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Am I wrong for not trusting my man?

How do I stop creeping him out?

I just moved into a new rental apartment and now I realise that my creepy stalker of 3 years ago lives here too!

What does he want? Is there something here or just a sexual relationship?

My sister’s husband is my ex from high school and he is rude to my boyfriend! And my boyfriend is frustrated by this and that he has to deal with an ex of mine!

Why his sudden change in behaviour?

I initiated a threesome with a guy friend and now my wife is having an affair with him

We're having sex, he has another girl and I have feelings and a third girl is spreading nasty rumours.

His neediness bothers me. Should I feel guilty for blocking him?

I pushed him away, do I still have a chance?

Can't wait for more with my gay hookup

We still sext even though he has a girlfriend, how do I move on?

I want to help my friend but how?

The guy I'm seeing is always getting mad at me?

Why can I not see things how they are?

I just cannot get over him

Any advise on this relationship will be welcome.

Is my ex stalking me?

He's back with her and I'm hurting. What can I do?

Ruining my life with rumours. How doI fight it?

How do I get all the wicked and bad things to get out and stay out of my life?

Why is he not sharing anything about him?

I can't stop stalking my ex on social media and I can't get over the way that he dumped me mercilessly

Do I message "his secret woman" and ask how many times he has seen her?

Is something going on behind my back? Should I trust him?

Why do girls do things that make them unapproachable and rude?

The father of my children is unwell. What strategies might help me cope with his behaviour, actions and his stalking?

Crazy obsessed women wants my man!

One of my parents is a bully!

Should I support my ex? I feel angry and ashamed of succumbing to his desperation

My boyfriend is in contact with a girl that likes him, do I confront him again?

How do I stop being obsessive about my boyfriend's ex?

I'd like to keep him as a friend but would like to know what I did wrong?

Should I be trusting my Girlfriend? Any guidance on what to do?

My girlfriend's former in laws paint a rosy picture of her abusive ex

My boyfriend has many female friends and I am jealous!

I have a terrible Jealousy problem, with good reason. What can I do about all this ?

How can I overcome my insecurities that are driving me nuts ?

Does it seem that this type of man would love a girl of this nature? What's the attraction?

I have a crush on my coach but does he like me back? 

How can I move on after the breakup, and stop being so competitive about him? How can I build my self esteem?

My boyfriend's great, but I'm still obsessing over my ex

Have you ever seen the same person over the past few years?

I need to stop stalking my ex-boyfriend's ex!

A day hasn't gone by that I am not obsessed with his ex

Long term affair has me shocked

Do you think I have even the smallest chance with my long distance crush?

How do I stop thinking about this girl and googling her?

I keep getting crushes on random people and fantasising about them. What's wrong with me?

She is starting to make me feel unsettled! What should I do?

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