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Got a date with a guy from college who has a girlfriend

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Question - (31 May 2006) 4 Answers - (Newest, 2 June 2006)
A female , *TB writes:

"Hi,I met a guy a few weeks ago-there was some flirting and instant chemistry but was spoiled by the fact he has a girlfriend-but we are going to go out next week. I am coming to the end of my studies and so is he so in a few weeks time we shall be going our own separate be completely honest I am going out in the hope of something to happen but I'm not sure if he is since he has a girlfriend, is it likely my date with him will end in disappointment?"

This was a question I posted recently and I had quite a few responces-Thank You, they were most useful. I just wanted to add that I'm probably not going to be seeing this guys ever again after next week-just going out with him for a bit of fun, don't want a relationship and if I did it certainly wouldnt be with this guy....

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (2 June 2006):

for gods sake, leave him well alone, you know he has a g/f whome probably loves him loads, if hes gonna cheat on her dont let it be with you, have morals and some self respect, however tempted you are, dont do it! i agree with hopeful and thats a true syaing, trust me karma does get you in the end! think of hes poor g/f, would you like to be in her shoes?

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A female reader, Hopeful +, writes (1 June 2006):

Hopeful agony auntHow would you feel if you were his girlfriend? How would you feel if some girl did this with your friend's boyfriend?

Rise above his low morals and find a guy who is unattached and respects women.

Don't assist him in my view Karma will always get you back in the end for things like this.

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A female reader, chunky_monkey +, writes (1 June 2006):

You don't want to be the other girl. Don't help him to cheat on his girlfriend. Don't go out with him next week. Find some unattached

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A female reader, smeedle United Kingdom +, writes (31 May 2006):

smeedle agony auntIf all you want is a bit of fun and nothing but that then dont go out with him, for the sake of your bit of fun he will be cheating on his girlfriend if indeed he does, and there is the likelyhood that someone will get hurt, for fun find someone unattatched.

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