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Girlfriend didn't introduce me to her friends, should I be upset?

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Question - (9 August 2010) 1 Answers - (Newest, 10 August 2010)
A male Australia age 36-40, anonymous writes:

hi guys

i just wanna know your opinion about this

see my girlfriend and i went to a wedding of her friend.

it was all good and steady but when we were about to leave, and as we approached the couple, she chit chatted with her and of course i was just at her back and letting her do her thing. expecting her to introduce me. well lo and behold she didnt! it was a bit awkward for me to just be there standing and doing nothing. her friend (the wife) was actually looking at me already as if shes waiting for my girlfriend to introduce us.

after that i got really upset coz i felt that was a bit off. im not after the attention or something but is what my girlfriend did wrong? or am i just taking it too personal?

thanks guys. actually my gf already asked me as to why my mood suddenly changed.. but i cant tell her the exact reason coz i dont want her to think im insecure or something.. and i dont want the next time we meet one of her friends for her to feel that she should be oblidged to introduce me.

heres the kicker.. when we got to her friends wedding i saw two friends of mine.. and i introduced my girlfriend to them.

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A male reader, Kenj United Kingdom +, writes (10 August 2010):

Kenj agony auntCommon courtesy should have kicked in with your girlfriend to at least introduce you.

It may be she was caught up in conversation so it slipped her mind but its not nice to be ignored.

How does she refer to you with other people.

One of my ex’s used to introduce me as her friend to others but would refer to me as boyfriend to her family.

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