personal experience. Being very attractive is not easy, it brings players and judgmental people.

No matter what you look like, you are gorgeous in your own way and the guy that uses that term to describe you is the good one. Just be patient and find a man, not a boy, who can be happy with one beautiful girl, not 15 tramps. Don't you dare seek anything less. ;)

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A female reader, Lauren447 Canada +, writes (29 November 2010):

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love. Listens but doesn't believe. And leaves before she is left."

- Marilyn Monroe

Okay lets cut the bullshit. If you want to get the attention of a so called "player" you need play his game, peak his interests and ultimately break his heart. Players are used to having women being thrown to them and being praised for simply being them. Take a different approach. Give him no attention and well reject him. He will automatically take great interest as you. You also got to use his interest of sex as a way to play with his emotions. Keep a strong eye contact and imply intimacy. Then once you relieve that sexual tension, keep things very nonchalant. Act as if you've had better or your done with him and ready to move on to the next one. He will interested in you even more and soon enough be obsessed. When you finally have him the palm of your hand, go ahead and we vulenerable. Trust me my boyfriend of 2 years was a player and I was able to play him at his game and as a result make him fall in love with me.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (20 February 2009):

I am recently dating what you Call a 'player'. When we first got together he considered himself a pimp until i got with him.thefirst two monthes was hectic but i finally had to tell 4 of his 'hoes'to get lost.they did not listen until he finally realized i really liked hhim. SOME players have hoes and a girlfriend, hoes are just there to listen to there every command and well their girl is for showing off and loving. it will take awhile to get them where you want them then you have to keep a steady check up. trust me its hard and you have to REALLY REALLY like them. normally players arent used to girls dumpin them so if you hook up show him you dont play games and Do not believe rumors even if they are true. Tell him your dont believe stupid crap like that. and if he was doin somethin all he has to do is tell you. if you text or call him all the time and he doesnt text or call back wait for him to call you.

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A male reader, anoms United Kingdom +, writes (18 February 2009):

anoms agony auntCerberus knows what he's talking about, if you made a player fall in love with you then he is not ensactly a player is he? well if he was then he isnt anymore and probably never a real player in the first place, and the other point il make is that you would soon loose the attraction that originaly drawn you to the player, so what im saying is the whole notion is backwards, it doesnt/can't work in this way. you have stated your attraction to players thinking there steriotypically cute but thats just not the case, you most likely do not notice the cute guys that are't players. take me for example, every girl i meet thinks im a player at first glance, they soon get to know me as being down to earth and humble and 50% will just turn there heads and look the other way, the attraction to players is simply the feeling women get when they've fallen for a guy they think is out of there grasp/league nothing more, gudluk.

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A female reader, xlipgloss06x United Kingdom +, writes (18 February 2009):

xlipgloss06x agony auntyou can't really get one just like that. and you cant get somebody to fall in love with you that quick either. if i was you i wouldn't go down that route all they want is sex. and thats not good thing they will use you, and then move on to the next one..


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A reader, anonymous, writes (18 February 2009):

You can't make a player fall in love you, that's how you'll get hurt, and no, not all cute guys are players. Maybe you're just attracted to players no matter what they look like.

Getting a player is easy, keeping them isn't.

How do you get one? Just go up to him and ask him to sleep with you, simple as that. I warn you though, be careful what you wish for.

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A female reader, uluvme0723 United States +, writes (18 February 2009):

uluvme0723 agony auntIf he's a player, he's not that hard to get. So that's not really an issue. The question is...are you ready to play that game? It may seem cute in the begining. But believe me, it gets boring after a while. Because trust and believe, you will not be the only girl in his life. Just get an average joe.

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A female reader, Lizzabeth United Kingdom +, writes (18 February 2009):


Just to say you cannot make somebody like you no matter what and to be honest you really cannot judge all 'cute' guys to be players because there are many genuinely nice lads out there.

By 'cute' do you mean you are just looking for a good looking guy or 'cute' as in a nice person? If its all down to looks then thats very shallow and to be honest that kind of relationship wouldnt last anyway.

My advice to you is find some sort of club, group or sport you can join and just interact with loads of differnet lads, find someone who you have things in common with and dont just be with someone cos they're 'cute' as you put it.

Dont just be with someone to be with someone, find someone worthwhile who you get along with, share commonalities and who has a genuine interest you not a 'player' who more than likely just wants to get you into bed!!

Good luck with boy hunting..


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