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Do guys enjoy giving a girl oral and whats the best way to go, shaved or not?

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Question - (4 October 2006) 11 Answers - (Newest, 24 December 2008)
A female , anonymous writes:

Hi, my boyfriend tried to give me oral but i just wasnt ready so we didnt go through w/ it. Well actually the thing is we've been together a year and we have an awesome relationship but that is one thing that i've never done so i dont know what to expect. I want him to do it because im sure it would be great since he's got to know me well and i can orgasm easy with other things. I've just never been real comfortable w/ that area, i mean do guys enjoy giving a girl oral and whats the best way to go, shaved or not? I prefer trimmed up real nice, but should i just plain ask my bf? Any imput from guys, or advice from girls who have received oral, would be really apreciated... thanks

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A male reader, Luv2Luv2 United States +, writes (24 December 2008):

Happy/merry everything ('tis the season)

When I am excited about a woman the desire to orally please her is usually intense and seems part of the urgent flow to mutual pleasure. It can be disruptive to my sexual expression and flow to avoid this natural stimulus because she doesn't like it, and painful for a relationship when I am always asked to skip this lingual dance. I DO enjoy giving/taking/acting in this way. It is not work, or a sacrifice. It is a desire, that when fulfilled, gives me great pleasure. It is so very good when she enjoy it as much!

I cannot have multiple orgasms, but if she can, why won't I want to "give" often, if the act is superbly joyful for both? Isn't this intimacy a wonderful way to please many a relaxed and excited woman? Join the happy crowd.

I enormously enjoy a variety of sexual expressions, and engaging in various acts of sexual expression 1-3 times per day can be wonderful for me..(and extremely rare, alas)... without orgasms....Layman's tantra for extended pleasure. They need not be lengthy intimacies every time, just desired by, spontaneous and pleasing for both. I'm happy to have my 2-3 orgasms/week ( I am no Spring chicken), but can receive equal pleasure without orgasm from thoughtful sex and the build-up that may give her an orgasm, or two, or more. This urge often, not always, involves oral sex. Sometimes I receive - that is wonderful - more often I give and that is wonderful. Receiving has been by far the rarer event.

With very few exceptions, the woman I have had the pleasure of being pleasurable with have tasted and smelled clean - like rainwater, sometimes like the faint, lovely smell of fallen forest leaves. Very subtle odors and almost no taste.

If I am very excited, which is usually the case when I gravitate to her moist garden, the very, very rare smell, or distasteful thoughts are overwhelmed by instinctual lust. Or they are too faint to notice.

Shaved pussies are a delightful texture and look to explore. They are not a requirement.

Expressions of genuine joy from the woman means more than hair-style. If you enjoy his oral attentions he will likely be pleased.

There is a scientific, biological/Darwinian explanation for the desire to bury my head (and men's in general) between the legs of a willing woman and explore her rapture garden with my/our tongue, and nose: science has determined that a pleasure incentive incites this process so that I/we can determine by smell (clean) and taste (clean, pure - NOT quantifiable terms I admit) that the hopefully happy recipient of my/our attentions is a healthy potential child bearer. That is no longer my intention, but I am willing to concede to, and play out DNA's compelling instructions. The incentive has not switched off. I'll give in to the mystery of sexual urges with lasting pleasure.

If you can join the women who can enjoy oral sex long and often - lucky you.

If he is involved in such expressions - lucky him.

If it works for you both - it is grand.

Oh be Joyful,

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (26 April 2008):

I'm sure there are guys that don't like it, but I know that last guy I was with loved everything about it!

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (17 February 2008):

Hi i would just like to give a quick reply to your quistion, as a matter of fact oral is not that bad if you can loosen your self to do it, if a man is going to go down on for his benefit then respect him for it, it means he feels comfortable and ready to introduce new things into your relationship, it is not actually that bad infact i could actually refer to it as being amasing and it is deffinately a way of expresing your self in a confident way and is guaranteed an orgasm. Shirrell Sirrell

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (17 June 2007):

hey i have been with my girl almost a year as well and i must say that we have done everything together and i do personally love giving her oral. i like it shaved and yes a shower before is good. but make sure you're ready and when it happens make sure to be very comfortable and let him do his thing dont resist what he is doing.

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A female reader, anonymous, writes (24 May 2007):


i think its best to ask what your bf prefers but you also hav to be comfortble with it aswell there is nothing to worry bout oral is very good!! trust me i know all i can say is just lay back and relax girl!!!! :-)

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A male reader, anonymous, writes (12 October 2006):

definately shaved, guys dont wanna see a bush down there

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A reader, anonymous, writes (9 October 2006):

Oral depends on the people giving and receiving. Not everyone like it - some think it's way too dirty, some don't care either way. I suggest trimming it. Shaving it all may cause major itchiness and sometimes even redness and major discomfort. Same goes for the guy - if he has a lot of hair down there, then suggest to him to shave/trim it as well.

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A male reader, realguy +, writes (8 October 2006):

First of all Kudo's to both of your for..."we've been together a year and we have an awesome relationship". That's definitely the key thing here as it will make both your first oral experience a much more fun and memorable one. As for guys preferences, there all over the map. So either build up the pre-excitment by getting his input or if you want to surprise him, a nice close trim has never dissapointed any guy as it shows you care about how you sexy look to him and makes it a little easier to find his way around the new equipment the first time. One thing is to not be afraid to either tell him how he's doing or don't be afraid to make some noises when he is hitting all the right spots. Most guys that enjoy this experience are guys who really want to please you and if they hear that you are enjoying it, that will just make them go crazy and give you the world. Showering before is a good idea just in case he is nervouse about experiencing new smells for the 1st time. To be honest, guys who like giving oral to someone they're really into, actually can be very turned on by the smells. Oh, one more thing, tell HIM to shave his face before ! No chafing :)

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A female reader, Little girl x +, writes (5 October 2006):

Little girl x agony auntOkay,

well i always have shaved.

I prefer it and like its nicers.

It is amazing like, so dont worry,

but like some boys hate it, some love it.

Youve waited quite a while so the fact his been with you a year is a great thing.

Dont no your age but im fourteen, and i do it with someone i adore.


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A male reader, anonymous, writes (5 October 2006):

Yes, you should communicate and find out his preference. Actually, if you two know and trust each other well, enough, then he ought to be the one who trims you up (to your satisfaction). As for guys wanting to give oral, it depends upon the guy (and the girl too, believe me). Also, this is an excellent example of, "Be careful for what you wish." Your bf might become obsessed with perfecting his technique (and sending you into ecstasy)... to the extent that you are fed up with his obsession.

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A female reader, hannieseds New Zealand +, writes (5 October 2006):

hannieseds agony auntHey girl,

Pleased to hear that you have waited until you are completely ready before you went ahead and let your BF do this! Credit to you for that!

Trimmed up real nice is the best way to go, in my opinion. Make sure you have a shower before hand so you're feeling nice and fresh and clean - this will help you feel more comfortable. Just ask you BF to take it slow and give him feedback while he's doing in 'Oh yea that feels good' etc.

Just relax and enjoy. You really will find it one of the most amazing sensations in the world, especially more since your BF obviously hasn't pressured you into it.

From my experience guys LOVE pleasing a girl in this way!

Have fun! xxx

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