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I'm terrified in case I'm pregnant!

Q.   I had sex for the first time but it was unprotcted it was like a mistake.. I told my mum.. took the morning after pill between 30 - 40 hours after but how do I know if the pills worked? What are the signs to know it has? I'm really scared im ...

A.   23 February 2008: If you become pregnant your first signs are tenderness of the breast, missing periods,feeling sick, using the bathroom constantly, and many other things. The best thing to do though is to get a pregnancy test. But you usually wont no if your ... (read in full...)

White stuff in sexual activities... help, is it normal?

Q.   I've been with my boyfriend over a year and he's only the 2nd person I've slept with. We have a great sex life but my self confidence drops as sometimes when he fingers me there is white stuff on his fingers. It doesn't smell and it's not cum, ...

A.   23 February 2008: I have this same exact problem, and i dont no what to do about it. Just like yours mine has no odor either but it has also worried me. So if you go get checked out, please leave me a message, describing what it could be. Thanks.... (read in full...)

I am 17 year old boy and currently I am considering having surgery to get my flabs taken out, and am wondering will it leave a big scar on my stomach?

Q.   dear cupid I am 17 year old boy and currently I am considering having surgery to get my flabs taken out, and am wondering will it leave a big scar on my stomach? I do not see any other way of getting rid of it as i lost all my fat and thought t...

A.   6 February 2008: Hey. My mom has had a tummy tuck done and yes she still has a scar. Its below the wasteline though so if you want to show off your stomach then no ones going to be able to see the line. Its from hip bone to hip bone, and its pretty long. Shes had ... (read in full...)

I'm 16 and need to get on birth control. What should I do?

Q. 16 and i have hade sex!and i dont wanna tell my mom. but i really don't wanna get pregnant eather. i use a condom every time but i would like 2 get on birth control! what should i do?...

A.   6 February 2008: Hey, Im 16 to and next week im getting on birth control. Unlike you i havent had sex yet, but im still getting on the pill. You can always tell your mother that you are having problems with your period, whether is be irregular or your just having ... (read in full...)

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