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Help! I'm in love but I barely know him?

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Question - (17 November 2009) 3 Answers - (Newest, 17 November 2009)
A female United States age 26-29, *eachForTheSky writes:

Alright, here is my situation. I am in love with this guy. Every time there is even a slight chance of seeing him I get butterflies and my heart races. I can't get him out of my mind and I think I see him sometimes when I'm out. He is very funny, and I feel sooooo comfortable with him, its like everybody else around us just disappears when we're talking in a group. I could just go on and on about why he's amazing. Most importantly, I have this deep gut feeling that I love him that I've never had with anyone else. Not even close. And its kind of freaking me out, which leads me to my problem: I've only hung out with him 3x. We aren't even dating yet. Has this happened to anyone else? What is going on with me? I don't understand how I can love somebody I've only been with 3x. Help! Offer any suggestions or comments you can think of!

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A female reader, Lexie88 Australia +, writes (17 November 2009):

Lexie88 agony auntListen to what pinktopaz has to say, she's absolutely right.

You're not in love, you're very infatuated. Happens often and it's different to real love. Real love takes time and there are no butterflies and all that crazy stuff.

Get to know him slowly and take things as they come.

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A female reader, pinktopaz United States +, writes (17 November 2009):

It's infatuation, which feels a lot like love. Love goes a whole lot deeper than getting butterflies in your tummy and laughing at his jokes. All this means is that you like him A LOT. Love is what happens after all the giddy butterflies and laughing at his jokes that used to be funny that aren't so funny anymore goes away. So just go with the flow for now, don't get too excited; otherwise, you can easily screw things up.

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A reader, anonymous, writes (17 November 2009):

I was in that situation once i met this boy and he was just so different and he really understand me and he listened to me. i fell in love with him so quick and it was so wierd cus i really didnt kno him but i had this feeling for him that i never had for anybody else i talked to. he told me everything about him things he said he never tell anybody.

But after 2 weeks one day he never called me and so i called him and he didnt answer so i called from a different number and he answered and i was so shocked i couldnt say anything so i hung up but till this day i never called him again and i still wonder why. wut did i do i thought we was doing good but i will never kno.

But i learned something from that and he taught me a lot of things and thats to never love too fast. Now it may be different for you bcause not all people are the same but i think you should at least give it a month or maybe two and if it works im so happy for you.

so i hope this helps you.

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