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How do women feel about a foot fetish man?

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Question - (16 January 2009) 12 Answers - (Newest, 3 October 2011)
A male United Kingdom age 30-35, *noopy99 writes:

Hi, I'm 32, male and I have a foot / leg fetish. Not every pair of feet, you'll be relieved to hear, but the first thing I notice in a woman is her feet, shoes, whether she's wearing stockings/tights, etc.

I know it sounds weird, but I was wondering - and I'd love to hear some female takes on this -

1) Will this freak out most prospective partners?

2) Would it be possible for a long-term girlfriend/ wife to respect and love a man who enjoyed kissing and stroking their feet/legs?

It doesn't obsess my life, I don't spend 24/7 thinking about it, but I do love cute feet and wouldn't want to be in a relationship if I couldn't kiss and nibble my partners' feet. Is this just pathetic? Or do some women tolerate it, or even enjoy it.

Hopefully not a total freak...UK

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A male reader, Solokov United States +, writes (3 October 2011):

I think a decent answer requires a clarification of terms first.

According to the DSM-IV-TR, a fetish is a sexual fixation upon an inanimate object. (e.g. A shoe or undergarment)

A sexual fixation upon a non-sexual part of the body (e.g. Breasts, or feet or hair or eyes or legs) is *not* a fetish, although it may be considered a paraphilia similar to a fetish called a 'partialism' if interest in the part of the body in question supplants normal interest in the sexual parts of the body.

My observation is that the majority of people who find feet sexy simply do not fall into that category at all.

You asked: "Will this freak out most prospective partners?"

Yes, that's a very real possibility and it's actually something of a paradox. The norms of dress and grooming in Western society intentionally eroticize and draw attention to a woman's feet.

Men don't wear high-heeled sandals, Men don't paint their toe-nails. Men don't wear jewelry on the feet and ankles. Only women do these things.

Paradoxically though, women (Especially young women) are very likely to go, "Ewwwwwww!" when they suddenly put two and two together and realize that many men find these things erotic.

So while honesty is paramount in a relationship, too much information too soon is not necessarily a good thing.

You asked: "Would it be possible for a long-term girlfriend/ wife to respect and love a man who enjoyed kissing and stroking their feet/legs?"

Yes. I've been happily married for 35 years. My wife was the middle child in a family with five boys and this particular quirk of the male psyche was no surprise to her. I guess I lucked out.

I think the recent media flap over Rex and Michelle Ryan is another example. The media tried to twist it into something perverted, but marriage experts were quick to point out that they're happily married after 23+ years which is very unusual in the arena of professional sports.

One thing to remember though. A woman who is willing to indulge you is not really getting much out if it herself. She's doing you one great big huge favor. If you're not absolutely bending over backwards to reciprocate, then that favor won't last for very long.

That's just human nature.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (1 September 2011):

Dude, there's nothing wrong with having a foot fetish. LOL, I have big time woman fetish, but I love feet and legs! What I don't like is the stigma attached to it, just for being turned on by a certain body part more than another. It seems to me that the word "fetish" has more negative associations than positive nowadays. More often I hear that women are seriously creeped out by guys with fetishes regardless of what body part it is.

I dated a girl that absolutely loved it when I sucked her toes, licked her heels and kissed all over her feet. She would always insist on making sure her feet were clean before I touch them. Another girl I dated was totally grossed out by feet and wouldn't dare let me go near hers. I'd have to beg to let me give her a foot massage.

So with that being said, don't be shy about your fetish for feet but don't be too forward about it when first meeting a woman. Warm her up slowly. Good things do happen to those with patience, especially when you've both reached a comfort level. It doesn't hurt to politely compliment her on that nice pedicure she's got going on. If a woman is creeped out by your compliment, move on and let it be. This will tell you she's not comfortable with her feet or someone complimenting her on her feet. There are other women who will greatly appreciate your love of feet.

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A male reader, navhip India +, writes (26 August 2010):

Ban the term: "Foot-fetish"

Men can be attracted to so many parts of a woman's body, so in all fairness why not boob-fetish, ass-fetish, leg-fetish, etc..? By being so interested in the physical aspects of woman's bodies, all men are fetishists, by this definition.

Or simply don't use the term fetish at all.

I myself am a head to toe guy. I find everything in a women's body sexy: for example, deep wide eyes, supple breasts, softness of the neck & back, curves of waist to hip and waist to ass, soft navel, long legs, supple thighs, cute feet and so on. Why discriminate against any body part, when it seems that men are wired to appreciate it all?

Attaching "fetish" to feet only just shows that people in society, including psychologists and researchers, are not be used to feet getting such wide-spread attention. It simply represents an unscientific bias against a particular body part. Maybe it even represents some sort of moral conservatism against the final frontiers of the human body…again why against feet? Why not against a body part like the ass-hole (kidding) ?

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (8 February 2009):

Personally i dont think it should, because everyone has some kind of fetish so they will respect yours if they care enough about u.

2ndly..... My husband has a foot fetish like yourself and i respect my husband ....i still dont get it... and dont find it a turn on myself but i love him very much, it turns him on and ultimatley benefits both...

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A female reader, aunty_rach United Kingdom +, writes (16 January 2009):

ok personally i hate feet, so i find it really odd and creepy. but that's just my opinion. i personally could not stand a guy touching, kissing or sucking my feet. however if he wanted to buy me nice shoes to make my feet look nice then that would be fine. but i could not bare anyone touching them. but as a fetish goes i think it is pretty normal. if both people in the relationship enjoy a bit of foot fun then they should go for it.

it's just not something i would go for.

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A female reader, hannah76 United Kingdom +, writes (16 January 2009):

hannah76 agony auntHello,

I think it's cool! My bf touches and smells my shoes, socks and slippers. I find it very loving when he makes a fuss of my feet and toes. Cool!! xxx

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (16 January 2009):

Hey! My guy has a bit of a foot fetish (more for the toes) and it doesn't bother me one bit. I hate my feet, but he loves them. I love that he loves them... who wouldn't love getting their feet rubbed. As long as you do not go over board with the fetish, I think it is fine. A girl should be lucky to have a guy like you!

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A female reader, im_a_dummy United States +, writes (16 January 2009):

im_a_dummy agony auntawww, that is so cute!!!!

yes, for sure what Ask JenniHearts said, but also, i think its nice that a guy notices, girls spend (well i do) a lot of time picking out shoes, that match there outfits... and all sorts of stuff...

i think its cute when guys like girl's feet.... its better then them stairing at your boobs!

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A female reader, Lib1 United States +, writes (16 January 2009):

Lib1 agony auntI have to be honest it freaks me out a bit. But I would try to be supportive if I was already in love with the person. Maybe waiting until you're more secure with the relationship before you tell anyone. There are umm negative stereotypes out there for people who do like that. So counter those stereotypes to that person before letting them know.

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A female reader, lovesick2 United States +, writes (16 January 2009):

I have only had one boyfriend that had a foot fetish.I did not think it was weird at all, I was actually flattered that he liked my feet so much. I never would have thought that having my feet kissed and nuzzled could be so sensual.

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (16 January 2009):

It should only be a problem if the woman is self-conscious about her feet, which some are.

1. Only for the above reason so no

2. Of course as long as you don't spend all your time down her.

I too am a feet/leg lover, I never really find it a problem because

a. i never directly say I'm a podophile(foot lover)

b. I work it into a normal sexual routine, I'll spend time on every part of my girlfriends body and I find that after I give her good head she lets me spend time down there, I'm pretty sure she knows I love feet, but I don't neglect her needs so she hasn't got a problem with it, she even lets me give her foot massages after work. So it might be worth your while learning how to give good foot massages.

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A female reader, Ask JenniHearts  +, writes (16 January 2009):

Ask JenniHearts agony auntMy brother in-law has a foot fetish and he kept it from my sister for a good porton of them before marrige. my sister found out about it and thinks its cute. she takes pictures of her feet and send them to him in iraq.

not all women are grossed out but fetishes. most of them thin of it as another way to please their partner.

think of it this way a foot fetish is better then a porn fetish or a pee fetish...

women will probilly be releaved to see a guy put an interest in their shoes.

hope this helps

jenni hearts

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