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Advantages and disadvantages of dating a younger man?

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Question - (1 August 2012) 7 Answers - (Newest, 17 April 2013)
A female United States age 26-29, anonymous writes:

Ladies, what do you think about dating a younger man? One of my friends recently broke up with her ex and began dating her current boyfriend one month later. He ex is 1 year younger than her and her boyfriend is 2 years younger than her. I know the older you are, the less age gap there is but we are both 21. For me personally, dating someone younger than me is out of the question. I often find guys my age or even 1-2 years older than me a bit immature. My ex was four years older than me. Recently there have been two younger guys I met in class that are interested in me, although I'm not interested. However I'm very curious. What are the advantages and disadvantages to dating a younger guy? I've always found older guys more capable and inspiring. What's your take?

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A reader, anonymous, writes (17 April 2013):

I believe anyone within 5 years doesn't really count as a huge age difference. Maturity really depends upon the person and what they are looking for, whether it is long-term or short-term. My current boyfriend is 18yrs younger than I and I am 43. So basically I was 18 when he was born. I've never been married and no children and want at least 2;he on the other hand has been married and is now divorced. I think he has some issues with my age, but refuses to talk about it. So I've made the decision, if he can't get past it soon cause we have been dating a year now, I'll find some who doesn't have a problem with a go on with my life.

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A female reader, 1sunshine United States +, writes (6 August 2012):

1sunshine agony auntI am 41 and my guy is 34. As you get older things seem to even out maturity wise. ( in my opinion. ) I look younger than my age so we look like an even match. I love his youth, his energy, young apperance and his attitude. I really don't think age counts, as long as you are happy as a couple. ;)

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A female reader, iloveblue Canada +, writes (1 August 2012):

iloveblue agony auntActually, it really depends on the person.

My first boyfriend is younger than me by 3 years but he was matured in thinking. My current boyfriend is 6 years younger than me, though at times he has immature ways, most of the time, I don't feel the gap.

My bestfriend is 30 years old and her husband is 39 yrs old..guess what? Her husband is so immature, he knows nothing but keep himself handsome, takes care of himself to the point of vanity, goes to the gym but at home, he just sits around and expects my friend to clean after him, do the chores and see that the kids have eaten, taken a bath etc. And when my friend demands that he help around? He says he is working too much think that she earns twice as much as he does. I think she'll leave him very soon.

It really depends per individual. How much more if we are talking about a gap of 2 years? It's actually negligible, 2 years is almost saying you're at the same age.

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A male reader, Danielepew Mexico +, writes (1 August 2012):

Danielepew agony auntAssuming similar minds and personal development, one year is irrelevant.

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A female reader, So_Very_Confused United States +, writes (1 August 2012):

So_Very_Confused agony aunt1-2 years to me is not an age gap. I tend to prefer younger men but I'm 52 so my younger man is your older man...

it's all relative....

at your age younger men are probably a bit more immature than you so if you are more into fun and games a younger guy would probably be a good bet...

to me it's not about the age of the person, it's the chemistry that matters... once you are over 18 age should not be an issue.

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A female reader, k_c100 United Kingdom +, writes (1 August 2012):

k_c100 agony auntIf the age gap is only 1 or 2 years, then there are very few advantages/disadvantages because they are so close in age to you. However if that gap starts getting bigger, around 4 or 5 years, then you will really notice the immaturity and you will struggle with different life stages i.e. once you get to 28 for example, he will only be 23/24. You might be wanting kids and marriage by then, whereas he is still young, wanting to have fun and build a career at that time.

But then again everyone is different, some of my friends are happy dating guys slightly younger or the same age as them. Whereas I have always gone for older guys, my boyfriend who I live with is 4 years older and I have even dated a guy who was 14 years older!

You cant judge people by their age, sometimes you can get really mature younger men, and really immature older guys. I met one guy who was 31 (I was 23/24 when I dated him) and while he was sophisticated in some ways, he was also very immature and acted at times like an 18 year old! Same applied for the guy who was 14 years older than me, he was incredibly immature in some ways.

Just keep an open mind, dont worry about how old a guy is until you have gotten to know him properly, you might just find that a younger guy could surprise you.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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A female reader, misfitschik66 Canada +, writes (1 August 2012):

misfitschik66 agony auntI have dated men younger then me and that experience i would never like to experience again! woman mature a lot faster then men so having the maturity level i had at the time it literally felt like i was dating a little brother or was awkward!

I have dated men older then me and he was REALLY immature but i think that was just his personality but the different in his immaturity compared to the younger guy i dated was that he was immature as in he was a big kid at heart and we always had fun but eventually i just got sick of life not having any seriousness and goals set in place and most of all i grew out of bathtub toys!( yes he played with bathtub toys)

AND now I'm married to a man that is the same age as me and he is perfect he has the best of both worlds he provides for our little family and real futuristic goals and we have lots of fun when we can

I think it doesn't really matter the age

someone can be 30 and still REALLY immature and someone could be 16 and be REALLY mature it all goes on personality

you really just never know until you date them

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