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Advice for visiting a lesbian bar alone?

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Question - (31 August 2014) 2 Answers - (Newest, 1 September 2014)
A female United Kingdom age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Hi, so I'm gay and I've been out about 5 months. I've been in one short relationship but that's it. I've recently moved to London and really want to meet other lesbians for friendship and possible dating as I have very few friends here. Does anyone have any advice about visiting a lesbian bar alone? I'm also planning to join meet up groups and other things. Thanks xx

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A female reader, Plumb United States +, writes (1 September 2014):

Plumb agony auntI think it all depends on if you like to be alone or not, if you would feel comfortable going to a gay bar your first time alone. Id personally bring a friend my first time especially being 5 months out, but if you do decide to bring a friend I'd advise to not just talk to that friend, be social and have fun. Agian this all personal preference and personality.

Whatever you decide im cheering you on and hoping you have a great time c::

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A female reader, RubyBirtle United Kingdom + , writes (1 September 2014):

I don't have much experience with lesbian bars but I've been on my own a couple of times when travelling in Amsterdam.

It's pretty much the same as going to any club or bar on your own with the emphasis being on personal safety - having the means to make your own way home, not drinking too much, not leaving your drink unattended etc etc etc

You also need to be quite a sociable person to have fun if you go to a bar alone. You need to have the confidence to strike up conversations with strangers - it's all too easy to be a wallflower otherwise. I wasn't flirted with or approached by anyone as most of the other people there were out in groups. I struck up a pleasent conversation with two students from the USA who were travelling in Europe for the summer.

It was pretty much the same as going to any bar alone.

Just have fun and stay safe

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