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How can we reignite the spark in our relationship?

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Question - (22 January 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 22 January 2009)
A male United States age 36-40, anonymous writes:

me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 2 months now, and now it just seems kinda boring and we dont really have that spark that we use to have. and i dont want to loose her cause i really like her alot. But maybe u can help me recreate that spark again? like when we are on the phone we just run out of things to talk about and it gets awkward. and i really want this to last,so if u can, please help. thanks

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A female reader, TasteofIndia United States +, writes (22 January 2009):

TasteofIndia agony auntHey sweetness,

Like the first poster said, two months isn't very long to be already getting a little bored in your relationship. It's not abnormal, it just suggests that maybe you guys aren't that compatible or just have different interests. Maybe you guys are both great people, you're just not each other's great person.

But, if you really want to stay in this relationship, a good way of having more to talk about is doing more things together. Get out and create conversation topics by going to the zoo, a museum, to the park, to a baseball game, to a play. Get that ball rolling and that spark back by making your relationship more fun and active!

Good luck, sweetness!

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (22 January 2009):

Well if it's only been 2 months and your getting bored... then maybe it wasnt going to work in the 1st place..

Have you tried talking to your girlfriend?

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