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Getting married with my b/f soon but falling in love with a female friend! I'm so confused!

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Question - (23 February 2009) 2 Answers - (Newest, 16 October 2011)
A female United Kingdom age 36-40, anonymous writes:

i am a straight woman (have dated 8 men in my life) and currently in a happy relationship with my boyfriend of 18 months...we're getting married in oct!

a month ago, i went to a pub with some friends and one of my girl friend's friend (call her C) came and joined us.. she's probably the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my life! i kept staring at her all night, i think she noticed, but i couldnt help it.. my heart was pumping so fast when she sat beside me to take a group picture.... but the problem is, i had never fancy or think about being with a woman.. nor i have fantasies of having threesome or sex with women.. NOTHING!!it's been a month now, and even though there was no formal communication between us that night i couldnt get her and her voice off my head. when i see any backviews of tall blondes on the street i think of her.. just last week, my friend (who is also a friend of C) logged in to facebook using my laptop.she forgot to log out .. so i went to view C's profile, and she had stated that she's interested in men and women, and looking for friendship, dating and networking!! does that mean she's bi? i was so happy, at the same time devastated...i cant believe i stalked her.. cant believe i felt happy thinking she could be bi..cant believe i listened to st ettiene when i saw on her profile that she's a huge fan of the group.. cant believe im falling in love..with her?!?!

am i? or am i just attracted to her physically?

when i had sex with my bf this morning i thought of her :( i got so furious with myself i didnt let him continue... what's wrong with me? i dont want to fall for her.what should i do???? does that mean i am gay? or bisexual?

i have never been so confused me......pleaseeeeee!!!

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A reader, anonymous, writes (16 October 2011):

I just have to know what came about your situation? Did you get married?? Or did something happen with that girl???

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A female reader, Love-Stoned United Kingdom +, writes (23 February 2009):

Heya! I have been in a water'd down version of what your going through. I was with a guy for 10 months, when at a party a girl approached me, sure i was straight i didnt let anything happen. she later got my number from a friend and curiousity kicked in. after 2 months of talking to each other i left my boyfriend for her, something i thought i'd never do as we really loved each other, and had plans for the future. But sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

but dont think that just because you have feelings 'C' you are gay or bisexual, i feel that people are always too busy trying to put themselves into a category. its irrelevent, you are who you are. i found the most usefull quote ever made is 'you can't help who you fall in love with' because its soo true. dont worry about labelling yourself, concentrate on weighing up you options, try and make a go with your fiance and make it work....or call it a day before it gets messy n people get hurt.

Hope that was of use for you! Good luck x

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