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Does anyone else experience these types of panic attacks?

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Question - (8 March 2018) 4 Answers - (Newest, 9 March 2018)
A female United Kingdom age 30-35, anonymous writes:

hi I've been having a really big problem recently with anxiety for about a year now. I have struggled with jobs and been through about 5. some I have quit because I just couldn't handle the pressure where the jobs were just too physical and were seting off my panic attacks.I have been to the doctors because honestly how physically ill I felt - I felt like I was actually ill and that it wasn't just anxiety. I put myself forward to see a psychiatrist which I thought would really help but I've been on the waiting list the whole year. I really feel like I'm at the end of my tether. I dread going into work in case I have a panic attack. they always come out of nowhere. sometimes I just get anxious because I seem to sweat a lot without much exertion and my face has been very red and blotchy which is not normal for me. I end up feeling really dizzy and then I worry because people notice and they point it out. I feel like I just want to leave my job and take some time out for me but I've been doing that a lot in between jobs. but I just cannot afford to keep doing this and living off of my partner's income is just not good enough. the whole thing is making me very depressed. sometimes I just don't even know what to do with my face when I'm in work I find it a struggle to smile and pretend to be normal. a lot of people in my work are very bitchy and I'm scared to show any weakness incase they exploit it or laugh at me. I don't want to be out of work but I am struggling so much. does anyone else suffer with anxiety like this? it was a difficult Year last year which I know put a lot of strain on me with the breakdown of family relationships and just a lot of things going wrong. I wish I could just be normal.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (9 March 2018):

I think there a few questions to ask I work in mental health though on here I can only give you a generalised opinion as I haven’t had the oppportunity to evaluate your physical or emotional or spiritual health, does that make sense ?

So my first question if you don’t mind that I ask .. is what kind of work do you undertake ?

I don’t think you should be speaking with work colleagues either; this is a personally matter and work colleagues are there to make money and go home at the end of the day . Yes some do make friendships, but most only make friends for information purposes - so I agree . No speaking about this in your work environment.

Your skin condition without seeing it ( I trained in general nursing prior to mental health) sounds to me like either hives .. this can be caused by your body responses, your heartbeat increasing, your bp becoming hypertensive. Hives are like swollen red bumps .. does this sound like them ?

Or it could be contact dermatitis which again can be much like hives reactions to your body coping mechanism to the chemicals your body producing and therefore irritating your skin .

My first recommendation for self help would be purchase an antihistamine.. this will help relief the itch and some of that redness . Secondly an appointment is needed to see your gp .

Depression is much like any other illness, it is real and it can cause great suffering to a person life and ability to lead their life ( not saying normal as no one is normal haha - not even me )

So you need professional guidance and not just me, writing on here though please do keep in contact .. your not weak because you are not coping .infact you are strong because you recognise and have reached out and said that’s very brave .. with all the black comments that depression can get I know how hard to your self worth it is to admit you are not coping and that you need help and that alone is the first giant step to you taking control of you and your body and beginning to feel more you .

As I said please keep in touch and if you could answer the question that would be great . And please make an appointment with your gp/ doctor . Ans if you do seek more just general advice I am willing to provide that . One tip would be if you are experiencing an attack . Close your eyes and concentrate on just your breathing for a bit then think of the most amazing day you had or song that makes you smile .. and believe that this to shall pass before long you will be home, safe and secure . This the now is just a momentary blip ..

Take care sweetie and take the next step and remember who’s normal eh .. we are all different and unique and if we were all normal what a boring world that would be

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A female reader, Ciar Canada + , writes (9 March 2018):

Ciar agony auntWhat you're describing is CLASSIC anxiety and I've suffered through it as well, that and obsessive compulsive tendencies. As have a number of friends and relatives.

I'm guessing the NHS requires you to get a psychiatric referral from your GP, is that right? If so, no need for another check up with your doctor.

For starters I recommend some short term coping strategies that will get you through an attack, and then make some changes to your life so that you can overcome it in the long term.

Make some changes to your diet, reducing stimulants such as sugar and caffeine (that includes chocolate). A LOT of foods contain sugar, but you can cut back on what you add.

Each night before bed do some light exercises (10-15 minutes worth). Nothing strenuous enough to make you sweat but enough to release some tension. And do some breathing exercises (you can Google some).

Give yourself permission to retreat to the washroom when you feel the need to. For that matter give yourself permission to go home. If one strikes when you're in the grocery store, give yourself permission to leave the buggy where it is and go home. You don't HAVE to leave, but knowing you're allowed to, that you have options makes a difference. Trapping yourself anywhere causes stress.

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A female reader, Honeypie United States + , writes (8 March 2018):

Honeypie agony auntHave you had a FULL physical check up, recently? Because this might be more than ("just") anxiety (not saying that anxiety is a minor thing at all but there might be a physiological reason for some of your issues.

Do you exercise? If not, why not? You might find it can help you. Things such as yoga to find some ways to calm yourself IN moments you feel the anxiety creep up. Or things such as swimming or even kick boxing.

I think you should also ACCEPT that for now you CAN NOT control anxiety. So if you turn red, get a little dizzy, TAKE a time out - 5 minutes to do some breathing exercises and if any coworker laugh IGNORE that person. You can't stop stupid people from being stupid. I'd say talk to your boss, tell him/her that you are WORKING on them but there might be times the anxiety gets the better of you and taking 5 with some breathing exercises can help (if they do) Be upfront. I know it's hard to share these things because it seems like a "weakness" but you CAN turn it into a strength by acknowledging that you HAVE this issue.

So my advice is this:

1. get a FULL physical, TELL your doctor about how your body react and how it feels. See if he can PUSH your therapy/counselling up a bit as you REALLY do need it. Have your hormonal levels checked, check for vitamin deficiency and other deficiencies etc. It can REALLY make a difference.

2. Start exercising. Doesn't have to be at a gym or anything fancy, you can start off with 45 minutes/walk or bike ride (stationary or not) each day, maybe your partner can even join in.

3. accept that you have anxiety and that there IS no magic cure for it. YOU will have to work at it with a therapist/counselor but you CAN learn tools to deal with it in a healthy manner.

It can get better. A lot better.

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A female reader, Andie's Thoughts United Kingdom + , writes (8 March 2018):

Andie's Thoughts agony auntI do. It's hard, but life doesn't stop.

While waiting for therapy, watch YouTube videos on how to cope, ways to defuse panic attacks when they hit, etc. There may be support groups in your area too.

You need to be careful with quitting jobs, as it'll be hard to convince future employers to hire you. When you're struggling with anxiety like you are, it's often best to only apply for jobs that are "easy" for you and the least stressful possible. It's better to be a bit bored at work than be at a job that triggers your anxiety before you're able to handle it.

For the sweat and blotchy face, get a check up. I sweat without much exertion and get a red face, but heat affects me more than most, it seems.

Taking time out works for some, but only when they have access to the help they need. In your case, you'd get stuck in a slump and it's really hard to pull yourself out.

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